Garrison Hullinger Interior Design works on more than just residential homes! Hub 9 is the first of three multi-use projects at Orenco Station just outside of Portland,┬ádesigned by GHID. All of the interiors of the building, and two model units, were designed by us, and we see it as a shining example of GHID’s ability to be versatile in its design! Hub 9 has some unique features and great design schemes, which we will be showcasing today!

A Lobby Worth Relaxing In

The first impression of any apartment building or other multi-use building is the lobby. The lobby of Hub 9 is welcoming and comfortable, with plenty of places to sit. It also features a double-sided fireplace to make this space feel warm and inviting right when you walk in. Elsewhere in the lobby, there are plenty of lounge areas separated by draping Cascade Coil drapery, which double as walls and decor!

A Rope Room? Yes, a Rope Room!

“A rope room?” you’re probably asking yourself. Yes, really, a rope room. And we’re not talking about a rope-climbing gym either. This is a lounge area in which the main decorations are ropes dangling from the ceiling! It may sound a little off, but it gives the room a very unique texture, as well as the ability to weave interesting shapes with the wall, making it both functional and artistic! Also, this rope room designed by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design is the only such room in the Pacific Northwest!

Consistent Design in Model Units

The model apartment units that GHID designed for Hub 9 were designed to be unique, vibrant, and fresh, just like the rest of the building. As you can see, we kept the commons themes of boxy furniture with thin legs, as well as the juxtaposition of primary colors layered over earth tones. The spaces feel young and hip, just like the apartments are supposed to be in this part of town! As with any small space like an apartment, managing space can be difficult. In this case, Garrison Hullinger Interior Design balanced more open spaces like the kitchen with more busy areas like shelves and walls.

A Great Room Where “Great” is an Understatement

The great room in Hub 9 is a massive space with vaulted ceilings and tall windows. Smaller spaces like a wine tasting room and a gym branch off of the room, offering more services to the residents. Also included is a kitchen and an indoor/outdoor fireplace, which gives residents comfort both inside and outside the building itself. Comfort and access to amenities are key in this huge space, and everything someone could want in an apartment building is all here. Additionally, the room has a lot of unique and colorful pieces in it, continuing that young and hip feel!