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5 Ways To Decorate Your Mantel Like An Interior Designer

The mantel can be tricky to design and decorate well. Like anything, you may have picked out the perfect accessories, but pulling it all together can be challenging. Back in 2013, we wrote a post outlining how to decorate your mantel for the fall, but this time we are going to be speaking in a more general sense on how you can make the most of your mantel.

The Key To Stylizing Your Mantel

wall sconces by your fireplace, the best ways to decorate your mantel, decorating a fireplace mantel

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

This image was what started off the previously mentioned mantel blog post. It is a great guide that you can follow to have your mantel look great, but remember that it is only one model of how you can decorate it. There are a lot of different ways you can set up a fireplace mantel and still have it look great! With this particular layout, we see a balance of one taller, central piece, with smaller accessories around it, of varying heights, to form a sort of triangle silhouette of art.

Do Not Be Symmetrical

stone fireplace and mantel decoration ideas,

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

This rule is not universal. Maybe you’re going for something very symmetrical and clean. However, in most cases, being perfectly symmetrical does not look natural. You want to make something visually interesting above your fireplace, which may involve different accessories on each side of a centerpiece, or maybe even a main piece that is slightly off-center.

Do Not Overcrowd Your Mantel

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and this can include all the nick-nacks that you want to display on your mantel. Keep it relatively simple and clean, and try to make a statement with your elegance and simplicity, rather than a lot of big pieces crowded together. In this case, we have chosen to simply display artwork. Another option for this mantel would be to place a TV over the fireplace, because the bookshelves are adorned with other beautiful and personalized home decor.

Try Keeping it Simple

creative ways to decorate your fireplace mantel, decorating mantels on a budget, great decorating mantel ideas

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

On that note, why not just go for simplicity? Try only using a few small accessories to accent your mantel, but let your fireplace and maybe some nice wall art do the talking. Taking a minimalist approach can help make your space look streamlined and less cluttered.

Put Your Personality into Your Mantel

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

The fireplace is going to draw a lot of eyes, meaning that whatever you have adorning your mantel is going to be making a big impression on guests. Be honest and open and add a flair of your personality to this space. This can be done with a family portrait, a photo you took, a family heirloom, or something else unique, like a salt lamp or a handmade bowl.

Decorating a fireplace mantel isn’t always easy, but once you get it right you will love the room even more! The mantel is a focal point that draws a lot of eyes, so make sure you put your best on display! I hope you find these tips helpful in making your fireplace pop!

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The Coolest Libraries And Reading Rooms – Display Your Love For Tales Like A Pro

This year’ s Trillium Street of Dreams home that we designed has a beautiful at-home library, so to get all of you excited about what you’ll be seeing this year at the show, I went on a hunt for some of the coolest libraries and reading areas. Don’t have a room designed specifically to house your loved tales? Keep scrolling to check out some inspired ways to create shelving in unconventional spaces. Need inspiration for your own at home office and library space? The pictures below will give you ideas to make your space striking and stylish, so brace yourselves for a quick tour down inspiration lane as you’ll be seeing spaces that are great for all different interior design styles. And, at the end of the day, I hope this inspires you to put your favorite books on display for all to see.

Get Colorful With Floor-to-ceiling Bookshelves

Helpful tip: Purchase fun and colorful hardbound books at garage sales, second hand stores or your favorite home furnishings store. It’s a great way to add visual interest to your home!

Optimized Space By Installing Shelves In Unconventional Spaces

Helpful tip: Go vertical! If you have limited work space, don’t you worry, it’s easy to display your books in a vertical way.

Add A Splash Of Color To Make Your Precious Novels Stand Out

Helpful tip: Don’t try to make your bookshelf blend into the background. Make a bold statement with a fun and bright bookshelf!

Are You Bold Enough To Recreate This Edgy Design In Your Home?

Helpful tip: If you’re limited on space and want to define an open floorplan, a great way to do so is by creating a similar little reading area. Tell your interior designers what you’re looking for and they’ll do all of the creative planning and executing!

Curl Up In Comfort And Style With Your Favorite Book

creative ways to fill large hallways, how to create a small library in your home, best ways to design an at-home library

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

Helpful tip: Incorporate your favorite pass time into a large hallway or nook area. If you’re in the midst of a remodel, don’t forget to ask your designers to add a special place to get lost in your favorite book.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspires you to come to the show to see a beautifully designed library in person! Get your tickets to the show here. Don’t forget to use discount code: DREAMS.


Portland-Based Interior Designers Dishes On A Recent Client Project – Defining Spaces

Today we’re lucky enough to have our Senior Interior Designer, Alison Van Delden stop by our blog to tell us about a recent client install project!

Hello everyone, I’ve missed you all! This project was a blast to work through with such a fun, vibrant young couple with three kiddos running around (OH, and stacks of original artwork to work with!). With a beautiful southern Oregon view, they needed to bring definition to their common area living space that was a major traffic center of the house including the front entry and master bedroom access. They wanted to start fresh and feel like their home was cozy and inviting. So we pulled together this space using some great tricks to help define spaces and bring function to a wide open space. I broken down this room design with ways we were able to bring definition into this large open floor plan with common areas like this living room/entry/throughway.

Before Photos Of Our Client’s Great Room


decorating a room like a pro, how to decorate a big room with no separation, big room furniture dilemmas

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Use furniture as room anchors…

create separate spaces in a large room, breaking up a room with floating furniture, creative ideas to decorate a room

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

This living space was also the part of the main front entry used frequently. We created a landing space right when you enter with a sofa table and lamps to help guide you, while giving you a spot to drop your purse and keys. This sofa table is perched up against the sectional that is anchoring the main living space.

Float furniture to separate spaces…

overcoming spacious room dilemmas, designing in a large room, creating comfortable seating in a large room

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

We floated the sectional in the middle of the room to split up the wide open space, creating not just one but three separate seating groups with swivel chairs, sectional seating, ottomans and a bench sofa along the stairwell wall. This space originally had all its furniture pushed up against the walls which is way too common. We brought the furniture towards the middle of the room to better envelope the space.

Use lighting to make open spaces feel more intimate…

adding light to a large room, decorating with floor lamps, beautiful floorlamps

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

This space lacked accent lighting making the space feel un-inviting and empty at night. By using varieties of lamp styles we created welcoming moments like the pair of table lamps that also create an appropriate barrier from the front door. Over by the windows, our favorite “over the shoulder” reading lamps flank the swivel chairs while their slim profile doesn’t obstruct the view.

how to decorate in front of your fireplace, laying out your artwork, decorating your fireplace

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Be flexible with your existing furniture…

These clients had invested in this large sectional, which they originally had placed in their playroom. This large scale piece was the perfect size of sofa to fit the overwhelming size of this space. Its important to inventory the key pieces of furniture you own and be open to relocating them to a new area in your house.


We are so happy with the outcome of this room and most importantly, happy clients! Hopefully this helps sparks some space planning ideas in your home… Got any other design dilemmas? Send them our way! Until next time!

Fresh Pastel Interior Design: How To Make Pastel Home Decor Work For You And Your Home Year-Round

Coming off of the heels of Easter, I – like most of the U.S. – has seen so much pastel that we’re beginning to dream about it! There is always that fine line that people are afraid to cross when it comes to splashing shades of pastels into your home for a year-round look. I have scoured the internet to bring you some warm and inviting spring-time interiors that underscore that YOU CAN use pastel furnishings and decor! Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen, we’re gonna be throwing a pastel party that will make you appreciate, if not want these watered down hues in your home.

Did you miss last year’s blog on pastel interiors? Read it here!

Keep It Classy With Dollops Of Pastel Decor And Teacups!

A lot of times, our imaginations run away from us and think that pastel is a color to be seen in the month of April…and only in the month of April. I am here to defend the pastel hues and let you know that there are some classy and cute ways to bring your favorite hues into your interior design. For example, be as subtle as purchasing delicate colored glassware, like the adorable golden tea cup and saucer!! Are you craving more fun and inspirational ways to bring these great colors into your home, read on!

Find Subtle Sophistication Through Pastels Bedroom Decor

Your bedroom is meant to be a place for catching up on some R&R, and for that reason, you need a calming bedroom palette. A great to incorporate sophisticated colors into your bedroom suite’s decor is through a neutral headboard or by changing out your duvet cover and pillow covers.

Making Your Vintage Pieces Relevant In Our Modern World

I am half Spanish so I read Elle Decor Spain with frequency. When I saw Marta de la Rica make it on the cover of Elle Decor Spain, I was ecstatic! She does a phenomenal job of bring vintage pieces into her interior design and making them tell their history in a modern way.

Go Bold And Add Pastel Cabinetry To Your Kitchen

olorful kitchen design, mint kitchen, non conventional craftsman homes and kitchens

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Shawn St. Peter

This kitchen design by GHID will have you feel like you’re smelling the flower blooms year-round. The soft hues make this kitchen bright and airy throughout the rainy seasons of the Pacific Northwest.

Brighten Up Your Walls With A Gorgeous Paint Color

Love, love, love this room! I happen to be a huge mid-century modern fan, but I am particularly drawn to this space because the furniture and decor act as an anchor for this expansive living room. The green paint color helps reflect natural light that pours in through the french doors and makes for a space that I want to cozy up in and call mine!

Get The Look For An Affordable Cost!

Want a little extra spring in your life without transforming your whole home? Besides the fact that these little bud vases are adorable, they are an affordable way to add pops of life into your decor! Leif Shop is also a really cute online store that offers a wide array of fun home decor!

If you’re excited for more great interior design tips and tricks or you just can’t wait to see more fabulous interior design, stay tuned into our blog!


Highlights From High Point Market – An Interior Designer’s Dream Come True!

High Point Market is a designers dream come true! This biannual furniture trade show held in High Point, N.C. features exhibitors from every style, category and price point imaginable. An impressive 16,000 buying companies from around the world registered this year – a record high since before the recession!

GHID was planning on attending this spring, but we have changed plans and are heading to High Point Market in the fall. Although we weren’t onsite seeing all of the beautiful furniture and decor, we kept a close eye out for photos and updates from our reputable resources! See some of our favorite highlights from this spring’s High Point Market.

If you missed our blog from last year’s HPMKT, you can read it here!

The Hunt Is On For The Perfect Jewel Toned Decor 

If you’re on the hunt for vintage sofas, chairs and ottomans, this collection from Cisco Home will hit the spot! You can modernize your antique-looking furniture by bringing in industrial pieces like the wrought iron coffee table.

Brighten Up Your Home With Golden Sun Burst Decor

I am in love with World’s Away‘s new permanent Showroom at High Point Market. If you’re looking to replicate this look in your own home, I’d recommend adding these contemporary gold lamps and sun beam mirror to your entryway for a bright impact!

Add a Playful Vide with Unexpected Art Deco Furniture

The combination of purple and gold creates a luxurious mood while the art deco coffee table adds a playful vibe. To fill a blank wall, don’t be afraid to feature similar artwork for a more uniform look!

The Perfect Neutral For Seasonal Accessories

Bernhardt’s pearl grey sofa is a transitional must-have! The pops of bright vermillion in the pillows and artwork are great for spring and summer, but could easily be swapped out for cooler tones in the fall and winter.

No Need For Vacation With A Relaxing Bedroom Like This!

Turn your bedroom into a serene getaway with light shades of turquoise and soft neutrals for a relaxing, spa-like feel.

Complimentary Contrast In An Eclectic Room

Coral and teal have been trendy colors this spring and I think they look even better together than they do apart! I love how the straight lines of the furniture are softened by the sketch-like piece of art.

Bringing The Outdoors In For A Fresh Spring Look

Nothing livens up a room like something that is, well, alive! The leafy green wall and golden turtle shell artwork brings nature inside for a truly gorgeous spring look.

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