Wallpaper is in! Yes, you are reading that right. Wallpaper is back in style, after having a long run as something to be avoided. Designers are starting to use gorgeous wallpaper to great effect, changing the perception from “dated and dusty” to “chic and classic”. Wallpaper does not need to look like it came from your grandmother’s guest bedroom. It can look incredible and make any room pop, if used properly! Today we will be sharing with you some useful tips on how to decorate with wallpaper

Don’t Overdo It

Rule #1 of wallpaper is to not go overboard with it! Something with so many patterns and designs needs to be used in moderation. The design itself is up to you. There are plenty complex patterns, which may very well suit some rooms, but most wallpaper will be simpler images or geometric shapes. A useful rule of thumb for making sure you do not go too overboard is to find a good horizontal line in the room you are wallpapering and only place wallpaper up to there. This cutoff point can be where a piece of furniture ends, but it all depends on how much wallpaper you really want.

Keep Designs Appropriate

Every room is different, therefore the pattern on your wallpaper is going to be different depending on the room you are planning on putting it up in. Generally, a simpler design is better, especially if you are planning on wallpapering floor to ceiling. However, your room may call for a more complex design! If your furniture and flooring is on the simpler side, and has less patterns, you may want to go with a more ornate wallpaper pattern, and make that the focal point of the room.

Start Small

The best way you could start out decorating with wallpaper is to start small and work your way to a larger quantity. If you are nervous about decorating with wallpaper then consider using it on an accent wall to get started. If you like the look, then spread to other walls in a room until it is as covered as you would like it to be! This is an especially good idea if you are toying with a more complex pattern that you are unsure about. An accent wall can be brought to life with a good wallpaper.

Choose Between Patterns and Wall Art

Sometimes when a room gets too busy with different conflicting patterns and colors, you may have to make a sacrifice with what you put on your wall. A piece of framed art on a wallpapered wall can look off-putting if the colors and patterns clash. If your wallpaper is busy enough, consider making it the focal point of the room, rather than making a piece of art the focal point. Let your wallpaper be your art! The way that designers use it, it certainly is art!

We hope that these tips are helpful in your decision to use wallpaper. Decorating with wallpaper in 2015 may seem surprising but designers everywhere are doing it to great effect and making the most of it. Comment and let us know how you are using wallpaper in your future projects!