The living room is one of the most crucial rooms in the house. It is where relaxation happens, social events occur, and where there are the most design possibilities! Today on the Garrison Hullinger Interior Design blog we will be showcasing our 5 favorite and most iconic living room designs to date! We hope you agree with us when we say these are living rooms we would want to lounge in!

1. Modern Style in Sandhill Crane

The living room of GHID’s Sandhill Crane project is excellent for entertainment, and expertly balances modern with traditional styles. Massive windows help bathe the room in refreshing light, highlighting the pops of texture and color arrayed around the space. This room is a great area to relax and watch some television, or warm up by the modern linear gas fireplace.

2. Elegant and Vibrant Comfort in Raleigh Park

Raleigh Park, features an interesting design scheme, in which a traditional-style house is filled with extremely interesting and unique pieces of furniture with eye-catching colors and textures. The living room is one of the best rooms in the house for showcasing this style, and it is done in a relatively small and cozy space! Warm colors give the living room a comfortable feel. Helped along by the natural patterns and textures on the chairs and table, as well as the plants above the fireplace.

3. Rustic and Elegant Join Together in Trillium

The living room in the Trillium project is the ultimate marriage of rustic and elegant, to form a room that feels as much like a log cabin as a 5-star hotel lobby. The furniture’s curved and rounded elements stand in stark contrast to the brick fireplace and strong wood beams, yet they all go great together! The expansive ceilings make this space feel wide open and massive, but the warm colors used make the room feel warm and cozy despite the open space. This easily makes our top 5 living rooms, just for its ability to feel both large and cozy at the same time.

4. A Chic Waterfront Apartment Living Space

Just because you live in an apartment or condo doesn’t mean that you can’t have a gorgeous living room! That was proven in this Garrison Hullinger project, in which a ton of personality and flavor was packed into a small space. Pops of vibrant color are splashed all over in a tasteful way. Additionally, for such a small space, there is plenty of seating for multiple people, a ton of versatile surface space, and a lot of bright light streaming in through the floor to ceiling windows.

5. Cozy Charm and Tranquility in Danish Luxe Revival

When we called some of our previous living rooms cozy, we meant it. However, the prize for coziest GHID living room probably goes to the Danish Luxe Revival project. The roaring fireplace with seating room is comfortable-looking enough, but the oversize chairs and view outdoors into a wooded area provide a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Just imagine sinking into one of those chairs this winter, warming up by the fireplace and watching the snow fall into the trees outside! This living room also gets points for making the television subtle in the design, so as to not take away from the natural and rustic nature of the room.