The process for designing is different depending on what sort of design is needed. On today’s blog we will be going through Garrison Hullinger’s process for residential designs. Read on to find out just what goes through the minds of our designers when a client wants to bring a fresh look to their home!

Get to Know the Client

Here at GHID, our designers don’t just whip up a design and start moving furniture! They take time to get to know the client, especially in terms of what they like and dislike. Identifying what colors, patterns, and styles can be classified as “yes”, “no”, and “maybe” really helps the designers narrow down what to do with the project. Knowing the client’s personality and priorities also helps the designers work through certain aspects of the planning, in ways that the client may not even see coming!

Determine How the Client Will Live in the Space

We can provide the most stunningly beautiful design on earth, but if it’s not something that the client can live in on a day-to-day basis, then it means nothing. After getting to know the client’s priorities and daily habits, our designers can plan around the client’s needs. The end goal is really to design an environment that fits with what the client needs out of their home and will help them live their life in their home in a better way.

Make Sure Every Piece Fits Together

No matter if the design is a remodel of a single room or if it’s starting from the ground up, the design must be consistent. If rooms of the house are different styles, then it just doesn’t look good (unless of course, the client wants specifically themed rooms!). It is imperative to keep in mind how everything will work together, both in the interaction of colors and patterns, but also how rooms flow into each other and function together. For example, do the kitchen and dining room interact in such a way that allows for an easy delivery of food into the dining area?

The Final Reveal

Every designer’s favorite part is the final review. The weight off of their shoulders after a months-long project is a huge relief, and the look on the client’s face when they walk into their beautifully designed home is priceless. We design with purpose and design with the client in mind, so the final product is always something that meets the needs of the people living in it every day. When the blindfold is lifted and the client sees the design, they know that it was designed their way.