An Elegant Mudroom For an Active Family

Our first featured mudroom today is from GHID’s New Canaan project. With an indoor basketball court and sports-themed kids rooms, it should come as no surprise that the owners of this home are active. And with outdoor recreation comes indoor dirt, if you’re not careful. This transitional space in the home allows for mud-caked kids (or adults!) to stow away all of their things and find something cleaner to trudge through the house in. But it also still knows that it’s part of a nice house, so of course utilizes the same color and design themes seen throughout the home.

A Peaceful Transitional Mudroom

This mudroom contrasts with the previous one completely. While the previous mudroom was focused on dealing with mud-covered children, this one provides a more elegant transitional space, focused more on simply removing shoes and coats, rather than as an airlock for dirt. With big windows, white walls, and plush pillows, this is obviously made for comfort and relaxation before either going inside or preparing to leave. With the light streaming in, it is quite a peaceful scene. Subtle bits of brighter color, as well as a dark floor, are used in contrast to the white, and the pillows stand out as beacons for you to use them!

Even a Mail Room Can Have Excitement!

Well-designed utility rooms extend farther than the home. This mail room in our Hub 9 multi-use project could have been a grey and drab mail room with no attention paid to it, as no one is going to spend much time there. However, we chose not to take the easy way out, and to make this seldom-noticed room something that can be appreciated. The room functions just as it should, but a selection of colored ceiling lights in various heights gives interest to the space, without distracting from the space’s use.

A Laundry Room Worthy of Admiration

Is your laundry room luxurious or practical? This laundry room is both! Rarely is this a room worthy of professional photography and a feature on an interior design company’s portfolio, but this one comes as an exception. With plenty of white cabinets for extra storage, and a big wide sink, this laundry room almost feels like a kitchen, once you ignore the flooring! This space is extremely practical, with plenty of counter space and storage, but is not afraid to be part of the overall design of the home. This is the kind of utility space that everyone truly wants!

Working Out Just Works in this Space!

While more recreation than utility, this exercise room nonetheless stands out as a room that is rarely featured on a design blog. This is not your average home workout space made up of a treadmill in the unfinished basement. This is the whole nine yards, for a family that loves athleticism as much as style. With walls of mirrors, and simple, white design concepts, this workout space conjures up images of class and sophistication rather than the usual less pleasant connotations a gym has.

We hope you enjoyed these under-appreciated spaces on today’s blog! All of these images can be found in our portfolio, yet they are probably often overlooked. After all, with everyone wanting to see the latest trends in living room furniture, who wants to look at a laundry room?