Many people’s favorite room in the house is the kitchen. When looking for a house, a bad kitchen can be a deal-breaker. Regardless of how much time you may spend in the kitchen, you want it to be everything you need when you do need it. At Garrison Hullinger Interior Design we believe that the kitchen should be a centerpiece of the design, and we take great pride in our kitchens. Today we’ll be sharing some favorites, and talking about what makes them so great! Let us know if you agree, and what your favorite kitchen features are.

This kitchen is an eye catcher! With two massive islands, this can become the ultimate entertainment space, without letting the host get lost in the kitchen preparing food. The outside edges of the kitchen become part of the event, welcoming guests just as much as the black and white contrast between countertop and cabinet, and the ceiling that draws your eye upward. Lots of light sources, and glass upper cabinets make the space feel open and light,

Not too big and not too small, this kitchen has all the right comforts. It has a cozy aesthetic, combining white cabinetry with darker wood colors on the floor and island. Natural tones shine in this space, and the stainless steel appliances are unobtrusive enough that nature is still the focal point! The bar island is perfectly placed for entertainment or just a family meal!

With an emphasis on storage and open space, this kitchen seems simple but is very effective. It once again draws on the contrast between dark flooring and white cabinetry, and provides more than enough storage for any kitchen needs! Massive open area between counters makes navigating this kitchen with multiple chefs an easy task. The huge curved island allows for entertainment to happen at the fringes of the kitchen space with plenty of room left over for preparing food.

We feature this kitchen on our home page for a reason! It is a stunning white kitchen that is both cozy and wide open. It has somewhat of a farmhouse style, which is modernized with white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. Subtle hints allude to a more classic inspiration, whether that be in the lighting fixtures, the bar stools, or the legs of the island. Multiple large windows let in plenty of light, meaning any cooking experience in this kitchen is refreshing and well-lit!

There is an interesting contrast of white and darker brown woods, but it all works together. This kitchen is all about using different materials and tones together and still having it work. Look at the white cabinetry, the darker cabinetry, the flooring, the backsplash tile, and the granite countertop. They are all quite different materials and colors, but somehow they all work together cohesively and are referenced throughout the kitchen.