Over the years, Garrison Hullinger has built up an extensive portfolio of home interior designs. You’ve fawned over the lavish bedrooms, the vast kitchens, and the cozy living rooms, but today we are going to cover something that may be under-appreciated; the bathrooms! In this post, we will be showcasing our 5 favorite home bathrooms that we have designed!

Stonehenge Terrace’s Elegant White Bathroom

This gorgeous master bathroom is in our Stonehenge Terrace project. The goal was to make the bathroom feel like a spa, and that was completely accomplished! The white cabinet, and luxurious tile and marble throughout give the feeling of being pampered, and the wooden doors feel like you are being led into a private spa room to be relaxed!

Stylish Luxury in American Spirit’s Master Bathroom

The rest of the American Spirit project was designed for year-round entertainment. The lavish master bathroom may not be designed for entertainment but it is definitely designed to be enjoyed and appreciated. The detailed cabinetry frames the vanity, and the expansive shower is a gorgeous sight and the owners will certainly never find themselves wanting more space in there!

Soft Pastels in Camelia Court

Taking a turn from the usual style GHID uses, the Camelia Court project features a bathroom with subdued pastels. This room is smaller and simpler, but packed with details that make this bathroom cozy, bright, and very functional, all while looking stylish.

Natural Tones in Danish Luxe Revival

The master bathroom in GHID’s Danish Luxe Revival project brings in natural tones and patterns to make a warm and comfortable bathroom. Foregoing clean white lines from other projects, this bathroom’s highlights are its stonework surrounding the vanity and the details of its nature-themed accessories, like the tree on the wall and the green stool.

We hope you loved our bathrooms as much as we do! Maybe it is time to take a look at your own bathrooms and see if they keep up with the design in the rest of you home. Happy designing!