Holiday Decor In Hotels: 6 Cheerful Hotel Lobbies that Embrace the Holiday Season!

The holidays are here in full swing and hotels are gearing up as well! We have collected some great images of hotel lobbies that have really gotten into the spirit of the season and decorated to their hearts’ content, without going overboard and being too gaudy!

Massive Bulbs Fill this Bright Space

Via Eccentric Hotels

Via Eccentric Hotels

The Bellagio Las Vegas goes big for Christmas! These massive tree decorations among a bed of vibrant flowers clearly tell anyone that it’s the holiday season! The other pieces in this scene, like the trees in the background, and the flying reindeer, manage to be simple enough under the massive glass ceiling that they are not over the top, and elegantly convey what time of year it is.

Four Seasons Knows Howto Decorate for the Winter Season!

Via Eccentric Hotels

Via Eccentric Hotels

Christmas trees caged in ornamental beads fill the hotel lobby of the Four Seasons New York. The whole place sparkles and shines with simple and luxurious holiday design that goes with the building’s design itself; simple, elegant, and conducive to high class! Sometimes all you need is traditional Christmas trees to really convey the looks of the season!

Pure Elegance in New York

Via You May Be Wandering

Via You May Be Wandering

Framing an absolutely gorgeous and massive chandelier, two huge Christmas trees decked out in lights grace the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Simple and traditional, these decorations show elegance and luxury while not being gaudy and over the top!

Golden Reindeer Take Center Stage in Paris

Via Luxury Topics

Via Luxury Topics

Looking more like a shiny computer-generated model than an actual decoration, these magnificent golden reindeer surrounding a tree in the same style are something to be in awe of! Even Oprah Winfrey was stunned by these decorations. Gold being a color of luxury, and functioning well with the surrounding marble colors, the Four Seasons Paris may be one of the most impressive decorated hotel lobbies on our list!

Hotel Del Coronado Takes the Crown for Lights

hotel del coronado san francisco, hotel lobby christmas decor, christmas lights

Via The World is Raw

California’s Hotel Del Coronado stands out as a hotel that knows how to use Christmas lights well! This relatively dark space is lit up by the massive tree centerpiece, as well as the less obvious strings of lights that drape over the upper level’s railings. In such a dark space, this was the best choice of decorations the hotel could have gone with!

Multiple Levels of Simplicity and Cheer

Via You May Be Wandering

Via You May Be Wandering

It helps when white, a primary Christmas color, is already the prominent color in your hotel, and it also helps when gold light, the most common Christmas light color, is already the color of your hotel’s lighting fixtures. This allows The Raffles Hotel in Singapore to be extremely simple but also extremely effective in how it decorates for the holidays. A simple tree and garlands on every level is all it takes to look perfectly festive, yet nothing too extravagant was done. A hotel does not need to be a wonderland of decorations to be festive!

Which hotel was your favorite? Do you have a favorite hotel that goes all out for the holidays? Even better, are you staying in any festive hotels this season? Share with us, we would love to know!

Interior Design From The Movies : 12 Picture-Perfect Homes Found on the Big Screen

When you watch a movie, it is likely that you may be drawn in by the setting as much as the characters. You may have also desired to live in some of the fabulous homes that have been featured on the big screen! Seeing as it is getting cold around this time of the year and you may be hunkering down to watch a lot of movies by a roaring fireplace, here are some great movies to watch if you want to appreciate some great homes!

Take a Day Off With Bueller’s Home!

ferris bueller's day off, glass house, houses in movies

Via Parade

ferris bueller's day off, houses in movies, movie house for sale

Via Parade

It is undeniable that the glass house from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is gorgeous. Nestled in the woods, it is has a retro and classy interior that lies in stark contrast to its surroundings. It recently sold for $1.06 million after being on the market for five years!

The Notebook’s House is as Romantic as the Movie Itself!

the notebook movie 2004, romance movie home, plantation from the notebook

Via Country Living

This picture-perfect home, built in the 1770′s, is called Martin’s Point Plantation, and is located in South Carolina. Perhaps you recognize it from The Notebook, in which Ryan Gosling’s character renovates this charming home to win back his love. The simple southern charm is clearly evident in this home, and is certainly a great home to surprise your love interest with!

Get Away to the Home from The Fugitive

house from the fugitive movie, harrison ford, houses from movies

Via Berkshire Hathaway

house from the fugitive, harrison ford, houses in movies

Via Berkshire Hathaway

Harrison Ford not included, this home from The Fugitive is gorgeous on the inside, featuring modern style and a glass catwalk to really make the big open space seem even more open and bright! It is a modernist’s dream.


Go Insane Over the House from Psycho

house from psycho, movie houses, horror movie house, haunted house

Via Country Living

psycho house, haunted house, houses in movies

Via Den of Geek

As creepy as the house in Psycho may be, it cannot be denied that with a little fixing up and maybe some color film, this old Victorian style home would look just charming! The set of the house is still standing, and you can see it in all of its creepy glory on a Universal Studios tour!

The Scarily Gorgeous Home from American Horror Story

american horror story, houses from tv shows, east coast brick building


american horror story, houses from tv shows, dark wood entryway


There is nothing scary about this house from American Horror Story, as the home is actually quite gorgeous! The beautiful brick exterior gives way to an interior filled with dark wood tones and natural light.

You’ll Want to be Alone with this Home from Home Alone!

house from home alone, houses in movies, home alone brick house

Via The Fiscal Times

home alone movie house, houses in movies, home alone house interior

Via Hooked on Houses

Seeing the outside of the home from Home Alone makes you cringe to even think about sledding down the stairs! This suburban Chicago home features extensive brick and stunning white window frames. The famous house sold for $1.5 million back in 2012, and with a house like this, it would be hard to be home alone; someone would always be admiring it!

This Home Shines In the Twilight

twilight new moon, house from new moon, houses in movies

Via The Fiscal Times

twilight new moon movie, houses in movies, new moon house interior

Via Freshome

While opinions over the movie itself differ widely, this Vancouver, BC home from Twilight: New Moon is undeniably fantastic! It’s modern charm is warm and welcoming, and it blends nicely into the Canadian background.

Old Charm Found in the Home from Steel Magnolias

steel magnolias, house from steel magnolias, brick house, movie houses

Via Country Living

house from steel magnolias, houses from movies, steel magnolias house interior

Via Hooked on Houses

Despite how it may look from the front, the house from Steel Magnolias is a staggering 5,900 square feet! The brick-clad Louisiana building has been a lot more than a home since its construction in 1840; it has most recently been a bed and breakfast, and in the Civil War, it was used as a hospital!

The Oddly Amazing House from The Odd Life of Timothy Green

the odd life of timothy green, movie houses, houses in movies, victorian house

Via Country Living

This gorgeous Victorian home located in Georgia is 5,500 square feet and features a guest house and pool on top of that! Featured on the big screen in The Odd Life of Timothy GreenThis house was built in 1842 and has all kinds of details, if you look carefully enough for them! Between the stained glass windows and fantastically detailed trim, plus the sheer size and beauty, it is no wonder that this property went on sale for $1.39 million!

Marley & Me and a Gorgeous House!

marley and me, marley and me house, movie houses, house from movies

Via Country Living

marley and me movie, marley and me house, houses in movies


The lovely stone farmhouse from Marley & Me was originally built in the 1830′s but was renovated not long before the movie was filmed. This means that the crew did not have to change the house much at all, even keeping the owner’s furniture around for the filming! Meaning any interior design you may have noticed was not made by a film crew, but just by a homeowner (a homeowner with a nice house!).

Become Enchanted by the Home from Practical Magic!

house from practical magic movie, houses from movies, victorian house, witch movie

Via Hooked on Houses

house from practical magic, houses in movies, practical magic movie

Via Hooked on Houses

Unlike a lot of these houses, unfortunately the Victorian house from Practical Magic was just a set, and has since been torn down. Believe it or not, the house was built on sacred Native American burial grounds, therefore it had to be built on a platform rather than dug into the ground. Taking place in New England but filmed on San Juan Island in Washington, this beautiful “home” was perhaps as far away as possible from its setting without leaving the country!

Take a Long Vacation in the Cottage from The Holiday

the holiday movie, the holiday house from movie, houses in movies, facade movie set

Via Country Living

houses in movies, house in the holiday movie, england farmhouse interior

Via Cote de Texas

In The Holidaytwo women trade homes in LA and England. Unfortunately, the quaint cottage that we spend so much of the movie in is not real! It is just a facade built in a field that was then meticulously detailed to look like it was a real home. Still, the place is charming and cute, and you can still wish you lived there, even if it only exists on the big screen!


Do you have a favorite movie home? Is there a favorite of yours that we didn’t mention? Join the conversation!

Holiday Table Settings That Look Like They Should Be Published

As soon as I saw this article on Matchbook, I knew I needed to share it with all of our great blog followers. Especially now that holiday season is in full swing, I felt that this would be particularly useful to our readings, who may be hosting family gatherings or holiday parties this season! Appropriately-named lifestyle expert Camille Styles serves up a table of style in this Matchbox article and I could not resist sharing her highlights, so you too can set a table worthy of publishing in a magazine!

matchbook magazine, lifestyle expert camille styles, holiday tablescapes

Via Matchbook Mag

Set The Scene

Via Matchbook Mag

Via Matchbook Mag

What is important with setting the scene of your table is settling on a theme and a color scheme! Reflect this set palette with any table runners, plates, and other decorations. Since it is the holidays, Camille suggests using cut branches of evergreens, for both the festive look and the smell! You can craft a complicated garland, or you can simply lay out sprigs of greenery around your centerpiece!

An Edible Centerpiece

matchbook mag article, lifestyle expert camille styles, edible holiday centerpiece

Via Matchbook Mag

Wondering what you should put at the center of your table? Well, you’re already enjoying a nice dinner, so how about trying a centerpiece that is part of the meal! Camille suggests either baking or buying a selection of pastries and “gluing” them together with caramel to make a tall tower of desserts that your guests can take food off of throughout the meal! A tall and impressive centerpiece like this may be just what your table needs!

Winter Blooms

lifestyle expert camille styles, winter plantings, holiday event planning

Via Matchbook Mag

Speaking of greenery, if there is not enough space on the table itself for these decorations (after all, you are serving large quantities of food!), you can always make use of seasonal flowers and evergreen branches in a vase or pot and place this somewhere else near the table, perhaps somewhere unexpected; Camille shows off her placement of flowers on the fireplace mantle right behind the dining table, which makes for a striking scene.

An Elevated Place Setting

fine china plates, lifestyle expert camille styles, holiday table setting guide

Via Matchbook Mag

Using your everyday dishes for a holiday table setting is perfectly fine, but for most people the use of fine China, or any other kind of plate that is rarely used, marks the dinner in question as a special occasion! The holidays certainly are a special occasion, and your family feast may deserve the best you have to offer! Depending on the design, there could be colors and images that sparkle and come alive by candlelight, making your table setting vibrant and lively!

Create a Magical Glow

brass candle holders, holiday table settings, lifestyle expert camille styles

Via Matchbook Mag

Speaking of candlelight, add a touch of romanticism to your dinner by scattering candles across the tablescape. Camille suggests brass candlesticks of varying heights, placed around the table. They add a touch of warmth and elegance that really cannot be achieved any other way! Regardless of the theme of your table setting, there is always a place for candlesticks of some kind!

Embrace Tradition

Matchbook Mag, lifestyle expert camille styles, holiday table setting

Via Matchbook Mag

When in doubt, do what you’ve always done! Family traditions are strong and long-lasting, and when you are in doubt of what else to do, sometimes falling back to an old tradition passed down from another relative can be the most comfortable thing to do. At the same time, don’t be afraid to start new traditions! If you decide to try something, and it’s a hit with you and the rest of  the family, stick with it!


Like I said before, this seemed like the perfect article to share with you all in the midst of the holiday season! We here at GHID wish you happy holidays and hope that all of your entertaining endeavors go off without a hitch!

Interior Design Recap: Looking Back At The Year & Upcoming Projects For The Design Firm

Hello December! Wow how the year has flown by!!! It goes back to the saying that, “time flies when you’re having fun.” As we near 2015, it’s only natural for me to be thinking back on everything that Garrison Hullinger Interior Design has accomplished. So rather than just focusing on the month of November for GHID, we’re going to flip through some of our high-level highlights from the year that we are very proud of sharing with all of you loyal blog followers or GHID fans + some exciting upcoming events in the coming year.

We Designed A Sport’s Themed Bedroom & Houzz Users Have Fallen In Love With It

masculine youth bedrooms, football fan interiors, teenage boy bedroom ideas

Garrison Hullinger Interior Desgin, photography by Blackstone Edge

A good interior designer listens to what client needs are and how they intend to use the space, turning their inspiration into something that is unique, yet functional. I happen to think that GHID does a great job at listening to our clients, I mean after all, our clients is who is at the center of every decision we make at our interior design firm. Although our clients fall in love with our designs, it is also fun to monitor what people in general think of our designs. One of my favorite ways to track this kind of geeky business is by seeing which of our completed residential design projects tend to resonate most with Houzz users. So…although the picture of this perfectly sophisticated, yet masculine teenage bedroom is not our most popular photo on Houzz, it HAS been added to huge amount of ideabooks on the housing platform and continues getting added as we speak.


Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Goes International To China

high end vacation home designers in china, international interior design firms, successful interior designers around the world

Garrison’s view of our development site from a tea house in Kunming, China

That is right folks. We are about to hit our 5 year anniversary in late January and just shy of 5 years of age as a company, we were able to land our first international job. Last week, Garrison spent the week finalizing contracts, visiting the site and meeting the development team in China. The photo above is a view from a tea house that overlooks the development site where we will be designing and furnishing 56 luxury homes in Kunming, China. The most exciting part about this is that each home will range from about $10 million – $12 million. As we are able to, we will continue sharing fun nuggets of information on the behind the scenes design process of the high-end home designs.


3 Multi-Family Housing Buildings In Portland Will Be Complete In 2016

holland partners upcoming projects, multi-family housing interior designers in portland, west coast multi-family housing interior designers

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Our hardworking Multi-Family Housing and Commercial department has been working so very hard at creating concepts, inspirations and turning them into feasible and forward-thinking designs that will be implemented in three unique buildings at Orenco Station. Our first installation will be in early February of 2015, and we will be showing off so many behind the scenes installation and finished photos, but it’s also pretty fun seeing a photo realistic rendering of one of the shared spaces. This rendering shows off Vector, the more modern setting that will provide tenants that crave living in an unexpected but cosmopolitan feeling. Our finishes in this building are described by the lead designer, Hannah Furseth, as moody, high contrast with lights and dark that integrates lighting in unique and experiential ways. See more of the project here.

 Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Turns 5 At The End Of January!

successful interior design firms, west coast interior designers that turn 5, young but successful interior design firms

Via VSA Missouri

Just about five years ago, Garrison was getting ready to hire his first part-time designer to help start Garrison Hullinger Interior Design in his Irvington home’s attic. Rewind almost five years ago and GHID was made up of one part-time employee…fast forward to the present day, we have 19 employees! At the end of January, GHID will be proud to say that we are five years old and in true GHID fashion, we can’t wait to celebrate, so all you party animals that live in the Portland area, don’t you worry your pretty little hearts, we will be hosting a party in the spring. Do you know why Garrison went from being a retail tech guru to being an interior designer? If you don’t, check out this blog! After reading the blog, you’ll have a better understanding as to why Garrison was eager to help decorate a tree at the Providence Festival of Trees which benefits Providence’s Brain and Spine Institute.

Love staying up-to-date on all of the happenings here at GHID? Keep a close eye on our Facebook page and our blog. Want us to blog more about some topic? Let us know!

Holiday Gift Guides: GHID Designers Share Their Favorite Gifts + Black Friday Shopping Tips!

The holidays are upon us and it is that time to start thinking about getting your holiday shopping done! Instead of stressing out about what is the latest and greatest home decor, or themed gifts, we’ve taken the guessing out and provided you with GHID’s best gift guides. If you have been dreading holiday shopping, get a jump start on it and give gifts that people will not want to return!

Host A Party Like A Professional

host like a pro, holiday gift guide, designer gift guide

We all know these people, or we are those people… the infamous at-home entertainers. If you and your better are attending holiday parties and want to know the perfect gift to give as a hostess gift, or you want to host a party for your friends and family, this gift guide is just for you! All of the fixings for a fabulous party are all under $100 and some of them can even be picked up at Hullinger Home, our Portland-based interior design store.

Geometric Gifts For The Creative Folks

designer gift guide, holiday gift guide, candles and soap

Candace is our fabulously, funky and sophisticated multi-family housing interior designer. This year, her holiday wish list is full of geometric gifts and classy brass accessories. Her gift recommendations would be perfect for that friend or family member that seems to have it all, but wants something completely out of the normal!

Gifts For People Who Are Homebodies

cozy night in, designer gift guide, holiday gift guide

Design Assistant Hailey is ready to curl up with a good book in the comfort of her home this holiday season, so she has come up with the best gifts for your friends that don’t like to stray far from home. You can wrap yourself in a luxuriously soft and cozy blanket while lounging in your favorite pajamas. These gifts would be great to give as a bundle gift or individually, but either way, I’d love to receive this gift on a drizzly day.

New Year, New You – The Best Gifts To Start Your Year Off The Right Way

gift guide collage, holiday gift guide, new years gift guide

Interior Designer, Chanel is gearing up for a relaxing night at home. After a busy and stressful year, you can give gifts that allow you to unwind with relaxing gifts. Jot down your favorite inspirational quotes or your goals for the coming year while soaking in a luscious bath surrounded by sweet tunes and aromatic scents. I know that I am absolutely obsessed with diffusors right now, so I am so thrilled she found this gem!

Black Friday Shopping Tips to Make Your Weekend Easier!

Black Friday is right around the corner, which means sales, sales, sales! You can find just about anything on sale this day of the year, but we’re going to tell you how to shop smart for great home decor.

  1. Try shopping online. The massive Black Friday rush we always hear about on the news is mostly for technology-related items. If you’re looking for home decor, you probably do not need to join the crowd, and shopping online will work just fine. On Black Friday itself, there should be plenty of online sales, but the real deals for non-tech items will mostly be on Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving. Waiting until this day could be your best strategy to shop home decor online, but don’t forget to check those online Black Friday sales!
  2. Set a budget. Yes, everything being on sale may seem like a great excuse to buy everything you can to make your home look great. However, if you have been spending money on home improvement and decor already throughout the year, you may want to set a budget for your Black Friday spending.
  3. If something strikes your fancy, get it! If you hesitate about something, it could be completely gone later. If you think something would fit in your home, there is nothing wrong with getting it. Many stores still have a traditional return policy, so even if you realize you did not really need something, at least you bought it just in case!

I know these Black Friday tips and tricks, and fabulous gift guides will set you up for a successful holiday shopping season! Do not forget that if you’re in the Portland area, Hullinger Home is offering free holiday wrapping now through the end of the holiday season!