Design Diaries: 2014 Street of Dreams Sneak Peek is Here

This year Garrison Hullinger Interior Design has not just one, but two homes on the Street of Dreams! Last year we had the stunning all-American home American Dream built by Westlake Development, and here in 2014 we will have American Spirit and Trillium, developed respectively by Westlake Development and Crystalridge Development. We had so many amazing vendors and suppliers and artisans this year, that all helped pull the interiors together. We hope you like the homes as much as we do at GHID, so here is a sneak peek to get you excited for the grand unveiling later this month!

Get In The Spirit of Entertaining!

home rendering, street of dreams, westlake development

Rendering of American Spirit by Greg Rogers, via Street of Dreams PDX

Built by Westlake Development Group, American Spirit boasts beautiful views of Mt. Hood from some of the most used rooms in the home. If you live in northern Oregon already, maybe you already wake up to views of Mt. Hood, but for everyone else, imagine starting each morning with an unobstructed vista of the tallest mountain (11,250 feet!) in the state! If that is not enough to raise your spirits, this home is also optimized for entertaining, with a spacious floor plan with a natural flow between major downstairs rooms. The house even boasts a covered patio that flows from the kitchen, so the hosts can easily be part of the party!

kitchen under construction, westlake development, street of dreams 2014

The spacious kitchen area of American Spirit, Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Of course, as you may expect, American Spirit has a plethora of Made In America products, including locally crafted entry door, stairway, and light fixtures! Garrison Hullinger Interior Design had a hand in every room, but as you will soon see (maybe in our next sneak peek!), the kitchen is really what stands out. In a house designed to entertain, it only makes sense that the kitchen would be a focal point, and GHID held nothing back when making this space just that!

Come into Full Bloom with Trillium!

house rendering, street of dreams 2014, crystalridge development

Rendering of Trillium by Greg Rogers, via Street of Dreams PDX

Built by Crystalridge Development, Trillium lives up to its namesake of a flower. The home is armed with an array of solar panels to cut energy costs, as well as other green and sustainable amenities such as bamboo flooring and LED lighting. This house also allows a family to “take root” like a flower and spend their entire lives there. The entire space is designed to accommodate occupants as they age and are forced to change their lifestyle. Trillium allows a lifestyle change without a home change!

street of dreams, natural lighting, under construction

Trillium’s well-lit interiors under construction, Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Because Trillium is another Made In America home, it features plenty of locally made parts. Drapery, tables, and even a one-of-a-kind aquarium in the kitchen area are all made locally and help make this house unique and unlike any other! These unique features will make any occupants never want to leave, which is exactly what this home is designed for. GHID brings some great details to this home, but those will have to wait until a future sneak peek!

Come See These Homes For Yourself!

The 2014 NW Natural Street of Dreams will be in Happy Valley, Oregon

Dates: July 26 through August 24

Hours: 10am to 9pm (ticket sales close at 7:30pm)

Ticket cost: $15, children 10 and under free (available onsite or buy tickets here) Discount Code: DREAMS

More info (including directions) on official website:

Stay Up to Date Via Social Media

Be sure to follow GHID on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all of the Street of Dreams happenings, and follow Westlake as well! Also, when you’re there, be sure to check in on Facebook with your smartphone, and let your friends know how much you’re enjoying Garrison Hullinger’s design at these two amazing homes! We cannot wait to see you from July 26 through August 24, and you can come say hello to a GHID staff member, as one will be on property every day of the show! Maybe you’ll even catch Garrison himself!

Pitt-Pollaro Furniture: Celebrities Launch Furniture Line That Is Surprisingly Beautiful

As I was reading through Architectural Digest last month, I ran across an advertisement that said Designed by Pitt, so naturally I investigated to see if there truly was a connection between Brad Pitt and this furniture line. Much to my surprise, it was indeed Brad Pitt’s furniture line. After I thought about the idea of a celebrity designing furniture, I realized that he likely made a very smart business move. He likely partnered with a very well known furniture designer, who also happened to be extremely talented and tagged his name to the brand. After investigating more, this is what I found out about his line.

What Is Brad Pitt’s Furniture Lines’ Name?

Brad Pitt teamed up with Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, Pierre Chareau, and Paul Dupré-Lafon to design luxurious, American-made furniture. He debuted as a furniture designer aside his well known art deco collaborator, Frank Pollaro. In November of this year, November 13th to be exact, Pitt-Pollaro will reveal their approximately 12 pieces of furniture to the world in NYC. If you want teasers or more details, you can register here

pitt pollaro furniture line, art deco furniture, brad pitt furniture

Via Virginia Holder Pinterest

pitt pollaro wall storage, pitt pollaro customizable furniture, brad pitt furniture

Via Pitt Pollaro Collection


Does Brad Pitt Really Play A Role In The Design Of Pitt-Pollaro?

When you’re rich, you can do anything. Does Brad really contribute to any of the designs for Pitt-Pollaro’s furniture line? “I’ve been doodling ideas for buildings and furniture since the early 1990s, when I first discovered [Charles Rennie] Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright,” says Pitt. “Actually, I found Wright in college, when looking for a lazy two-point credit to get out of French. It forever changed my life.” From that moment on, Brad began sketching furniture. Years later, Pollaro was commissioned to install a replica of Rulhmann’s desk that Pollaro noticed his sketch book. And that folks…is how Pitt and Pollaro ignited this powerful partnership!  

brad pitt and frank pollaro, brad pitt furniture design, pitt pollaro furniture line

Via Architectural Digest

 What Can You Expect Pitt-Pollaro’s Furniture To Be Like?

You can expect flawlessly beautiful pieces of art deco furniture that’s made in the US. Although prices are high, you can help justify spendy pieces by knowing that your furniture is likely limited edition. For example, the long run table (designed by Brad Pitt) only has 8 other brothers that are numbered and signed pieces. Talk about exclusive and worthy of making hefty investment! Rumor has it (ok – it’s not rumor) one of their bed designs includes “wispy spirals of 24K gold,” so you can only imagine the quality and attention to detail these pieces hold. Pollaro even says that Brad gets “bent on quality to an unhealthy degree.” 

 pitt pollaro bed frame, bed frame by brad pitt, art deco bed frame

Alright, my skepticism is washed away. Brad isn’t only an amazing actor, super hot, a great father, but he also has a great eye for furniture design! Dang, I thought I had found some sort of descrepency in how hands on he really was in the design of these sleek and sexy pieces of furniture. I am a fan of Pitt-Pollaro! If you’re like me, we will be drooling from afar, but it will be oh so fun doing so!

pitt pollaro collection, brad pitt furniture, pitt pollaro art deco furniture

Via Pitt Pollaro


DESIGNER DIARIES: A Look Back At Some Of The Things GHID Accomplished In June

Although we have recently experienced torrential downpours in Portland, summer is truly upon us!!! Over the last month, GHID has hit some of the most rewarding highlights in the company’s history.  One of which was when GHID was named Portland Business Journal’s 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2014. Additionally, Garrison was flown out to Cambria’s manufacturing site and headquarters as a Style Maker,  and we were selected to partner with HBA + Portland Monthly to host a VIP tour of the Street of Dreams + more!

Portland-Based Interior Design Firm Gets Nominated For A Portland Business Journal Award

portland small business awards, portland business journal awards, fastest growing companies in Portland

Portland Business Journal’s 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies

Earlier this month, Garrison wrote a very nice message about being awarded and named one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies to everyone on our Facebook page, and if you happened to have missed out on his personal note regarding this award, fear not, I’ve included it below for your viewing pleasure.

First off, thanks to all that have supported GHID the last 4.5 yrs. A huge shout out to those that have been a part of our exponential growth, past employees, current employees, vendors, suppliers and most of all our clients. This type of growth comes with the general pains of running a corporation and that takes a lot of patience and understanding on everyone’s part. But now we celebrate..thanks to all those that have been sending us congratulatory messages this week…it’s official: GHID is one 2013′s Fastest Growing Private 100 Companies in Oregon. I thank each of you that have given us a nod of encouragement!
With great humbleness, Garrison (and our amazing team)

Interior Designer Garrison Heads To Cambria Headquarters As A Style Maker

cambria events, style maker summit, annual interior designer events

Garrison and the marketing team at Cambria

Garrison was among a select group of influential designers from across the U.S. and in Toronto that attended Cambria’s Style Makers Summit in Minneapolis. This is an exclusive event where the designers get to experience the latest in Cambria innovations, and we have to say that they sure know how to treat their lucky attendees! Garrison and the designers attended a Twin’s game, they were carted around town in a VIP bus, saw Cambria’s showroom and got a behind the scenes look at how Cambria products are manufactured.

If you want to see more photos from his experience, check out the Cambria blog from June.

Oregonian Feature To Celebrate Father’s Day Dream Room Designed By Chanel

masculine retreats, the best plans for a man cave, interior ideas for a bachelor pad

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

The Oregonian reached out to GHID to come up with an idea for Dad’s Dream House and they delivered this zone of high-gauge entertainment and downshifting relaxation! Chanel had a blast creating a dream room for a masculine father. See more photos on the Oregonian article!

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Help Kicks Off Made In America Month

portland interior design firms, the best portland designers, interior designers in oregon

Making our BBAC Made In America video


GHID was proud to participate as a sponsor for the celebration to kickoff of “Made In America” month with the Building a Better America Council (BBAC) and George Morlan Plumbing. If you haven’t heard of the BBAC, it is a non-profit that is committed to increasing the creation of American jobs, bolstering and strengthening the American economy, while reducing the building industry’s carbon footprint leading to a more sustainable environment.

If you want to learn more about “Made In America” month, read our recent blog on the topic.

Be Among The First To See The 2014 Street Of Dreams Homes That GHID Designed

win free tickets to the street of dreams, giveaways for the street of dreams, oregon street of dreams

Photography by Blackstone Edge

The Street Of Dreams is less than a month away, and you have a chance to win a VIP tour! If you want to win a VIP tour of the show for you and three of your friends, that is hosted by Garrison, you better start entering Portland Monthly and the Home Builders Association’s giveaway – it’s easy! The contest ends on July 11, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to enter to win.

If you want to pre-purchase tickets, click here and make sure to use the discount code: DREAMS for a $2 discount.

We can’t wait to see you at the show!




Portland-Based Interior Designers Help Celebrate Made in America Month


homes that only use made in america products, made in america homes, street of dreams homes

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

Oregon Governor, John Kitzhaber, has announced that July 2014 is Made in America month! The state of Oregon is supporting the Building a Better America Council in recognizing that everyone from contractor to consumer has the ability to make a positive impact in our community by choosing American made products and services. The BBAC, founded by owner of Westlake Development Group, Gerald Rowlett, is dedicated to connecting manufacturers of American-made products with consumers, builders, retailers and distributors throughout the country to increase the creation of American jobs and strengthen the American economy, while also reducing the building industry’s carbon footprint leading to a more sustainable environment.

GHID is a proud member of the BBAC, and worked with Westlake Development Group to build the first ever Made in America home on the Street of Dreams last year – we are incorporating Made In America products again this year!

Let There Be Light in the Northwest!

american made lighting, bbac certified lighting, american classic lighting

Via Rejuvenation

Right downstairs from us, Rejuvenation offers a selection of classic American-made lighting and home fixtures. It was founded right here in Portland, Oregon in 1977 by Jim Kelley who was inspired to open a store after struggling to find fixtures that would preserve the look of his own historic home. Having grown and expanded significantly, they now have 4 retail stores, making shopping for these classic fixtures easier than ever!

rejuvenation factory tour, american made fixtures, hand crafter fixtures in portland

Via Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Here is a behind the scenes look at their fixtures being hand polished - talk about quality and love!

Lovely, Local Furniture For A Lifetime

joinery bedroom furniture, american made bed frame, portland oregon furniture

Via The Joinery

Also founded here in Portland is The Joinery, which started as a one-man shop and has since grown into a team of 30 employees who build quality, handcrafted pieces from local and sustainable wood that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. They have been recognized as one of Oregon’s Best Green Companies because of their commitment to the environment, which includes running their operations on 100% renewable power.

Pacific Lifestyle’s Passion for Upholstery

USA made furniture, furniture in the northwest, American made furniture

Via Pacific Lifestyle Furniture

Pacific Lifestyle Furniture has a beautiful selection of furniture with their primary line being manufactured in America by the west coast’s premier furniture manufacturer, and assembles in-house to assure the upmost quality! All custom order upholstery is made in the USA and is available in a wide variety of colors and styles to achieve your dream look!

Intricate Metal Details That Make Your Home Extra Special

Master Woodworks, made in america metal work, first made in america house on the street of dreams

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography Blackstone Edge

Master Woodworks was involved in the American Dream home including the staircase, toe kick under the rec room bar, and the fireplace surround in the rec room. Based in Salem, Oregon, they work with wood and metal to make entirely custom pieces that are built to last, with their team of skilled craftsman. What sets them apart from other craftsmen is their ability to make any custom metal balustrade panels, such as the intricate design pictured above! And best of all, they are all Pacific Northwest!

To learn more about Garrison Hullinger’s dedication to the Made in America ideal, be sure to take a look at our American Dream home from the 2013 Street of Dreams!

Also, if you want to make a difference, you can become a BBAC member by making a commitment to buy 5% more American made products, and your business may become BBAC certified by utilizing at least 90% American made products. Buying local and American made products is easy when you know where to go! Take a look at some of our local favorites below.


Portland Interior Designer Gets A Behind The Scenes Look At Cambria

Garrison was one of the 12 selected U.S.-based interior designers to be a Cambria Style Maker, which included an in-person manufacturer visit. Since Garrison gladly accepted this great opportunity, he headed east to Minneapolis earlier this month with other designers from the U.S. and Toronto. After Garrison’s trip, he said that this tour was one of the most memorable! He also said that they did a phenomenal job at thinking outside of the box, including their branded marketing that was incorporated into their interior design. Let’s take a look at some of Garrison’s takeaways and highlights from this trip. First, let’s learn a little bit more about Cambria!

Who And What Is Cambria? 

gorgeous long lasting counter top options, most durable countertop, what are some of the best countertop options

The beauty and movement in Cambria

At Cambria, they pride themselves on being the only family-owned, American-made producer of natural quartz surfaces. For Cambria customers, it results in quality that can be felt from start to finish, in products and their customers’ experience.

Your countertops go through a lot. Scratches, stains and the stresses of everyday life. No other surface on the market offers such a perfect harmony of performance and beauty.

It’s easy to clean - you just need to use warm water and mild soap. Unlike granite and marble, quartz doesn’t need periodic sealing, polishing or reconditioning. You won’t have to work with messy oils or dangerous chemicals—there’s no cost of upkeep for Cambria once it’s installed

Cambria Is Going For The Home Run Of Manufacturer Tours!

cambria tour takes you to twins field, what interior designers do, really cool opportunities for interior designers

Target Field

Once Garrison landed, it was a jam-packed experience full of fun events planned…starting with an awesome trip to Target Field to watch the Twins play soccer, I mean baseball. Behind the scenes: Garrison may or may not have known what sport the Twins play. 

This is the gorgeous view that Garrison and the other 17 designers (6 interior designers were from Toronto) had of the Twins game. Not too shabby…just wait until you see what the interiors look like!

Interiors That Reflect A Winning Interior Design In A High-End Baseball Suite

how to decorate a sports suite, inside look at Target field suites, living the high life with high-end suites

An inside look at Cambria’s suite at Target Field

There were so many design elements that drew Garrison into this high-end suite, but I’ll highlight just a few that he thought were so cleverly included by Cambria.

Don’t Forget To Include Your Branding Into Your Design

bar details, branding your designs in a less than obvious way, cambria marketing

Cambria’s creative branding

Garrison was very inspired by this strategically and creatively branded bar detail that Cambria thought of. Although it isn’t the most visible detail, it is definitely one that leaves a lasting impression on those that visit the suite!

It’s Ok To Be Rough Around The Edges


Cambria chiseled edge

The exposed edge of this countertop accentuated the movement and raw beauty of this Cambria countertop.

A Gorgeous Chandelier Made Of Quartzite

creative and modern light fixtures, chandeliers that use natural stones,

Quartzite chandelier at Cambria showroom

This chandelier was a showstopper! The gorgeous fixture is made up of quartzite; which is an extremely hard rock that Cambria grinds up and mixes with resin to make their durable and beautiful product.

Did you know that the ground up quartzite doesn’t actually hold any color, but the resin and binds are what hold the color?

The Entire Cambria Marketing Team

cambria manufacturing tours, the benefits of going on a manufacturing tour, marketing teams for cambria

Style Makers Attendees at Cambria

Garrison was blown away by the Cambria marketing team (shown above). Garrison is nestled in there somewhere, can you find him?

I hope you enjoyed seeing and learning about Garrison’s trip to the infamous Cambria. Next time, I am making him sign me up as his + 1!!