Local Interior Designer Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Looks Back At The Month Of July

Another month has flown by… but there are certainly very fun and exciting things to report to you. Some of our highlights from last month were that we installed two homes on the Street of Dreams (which was close to 10,000 sq. ft.), we had both street of dreams homes photographed by Blackstone Edge, Garrison was featured in Gray magazine and more!! Let’s take a closer look at all of the fun things that we accomplished this month.

Installed Two Street Of Dreams Homes – Trillium and The American Spirit

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

Street of Dreams is well on it’s way, and we are beyond thrilled with how smoothly a two-home install went for our team. Looking back at the process, we were planning months in advance and running through the day of events in our minds to ensure a smooth, easy and effective install for each home. Our wonderful photographers pulled through for us yet again with a flexible schedule of shooting the homes around us while we complete one room at a time.


Love Free Stuff For Your Home? Come To The Street Of Dreams!

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Hullinger Home Giveaway

If you’re a fan of free things (don’t lie to yourself, we all love free things), you must head out to the show! In the garages of the Trillium and The American Spirit, you can enter to win for the following items + more.

If you’re excited about some of those giveaways, there are many more that I didn’t even mention, so don’t miss your chance to enter to win a little facelift for your home.

Pre-purchase tickets and get $2 off by using DREAMS discount code.

Garrison Hullinger Is Featured In Gray Magazine

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Dina Avila Photography

Go pick up this month’s Gray Magazine to read all about Garrison’s touching and inspiring story!

Street Of Dreams Sneak Peek: Pacific Lifestyle Furniture Is The Affordable Furniture Store

Have you attended the Street of Dreams yet? If you haven’t been to the street, and you’re looking for inspiration to bring back to your home, you must head out to the show before it’s over! When you head out to Happy Valley, you can expect to see some fabulously designed homes with equally as beautiful interiors. You’ll see Garrison Hullinger Interior Design’s signature look in each home that we designed, Trillium and The American Spirit, but we’re going to let you in on the secret of getting affordable furniture for your home!

Affordable Furniture From Pacific Lifestyle Furniture

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Pacific Lifestyle Furniture

When you’re out at the show, you’ll notice that The American Spirit’s furniture is from a local small business called, Pacific Lifestyle Furniture. Before we dive in and talk about the furniture they offer, lets learn more about Pacific Lifestyle Furniture!

Pacific Lifestyle Furniture is a family-owned store that was launched in 2007 with a new concept of furniture shopping in mind. The company’s focus is two-fold; customer service and offering the best pricing on furniture to keep overhead costs at a minimum. The store focuses on American-made products with some furniture pieces made in the Portland Area. Next month, they will be opening their second location in Hillsboro!

Which Street Of Dreams Homes Feature Pacific Lifestyle Furniture?

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

As you meander through the street this year, The American Spirit (house #5) is filled with Pacific Lifestyle Furniture. Our designers partnered closely with Pacific Lifestyle Furniture to ensure that the furniture we selected for the home would fit well with the overall aesthetic of the home, but most importantly we worked together to keep our furniture selections within our client’s budget.

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

Keep your eyes out for some of our favorite pieces in The American Spirit: the cozy sectional in the great room, the fun game table in the rec room and the colorful chair in the downstairs guest room!

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

Multigenerational Living Space Is Furnished By Pacific Lifestyle Furniture

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography Blackstone Edge

Pacific Lifestyle Furniture even made it’s way up the street to Trillium  (house #2) to furnish the ADA bedroom. Show attendees are a fan favorite of the modern large gray chair!

When you head out to the show, make sure to stop by house #5 and #2 garages to enter for your chance to win a $5,000 room makeover from Pacific Lifestyle Furniture! The show runs through August 24 and tickets are available for pre-purchase on Ticket Tomato. Use your discount code: DREAMS for $2 off!


Contemporary And Locally Crafted Design: An Interior Designer’s Partnership With The Joinery For The Street Of Dreams


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Trillium’s back patio, photo by The Joinery

To help make our Street of Dreams Trillium home a masterpiece of craftsmanship, we partnered with The Joinery. Founded over 30 years ago, The Joinery has grown to become a proud leader in the Portland business community with a strong national presence. The company operates under rigorous standards for social and environmental performance, beginning with the lifetime warranty that backs all of its residential furniture. The Joinery’s status as a certified B-Corp, on-site solar power generation, and briquette machine that recycles 100% of its sawdust are further demonstration of the company’s environmental commitment.


Each piece of Joinery furniture is crafted ­and signed ­by an individual woodworker using timeless woodcrafting techniques from local and sustainably sourced hardwoods. All furniture is finished with hand-rubbed custom formulated oil, and hand-sanded with ultra-fine 600 grit sandpaper to give a texture that is sensually smooth yet incredibly durable.


Portland made contemporary dining table, modern dining room inspiration, cutting-edge brown dining room table

Trillium’s dining room, photo by The Joinery

Two of the most stunning pieces in our Trillium home are the walnut dining table and walnut breakfast nook table, both of which fit perfectly with our open floor plan setting. These pieces– both eight-foot long custom designs– are magnificent for their scale and beauty, including 1.75–inch thick table tops with book-matched end grain.

Dining room nook inspiration, custom built in dining room, contemporary wooden dining room nook with a modern fish tank

Trillium’s nook, photo by The Joinery


A striking piece on the back patio is another custom design: A seven-foot long coffee table made from reclaimed fir beams, providing a hearty yet beautiful space for outdoor gathering.

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Trillium’s back patio photo by The Joinery

short block coffee table, contemporary outdoor table, modern table for patio

Trillium’s back patio photo by The Joinery


We also included the Whitman suite, exemplifying sophisticated design and modern feel, comprising a bed, nightstand and dresser in eastern walnut. And we rounded out the interior with several gorgeous pieces including a desk, bar stools, entry table, and butterfly bench, among others. Much like the design and scale of our homes, words can only go so far, so I encourage you to drop by the Street of Dreams to see it all firsthand.

If you pre-purchase tickets to the show on Ticket Tomato, use the discount code: DREAMS for a great discount!















Must-See Interior Design Products At The Street Of Dreams: Cascade Coil Drapery

GHID worked hard on putting the finishing touches on both of the Street of Dreams homes (Trillium and The American Spirit), and now they’re open for the public to see! I can’t wait for you all to see the beautiful and innovative products that were selected for the homes. There are so many things in each house that I have been drooling over, but today I am going to be talking about the durable and textural coil drapery by Cascade CoilGHID has used Cascade Coil in several projects like our Waterfront Pearl condos, our office, our Serving up Style vignette, and our two Street of Dreams homes! Before diving into how awesome Cascade Coil is, let’s learn a little bit more about the product itself.

What’s Cascade Coil Drapery?

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Cascade Coil Drapery manufactures flexible woven wire fabric that we use to add texture and visual interest to a space. The product is sleek, yet adds a contemporary or industrial edge to a space, depending on how the room is stylized.

Does It Really Shield Sunshine?

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Photography by Joe Ness of Cascade Coil

The way that GHID has applied Cascade Coil in the two Street of Dreams homes are distinct. Let’s start by talking about how Trillium uses Cascade Coil Drapery as curtains in the great room. The most frequently asked question I have been hearing is whether or not it truly protects and blocks out sunlight. Although, the coil does provide the home with protection from late afternoon sunshine, it’s sole purpose isn’t meant to protect the home from sunlight or provide privacy. Cascade Coil enhances the great room design by adding a sleek, textural element to the space that does provide minimal shading.

Can You Really Use Cascade Coil As A Shower Curtain?

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Cascade Coil Drapery

A popular question among attendees is, “does the shower curtain really keep the water in the shower?” This made in America product really does keep the shower water from escaping the shower. As the shower bounces off of your body, the coils catches the water and trickles it down the shower curtain. The Trillium home uses it as a shower curtain as well as a great room alternative to fabric drapery, but The American Spirit features it as somewhat of a protector from the Oregon rain that we are all used to here in the Pacific Northwest! It’s perfect for indoor or outdoor applications.

What Are Some Alternative Ways To Bring Cascade Coil Into Your Home Or Commercial Space?

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Cascade Coil via Carries Design Musings

Cascade Coil’s woven wire fabric is a creative choice of material for designers looking for light control and modulation; area or crowd control; visual freedom; security; and free flow of air, sound and even potential output from sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers. The special properties of the material — its innumerable support points and flexible round weave — make it an effective solution for decorating, partitioning and securing structures and spaces of all kinds.

If this blog is enough to get you to want the product, go visit their website to purchase your very own. If you’re still eager to see this product and the homes GHID designed, we better see you out at the Street of Dreams! If you pre-purchase tickets, use this code to get your discount: DREAMS.


5 Reasons Why To Attend This Year’s Street Of Dreams

Last night was the annual NW Natural Street of Dreams Block Party and boy it was fun! Although the rain and chilly weather came to visit us, that wasn’t going to stop all of those eager attendees from seeing the homes. GHID also revealed our two homes to each set of clients, and since I hadn’t been a part of a client reveal, my eyes were welled up for most of the reveals. The clients were overjoyed with the outcome of their homes, so it was a huge win for GHID. The annual show kicks off this Saturday, July 26 and runs through August 24. If you haven’t been to a show before, or you’re not sure that you want to head out to Happy Valley, I am going to tell you just 5 reasons why you must make it out this year!

Get Inspired To Jumpstart Your Own Home Remodel Or New Build

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Ever thought about remodeling your home or building new? Hire a killer team to help complete your house so it feels like a home. Working with a great builder, contractor and interior designer will lead to an immaculately designed and executed home.

See Gorgeously Designed Homes By Local Interior Designers

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The great room in the Trillium home

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design helped design two homes in the Street of Dreams; The American Spirit and Trillium. Each home turned out to be showstoppers and we know you won’t want to miss out on seeing the homes. The American Spirit has a more traditional feel and boasts many great features for at-home entertaining, while Trillium is the perfect fusion of contemporary meets traditional.

Shop For Your Favorite Builders, Landscapers, Interior Design, Home Decor + More


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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

One of the best ways to shop for your future interior designers, local builders, and contractors is to see their work in person! If you head out to the 2014 Street of Dreams, you will be sure to find some of your favorite design elements and products that you’ll want your future design team to incorporate into your home. So write down your favorite things and tell your team.

Learn About The Latest Technologies & Products In The Building Industry

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Cascade Coil Drapery taken by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

When you’re visiting the show, we know you’ll see some work from local artisans, craftsman and manufacturers. Keep your eyes peeled for some of the coolest products, visiting the show is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the building industry.

Have Some Affordable Fun With Your Family & Friends

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Here are some of our favorite photos from last night’s clients’ home reveals. We can’t wait to show you around the The American Spirit and Trillium, so don’t forget to buy your tickets! Shhh… this code will get you a discount on your Street of Dreams tickets: DREAMS