Easy Home Fixes That Will Make You Love Your Home Even More!

Whether it’s a house, a job, or an outfit, the novelty of things can wear out and you may grow tired of something that you once loved. Well, with your home there is no need to stop loving what you have, because we are giving you some easy home fixes that will make you feel that swoon you once felt!

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint To Your Walls

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

The most apparent way to liven up your home is to simply add a fresh coat of paint! Whether the current paint is looking dingy or outdated, or you’re just bored with it, a new paint color can’t hurt! And don’t settle for just re-painting the same color that was there, try something new! If you were thinking about branching out into a whole new color, try something bold like we suggested in last week’s post. A brand new color is sure to make a tired room exciting again!

Let In The Natural Light, Especially In The Pacific Northwest

Unless it’s a home theater, there is nothing fun about a dark room! A room that lets in natural sunlight will seem that much more vibrant and livable. Colors will sparkle and pieces will be accented wherever the sun falls. Light can also make the room seem larger, and even if there is no window open, the air somehow seems fresh and full of life!

Create Storage and Declutter

Do you have clutter everywhere? That happens more often than anyone likes to admit, but there are easy ways to get around the mess. Creating useful storage for any papers or nick-nacks that stack up is extremely useful. Buy or make some drawers or shelves for your belongings and then go through all of the junk piles and sort them. And even if you don’t get a chance to sort everything right now, just putting clutter away somewhere out of sight will make any desk or other messy area look a million times better!

Designate a “Landing Strip” for Clutter

A landing strip is the modern day equivalent of a mud room, something that is not so common in a suburban or apartment setting these days. Apartment Therapy has a fantastic video on the landing strip, in which they suggest a doormat for your shoes, a hook for your coat, a wastebasket for any trash or junk mail you may have, a mirror to make sure you look all right (without having to run to the closest bathroom mirror one last time), and most importantly, a side table. This one is essential, for dropping down phone, keys, papers, mail, or anything else that would otherwise end up right on the kitchen counter! Having a designated place for everything when you get home goes a long way toward home organization!

Update Home Hardware and Accessories

This is a super easy one! The subtle details of your home can be changed out and updated with little effort or cost. Doorknobs, drawer pulls, faucets, and even light fixtures can be updated with ease and bring a new look to your home in a lot of small ways! It’s definitely not a new piece of furniture or a new paint color, but it will be a breath of fresh air that you may not always consciously notice!

Revitalize the Entrance to Your Home

The front door is the first impression guests have of your home, and probably your first impression every time you come back from going out! There are a lot of different things you can do here to update your exterior look. Try putting a fresh coat of paint on the door itself, perhaps something eye-catching, but that still goes with the color and style of your house. You can also update the look of your house numbers, or add a new lighting fixture. If the season allows, putting out some fresh and vibrant potted plants and a nice welcome mat will also make your front entrance shine. And don’t forget to keep that front porch swept!

We hope that your 2015 is going smoothly so far. If your resolutions haven’t panned out so well here is another chance to get back into good habits! Have fun implementing some of these easy tips that will make you love your house all over again! If you want more interior design tips & tricks, check this blog out.

Best Portland Interior Designer: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design (GHID) is not just your average design firm. Where do I begin to explain how absolutely wonderful our team, our culture and our work is? Well, I better start somewhere, right? If you are looking for the best interior design firm, or the most creative design team to work on your home, here is the secret formula to make your home be better than you could have ever imagined.

The Culture At GHID Is Incredible

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, moments from 2014

I have heard – keep in mind this is the only design firm I have worked at – that other firms are not like our firm,  and I believe it. There are times where we are all heads down, working hard on tight deadlines, but then there are times that we are running around in between client meetings joking with each other as we hurry to the next meeting. At the end of the day, we are a true team. If one person feels like they need extra support, our team will race to their side to assist them through design dilemmas, tight deadlines, picking up samples or racing to the printers for a big meeting. We treat each other as a family and that truly is reflected in our top notch work. We also have a work hard, play hard mentality at the firm, which can be seen on our Facebook page!

The Talent Is Off Of The Charts Here


An inside look at a kitchen rendering from GHID

Garrison is an amazing boss, mentor and friend. He knows each of his employees well and cares deeply for each one of them. Garrison is also very loyal to his clients, and therefore has done an incredible job of recruiting and hiring some of the most talented designers, architects, and support staff. Garrison’s and GHID’s mission is to create sophisticated comfort for real life, and no matter how big this company grows, that will always be the designers’ motivation. Although he may not be the one sourcing materials, he has his hands in every project and any client that hires our firm can and should be confident that your home project will exceed your expectations.

Interior Designers And Designers’ Processes

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

When hiring a specialist, like an interior designer, it is common not to know what to expect. Nowadays, you can do your research via the internet and the more company transparency, the easier it is to see previous client experiences, previous work, etc. GHID’s process is very unique. Once you meet with Garrison and dive into what your expectations are, how you plan to use each space + various other elements, Garrison hand picks your design team. When you come into our office for meetings, you are greeted with a beverage, snacks and during your meetings will be very confident with our team designing and executing your projects.

Why Hire This Portland-Based Interior Design Firm?

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

If you want to know that your project is in the hands of true experts that want the best for you and your budget, then we are your dream team. We update our clients on a monthly basis on project status and how we are utilizing budgets. We are very detail-oriented project managers that act as a liaison between all key players that partake in your project. Check out our portfolio, Houzz page, and call us up to learn more about how we can assist in your project.

How To Add Color To Your Home – The Key to Using Bold Colors In Your Interior Design

It’s easy enough to resign yourself to using a neutral white, beige, or grey color palette for your wall colors, but some people just need a little more spice in their life! Using bold colors for your home decor, whether they be pastels, jewel tones, or dark hues can be risky business. If you do it the right way and with enough intention, bold colors can really look great and set your home apart from everyone else’s! Read on for some of our top tips and tricks for incorporating bold, saturated colors into your home!

Balance Bold Color with Neutral Color

fireplace exp

If you’re not into painting an entire room one color, try using a “60-30-10″ rule. Encompassing walls, ceilings, and furniture, this rule states that 60% of your room should be in one color family (likely a neutral tone), 30% should be in another color family, and 10% should be highlights of your bold color of choice! This allows your color to pop out without being over the top. Instead of blinding you upon entering the room, your color will stand out in specified areas.

how to use the right balance of color in your home, best tips and tricks for using colorful home decor

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

Balancing out your bold color can be done in a variety of ways. If your walls are sporting your color, then try painting the ceiling neutral, or putting down a neutral rug underneath. Or, follow the example of the above photo and bring in bold color through smaller accessories, rather than an entire wall.

Keep a Consistent Theme Throughout Your Home

choosing a consistent color palette in your home, how to select the right colors for your home interiors

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

If you paint one room (yes, I will be dramatic in my example) pastel pink, another room bright green, and another room dark red, then your house is not going to flow very well. It is best to pick a single color palette, or even a single style such as all pastels to paint your interiors – just  colors to maintain consistency throughout. This will make your home feel more cohesive, regardless of the color you’ve chosen.

You certainly do not have to paint every wall the same exact color, but colors that look good together will be fantastic! Just imagine looking through a doorway and seeing the colors of the next room as well as the room you’re in. You’re going to want those two colors to complement each other well, not look unplanned and erratic.

Start Small And Go Bold There

using bright colors in your powder bathroom, where to start trying to incorporate bold colors into your home

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

If you’re afraid of making a room too bold, then start out with a smaller room, like a guest bathroom. Try out your color ideas here before taking them into the living room or bedroom where they will be more noticeable. If you don’t like the end product, it will be easy enough to paint over it. Additionally, it will be a lot easier, less expensive, and less time consuming if you start with a smaller room. And if you do like your chosen color, you can feel free to paint more rooms in your house (but don’t forget to stay cohesive!).

Frame Your Bold Colors


using crisp white colors and saturated hues in your home, how to pick the right color for your home

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

To keep multiple colors separate and attempting to frame and highlight your chosen color, make sure your trim stands out against it. Usually this means painting trim a crisp white. Not only will white trim bring out the color but it will also refresh your eyes as they travel to the next room. If the next room in your house has a different color, it may look odd to have those two colors “touching” in your vision, and a white divider in between can refresh your palette. As mentioned above, this process is much easier if your colors between rooms are cohesive and complement each other well!

Using bright or bold colors may seem like a challenge too daunting to take on, but you should not be scared to break out of your comfort zone and try something new! As you have seen in this blog today, being bold with colors can result in a beautiful and welcoming home. Adding a bold color somewhere could be just what  you need to rekindle your love for your home. Let us know if you use a bold color in your home, and how you’ve implemented it!

7 Home Resolutions to Start Off the New Year Right

New Year’s means New Year’s resolutions! As much as you may think you will go to the gym all year long, most of us won’t last beyond two weeks; However, some simple tasks at the start of 2015 can really set your home up for a good rest of the year! Today, we’re sharing how to accomplish this!

1. Clear Out the Clutter

Forget spring cleaning, do it in January! Start off the year right, with a clean home, and make sure that everything left over from the holidays is cleaned up and put away! Also, don’t forget to take the opportunity to pick up anything else around the house that you don’t need. This includes things in drawers and closets that you have been hoarding for years! Go find what you don’t need anymore and donate it to charity or give it to friends. Make sure all of the rooms of you house don’t have anything out in the open that doesn’t need to be there, including movies and remotes, and anything taking up counter space that you don’t use constantly.

2. Organize Your Belongings

While you’re busy cleaning out things you no longer need, organize all the things you do need so you can find them easier! At some point over the last year maybe you realized your clothes, your silverware, your notepads, your magazines, or your movie  collection had become unorganized. Well, this is the perfect time to organize your shirts by color or to alphabetically sort your movies! Even if it doesn’t last beyond the first month, organizing the things you use all the time can be satisfying to see and make you feel like your home is working in your favor!

3. Update Your Home’s Lighting

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, update your lighting, kitchen lighting

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

If you were noticing your home’s lighting fixtures were a bit outdated, the start of the new year is a great time to upgrade. This can range anywhere from updating an old lamp to adding convenient motion-sensor lights inside a dark cabinet. The best part about this project is that it is quick! Other than maybe shopping for the perfect fixture, installing new lights can be done in a day and completely change how your house looks! You can put in recessed lighting so guests can focus more on the rest of the features of the room, or add in a vibrant and elegant chandelier to be the new centerpiece. Either way, you may end up seeing your home in a “new light” in 2015!

4. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, turquoise paint, new years resolution home update

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Maybe instead of new lighting you need to add a new coat of paint! You can always try the Pantone color of the year [REFERENCE PREVIOUS BLOG], or you can just try any new color to give any room in you house a new feel. Maybe you were feeling overwhelmed by a bright color and want to tone it down, or you think your room is too boring and needs to be livened up! Either way, the start of the year is the perfect time to get a fresh start with a fresh coat of paint. Alternatively you can paint accents such as your trim to make it really stand out against a more neutral wall.

5. Make Resolutions to Be Cleaner

You can save yourself the headache of cleaning in the new year by taking small steps to reduce the mess. If you and your family wear shoes inside, leave them at the door to avoid tracking in dirt. Set a schedule for cleaning and stick to it, so nothing gets messier than you want it to be and everything can be done in manageable workloads.

6. Remodel a Bathroom

Bathrooms can quickly get outdated and unfashionable, and the start of the new year is the perfect time to incorporate all of the latest styles and trends into this often ignored room of the house. While remodeling a bathroom may seem like a daunting task with way too many complicated elements, it may be worth it! Doing this can increase the value of your home, and give it a sense of continuity if the rest of your space is updated and stylish.

7. Treat Yourself to a New Piece of Decor

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, decor items, interior design decor

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

You don’t need to think of the most practical price here. Let yourself splurge on a new piece of art or other decoration that you have been eyeing for some time and put it in the spot of your home that you have been dreaming about it being in for months! As the new year begins, adding a new focal piece that you have been wanting can be exactly what your home needs to be refreshed and revitalized!


Let the new year be a fresh start for your home with these tips and tricks. These are some simple (and some more complex) things you can do at the beginning of the year to start off strong and rocket into 2015 with a fresh home filled with style and cleanliness!

Hottest Interior Design Trends to Keep Your Eyes Peeled For in 2015!

Whether you like it or not, you need to get used to writing a 5 on your checks instead of a 4. 2014 is behind us and 2015 is here to surprise us with its great new ideas and interior design trends. Hopefully your least favorite trends are going the way of the gramophone, and all of the new trends are just what you’ve been waiting for! Prepare your idea books and your wallets, because here comes the hottest 2015 trends to keep your eyes peeled for!

1. Brass and other Natural Metallic Elements

Gaining traction in 2014, an elegant brushed brass will remain popular in 2015. Adding this warm, soft metal to your home through accessories and furnishings, like lamp stands and tabletop decor, can add a comfortable and elegant feel to your home. Other warm metallics such as brushed gold and copper will also be big, as will be mixing these different colors in a space or single piece.

2. Blue, Blue, and More Blue!

Another trend that has been building already is the popularity of blue colors. We are seeing an emergence of elegantly designed navy blue rooms, and even some more daring turquoise spaces! These are strong colors that need to be used wisely, but they are being implemented beautifully in plenty of places to great success, and will continue to do so throughout 2015! We like to think we were into this trend before it was cool, with our Seahound Ranch project! In Pantone’s announcement of Marsala as their color of the year, they also mention that “blue is the new black” and that shades of blue are the perfect complements to Marsala.

3. Bringing the Outdoors In

There is a big trend toward bringing elements of nature and the outdoors into the home. This can come in the form of more natural shaped pieces in the midst of more rigid modern furniture, or can involve bringing indoor plants or terrariums into your home. It also can pertain to the color of paint you use. Bringing the colors of nature into the home where they fit can make a space seem clean and one with nature.

4. Tribal, Ethnic, and Animal Prints

2015 sees a surge of ethnic patterns and symbols being incorporated into art, as well as fabric on pillows and seats. These designs can add an exotic feel to your home that can break up a modern look or add a splash of pizzazz to a boring room. In addition to that, they can be excellent conversation pieces, with guests asking “Where did you get that fantastic pillow?” and “What sort of pattern is that on that chair?” This also extends to

5. Window Sheers That Brighten the Room

Window sheers are a lighter form of drapes or curtains that allow light to filter into a room and add a nice level of brightness. They allow you to be private as well as let in enough light. They are the best compromise between drapes and bare windows! They are making a push into popularity this year and for good reason! They really go well in any wide open and airy space that needs a lot of light to just shine.

6. The Pantone Color of the Year

Whatever your opinions on Marsala are, Pantone’s 2015 color of the year is here to stay for the next 12 months and undoubtedly many designers of interiors and decor pieces will incorporate Marsala into their designs. We covered our’s and other’s opinions on Marsala in last week’s blog, but despite the doubts many hold, it will definitely make it’s way into many homes, in the form of accent pieces. Bring some richness and earthiness into your home with this trendy color!

7. Wallpaper Makes a Comeback

powder bathrooms that use wallpaper, best powder bathroom inspiration, unique ways to use wallpaper in small spaces

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

Creative designs of wallpaper are making a return in 2015, with great patterns to mix up a room and fill a plain colored wall with something a bit more interesting. As long as the wallpaper features a classy pattern and not something old and ugly like we often associate wallpaper with, it can add a touch of pizzazz and elegant style to any room! Some designers even predict wallpaper will be used in unexpected places like the ceiling.

8. Remodeling a Streamlined Bathroom

The National Kitchen and Bath Association predicts that bathroom remodels are going to be bigger than Kitchen remodels in 2015. They also see a movement toward remodels into a more simplistic or minimalist look. This will be accompanied by one standout piece (maybe a brass faucet fixture or tub!) They stress that bathrooms will not lose their cozy or rustic charm, but will simply be moving toward a more contemporary look.

9. The Next Frontier: Healthy Homes

There is a new surge in design that focuses on the homeowner living in a healthy space. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, whether it be paints that don’t let off toxic gases, better air filtration systems, or even no-touch flushing systems for toilets. Homeowners are demanding a space that is better for them. Some of the burden will fall on the designer or remodeler to start offering these options, which will help them differentiate themselves and their homes (especially new builds) from all the rest.

 10. Be Yourself!

Remember as you hear about these trends that they are just that; trends! Trends change year-to-year, and this is not to say that you should paint your walls a new color and replace your furniture every time the latest thing is announced. If everyone did that, every home would look the same! Instead, embrace your own personal style, and if you want to spice up your look with something that is trendy, go for it as long as it fits with your design!