Spooky Yet Elegant Halloween Decorations To Treat Yourself To

It’s no secret that Halloween is Garrison’s favorite time of year. Fall can be magical itself, but Halloween is the only time of year when it is acceptable to deck out your home with jack-o-lanterns, skulls, and cobwebs! It can be hard to decorate for this holiday, however, when so many decorations that teeter on cheesy and cheap looking. Read on for some great ways to decorate for Halloween without losing the elegance of your home.

Skull Sconces to Brighten Your Dark Lair

Skull sconce, vodka bottle, DIY, reuse, halloween

Photo Via Popsugar

This classy glass skull sconce is the result of a simple DIY project using an old vodka bottle shaped like a skull. This lighting fixture is so simple and elegant that your guests may not even realize that you have a skull on your wall! It doesn’t look cheap or like it is obviously a Halloween decoration, so it is the perfect way to spice up your home this season while remaining elegant!

Old Fashioned Labels for all of Your Potions


Via Martha Stewart

These “Poison” labels for wine bottles are an easy way to spice up a dinner party. As long as no one thinks you’re serving them actual arsenic, these labels can be fun while not taking away any of the elegance from your dinner setup.

Learn an Enchantment to Give Your Pumpkins a Silver Skin

Via Celebrating Everyday Life Blog

It’s no big secret that at GHID we love orange. So, as good as this may look in your home around Halloween, we would never dream of altering the color of our pumpkins. For the rest of you, painting your pumpkins with metallic silver paint can make them blend with an already elegant design at the dinner table or fireplace mantle. They may fit in better with table decorations while still giving off the feel of autumn and Halloween.

Make Your Candles Bleed During Dinner Rituals

Via Martha Stewart

Via Martha Stewart

Sometimes the scariest part of Halloween is not what jumps out at you, it’s what you barely notice. That is exactly what is accomplished with these candles. They are simply light-colored candles with a bit of red candle melted down them, but this small detail makes them creepy while still having all the class of an off-white candlestick. Careful when serving dinner to guests, they may wonder what you’ve been up to!

Cast an Image of a Haunted House Upon Your Wall

Via Trendszine

Via Trendszine

Full-wall photographs can be a stunning addition to a home dining room. This old creepy house in the background is the perfect backdrop to set the tone for your Halloween festivities!!

Did any of these fun and unique ways to decorate for Halloween spur the creative juices in you? Tell us which idea is your favorite and why?

New Commercial Developments on the Rise in Portland

Let’s face it guys, Portland is growing with greater popularity by the minute. Whether it’s the locally crafted beer, phenomenal food scene, laid back mentality, outdoors lifestyle, or music and art scene, people are moving to Portland. With new transplants, comes the problem of not having enough housing available for everyone, so you’ll notice that Portland has new multi-family housing (also known as apartment buildings) popping up everywhere! Let’s take a look at some of the properties that are being built together.

“Abigail” Brings in Diversity

abigail apartments, pearl district, portland oregon

Via Bridge Housing

“Abigail,” an upcoming Pearl District apartment complex, boasts affordable housing, with most of its units priced at well below median family income, allowing for a mixed-income population. Developed by Bridge Housing, this complex is in a popular part of town and it is hoped that places like this will help break the stigma of the Pearl District having only upscale and expensive living spaces.

600 New Hotel Rooms for the Convention Center

hyatt regency, 600 rooms, new hotel, lloyd district

Via The Oregonian

If you live in Portland, you know that its no secret that a 600-room Hyatt Regency is coming in near the convention center in the Lloyd District. This massive building is being constructed to handle all of the convention-goers that come through Portland, but many recognize the potential for a bigger tourism market in Portland, with the ability to host NBA All-Star games and other events that would draw a significant quantity of people.

Hassalo on Eighth Brings Apartments to an Underdeveloped Area

hassalo on eighth, three buildings, lloyd district, leed certified

Via GBD Architects

The upcoming Hassalo on Eighth is slated to open in 2015, and offer three buildings with a total of 657 units. The goal of this project is to offer this part of the city, which is rich in commercial development but low in living space, with a sense of community. It is also the goal of the developers to have all three buildings be LEED Platinum certified and begin an ecologically-conscious neighborhood.

New Apartments Just Announced in Goose Hollow Neighborhood

new apartments in Portland, portland interior designers, multi-family housing projects in Portland

Proposed Goose Hollow apartment development created by Ankrom Moisan Architects

This photo was just released on October 10! In this image, you’ll get an idea of the exterior facade of the new Goose Hollow multi-family housing building located in downtown Portland. The developers, Langley Investment Properties announced that 121 units and 65 underground parking spaces, as well as commercial space will start breaking ground 2015.

The Overton Bringing A Twist to The Pearl District

seattle company, new apartments, live/work townhouses, pearl district

The Overton via Pearl Help

The proposed Pearl District apartment complex brings an interesting 45 degree angle to the street. This apartment building is a multi-use space and will also feature six live/work townhomes in addition to its 285 regular units.

There is a lot coming to Portland within the next couple years in the way of apartments and hotels! The Pearl District and the Lloyd District are the happening locations for these multi-family housing and multi-use buildings, as they are growing areas with plenty of room for development. There seems to be something for everyone coming soon, and plenty of tall buildings to make our home city shine!

Take a Vacation to These Modern and Charming Pacific NW Cabins!

Fall is here, and winter is coming! That means we want nothing more than to be cozy and warm, and maybe get away from it all for a while… just enjoy nature. The best way to do that is with a cabin! Cabins don’t have to be rustic and traditional though. Modern cabins can be as nice as custom homes and never sacrifice style for anything, while still being comfortable and functional. And be sure to check out our cabin blog from last year too.

Traditional Rustic Charm in Montana

RMT Architects, rustic cabin, stone fireplace

RMT Architects, Via Homedit

This cabin in Montana is definitely rustic and definitely traditional. Everything about it screams “cozy.” Enjoy this photo though, because everything else you’re going to see in this blog today is going to be unexpected and modern, and blow the stereotype of rustic cabins right out of the water! But we won’t jar you with a suddenly modern design, let’s move into this carefully, starting with designs that bridge the gap between styles, and ending with truly modern spaces.

A Simple Interior with Metal Elements

wood cabin modern, industrial metal, modern cabin, pacific northwest

Olson Kundig Architects, Via Homedit

Let’s ease into this slowly, shall we? This cabin interior keeps some of the wood charm of a cabin, but adds in industrial touches to the upper loft, and removes any semblance of rustic and traditional from the wood, from the color to the smooth sheen of it all. This is no log cabin, but it has the potential to be just as comfortable.

A Washington Cabin with a Modern Kitchen

modern kitchen, cabin kitchen, arched ceiling kitchen, pacific northwest cabin

FINNE Architects, Via Houzz

This cabin is in the woods in Washington features modern kitchen amenities and style, while still retaining a bit of wooden charm. This space bridges the gap well between modern and classic.

A Modern and Bright Cabin Space in the Northwest

modern beach cabin, bright colors, modern interior design, pacific northwest island cabin

Designs Northwest Architects, Via Houzz

This cabin just screams modern! It features bright colors, modern shapes, and clean glass sliding doors. However, despite all of the modern touches, you can still tell this is a cabin from the angled wood beams up on the ceiling.

Amazing Views of Idaho Scenery

lake view, pacific northwest cabin, opening window wall, modern interior cabin

Olson Kundig, Via Olson Kundig

Believe it or not, this design is actually from back in 2002. This simplistic modern cabin in Idaho would fit in well here in 2014. I’m loving the massive opening window that forces you to appreciate the magnificent view of the lake and make sure you’re in tune with nature!

An Open Glass Cabin Leaves Room for the View

modern interior design, pacific northwest cabin, natural light design

Joe Herrin, Via Seattle Times

This cabin on Orcas Island features a stunning array of windows so that the owners can have an excellent view of the waters of the Georgia Strait. These windows really brighten up the interior, and highlight the modern, straight-lined furniture that brings a clean and up-to-date feel to this island home.

Let us know which one was your favorite! And join the discussion: are you a bigger fan of the older, rustic style cabins, or are you looking ahead to the modern and clean?

Say Bye To Big Homes And Hello To Tiny Functional Spaces

We get it, your dream home has half a dozen bedrooms, a massive kitchen, and a sprawling patio. But not everyone can afford that, and sometimes space is tight! More and more people are taking advantage of what little space they have and designing around it to make their homes look as good as a large home. We have some great photos to share with you that really show how much you can fit into just a few hundred square feet and still be comfortable.

Keep Your Home Free of Clutter

Design by Konstantin Entalecev, via Home Designing, small apartment, glass walls,  400 square feet

Design By Konstantin Entalecev, Photo Via Home Designing

Apartment Therapy has a great article titled The 10 Commandments of Small Space Living, and their first rule of thumb is to keep clutter out of the way and make things simple. This 344 square foot apartment is elegant and minimal, without sacrificing any of the necessities. I love how this home uses a glass wall to help define the bedroom while still making the apartment feel open. The wall of windows letting in a lot of natural light should also be noted, and help the place feel much larger.

…Unless You Can Do Clutter Right!

300 square feet, new york city, apartment, wood, rustic, classy, cluttered

Design by Charlotte Brown, photo via Apartment Therapy

Sometimes clutter can go over well if it is done right. While minimalism worked well in the previous home, it’s modern style really helped the look. But this wood-lined New York apartment favors well with a certain level of organized clutter. The collection of wooden picture frames with the elegant furniture gives the 300 square foot studio a vibe that is one part antique class and one part rustic. Like a hole-in-the-wall decor shop, this space makes you tread carefully so as to not knock anything over, but also makes you wonder how someone made so much clutter look so good.

You Don’t Need to Sacrifice Open Space

tiny apartment, open space, new york city, 400 square feet, small spaces

Design By The New Design Project, Photo Via Apartment Therapy

This 390 square foot space in New York shows off that you can live in a small apartment and not have to give up large areas of open space. Unlike the last two homes, this one has walls separating rooms, closing off the bedroom and the kitchen from each other (see the floorplan here).

Bright Light Opens Up the Space

tiny apartment large windows, natural light, open space, 400 square feet, small space

Photo Via Apartment Therapy

Visitors of this Paris, France apartment say “it’s very bright,” and that may be the best way to describe this 430 square foot space. The massive windows let in the daylight and make the home seem larger than it actually is (not to mention the windows allow visitors to enjoy the parisian landscape). The effect is maximized through the owner’s use of space, and keeping furniture and decorations to a minimum while still remaining classy and modern.

Optimize Your Home For Entertaining

Folding out bar unit, gif, animated, sleek, bar

Michael Chen Architecture, Photo Via Homedit

Click on the photo above to animate it! Don’t think you’ll be able to still host parties in your small space? Think again! This awesome bar folds out to host parties, and folds away when you’re done, becoming a sleek and elegant storage unit. No one will see it coming!

Which small apartment was your favorite? And what would you be willing to give up in order to live in one? Let us know in the comments!


Highlights from IDS West 2014 – GHID’s Favorites!

Interior Design Show West is always a favorite of ours, but sadly we couldn’t go this year! Thank you Gray Magazine for the invitation and for helping sponsor such a great event. We wouldn’t want to disappoint our readers though, so we have compiled a round-up of things that we’ve loved from the event! Before we go too far, let’s take a step back and tell you all about what IDS West is; it’s an annual show that takes place in Vancouver, BC to showcase new products and services in the interior design market.

Make Your Dinner party More Engaging with These Colorful Lights

Via Benjamin Moore CA on Twitter

Via Benjamin Moore CA on Twitter

While you may not want your guests spilling the wine, you will love these unique light fixtures that look like they’re spilling color out onto the table. This could make any dining room go from drab and bland to bright and entertaining in no time!

Perhaps the Cutest Doghouse Ever

cool dog homes, innovative dog houses, mini mobile home dog houses

Straight Line Designs via Kool Projects on Twitter

That’s right, this camping trailer is a doghouse, and maybe the cutest one I’ve ever seen! I feel in love with this concept, and I’m wondering if they make them for bigger dogs too! Now I’m imagining Garrison and J parking one or two of these in their yard for the boys. The geniuses who came up with this adorable idea are Straight Line Designs, and while their website does not list a price, they do offer a host of other pet trailers!

A Rustic And Natural Lighting Fixture To Brighten Your Cabin

color cord lights, creative ways to use color cord lighting, bringing the outdoors indoors

Via Style Garage on Twitter

This is not a piece that would go well in every home, or really many homes at all. But in the right space, this ramshackle lighting fixture would look amazing. I’m loving the integration of nature with the light, giving it a rustic feel, and the fact that an orange extension cord is used to wire the vintage light bulbs makes this piece perfect for a rustic cabin in the woods!

Add a Touch of Green to Your Home; or a Lot!

succulent walls, ways to bring succulents indoors, greenery used in fun ways

Via Eco Country Tables on Twitter

If the tree branch chandelier wasn’t your thing maybe you’ll love this wall ornament that is so full of life! And how about that table? In combination, these two pieces add a nice natural accent to a room and tell your visitors that you don’t mind letting a little nature into your home, as long as it stays elegant.

Stand out with this Crazy Lime Green Bathtub!

IDS West 2014 Neon Bathtub

Via Blu Bathworks on Twitter

Forget about having a pristine white bathroom, when you can have this awesome neon bathtub! This would add a modern and fun touch to a room of your house that you may not always think about. And the best part is, when you have dinner guests that need to use the restroom, you can wait in anticipation for them to come back and say “I love your colorful bathtub!”

Glass and Wood Combine to Make an Amazing Dinner Setting

IDS West 2014 Glass Table, watercolors used in interior design

Greenscape Van via Actors Unlimited on Twitter

I love this collection of glass all placed on top of and around rustic wood elements. From the tabletop to the chairs to the glasses and plates, and especially the lighting fixture, it’s all clear glass! This gives any room a nice and open feel even when the table setup takes up the entire space.

So tell us, did you go to IDS West? Whether you did or not, what was your favorite display that you saw? These were our favorites but there were so many great things to see!