Decorating Your Home For The Holidays Or Hosting The Hottest Party With Bronson van Wyck

Have you ever wondered if you could hire someone to decorate your home and then have them take it all away after the holidays? Or if someone can throw the best party around for you? Yeah, that is right, someone does just that and does it oh so right – Bronson van Wyck. He is an epic party planner, but what he does cannot be summed up by a two-word title! The New York Times featured a fantastic article on what a regular Sunday looks like for Bronson, and it is truly telling of his personality and love for his work. He says that he gets up by 9:00, works out, and then goes to the comic book store, the regular book store, does a couple hours of stretching, plays board games with friends, and finally starts thinking about ideas and what must be done for the week. Yet in all of it, Bronson is always curious about events and parties that his friends went to; he needs to know, so that he can better plan the events he is brought on to lead.

Bronson Van Wyck’s Style Available For All

bronson van wyck, christmas decor, pop up shop, new york city

Via Architectural Digest

Bronson’s Van Wyck’s services are notoriously hard to come by, which is no surprise given that he has clients as big as President Obama! If you were not lucky enough to get on his Christmas decorating list back in 2012, this pop-up store in Greenwich Village alleviated the pain. All of the decor and gifts were handpicked by the man himself, and the shop even offered a service for decorating a custom Christmas tree and shipping it anywhere in Manhattan!

A Wedding Under the Big Top

bronson van wyck, wedding planners, best event planning

Via Van Wyck

Van Wyck is also known for his extravagant weddings. This event looks like it must have been one to remember! Not a lot of weddings happen under a massive tent full of elegant chandeliers. This once in a lifetime experience is the essence of what Bronson Van Wyck’s events and designs have to offer. The gold and green colors give the entire event a classy and warm glow that makes all of the guests feel comfortable and warm, and most of all, welcomed. More photos of this fabulous event can be seen in the gallery for Mr. And Mrs. Trevor Colhoun on Van Wyck’s website.

 The Crossing of Nature and Modern Design

bronson van wyck, corporate event planning, bulgari jewely

Via Van Wyck

Bronson Van Wyck not only plans amazing weddings and parties, but also great corporate events. This event for Bulgari, a maker of Italian jewelry shows off the planner’s fantastic use of nature and color. If the pristine white space full of natural light wasn’t enough, Van Wyck has complemented a massive green hedge with purple flowers on the table, which blend in seamlessly with the purple-tinged wine glasses. Everything matches with something else, but the entire setup does not match too much. It is in perfect balance! I especially like the little details, like the stones under the glass table and the alcoves in the hedge featuring pieces of the company’s jewelry. More photos of this even can be seen on Bronson Van Wyck’s gallery.

Summer Dining with Organized Chaos

bronson van wyck, summer dining, outdoor event

Via Architectural Digest

This table setting that Bronson Van Wyck designed is the exact opposite of what he usually makes, which is symmetrical and clean. This outdoor event really captures the chaos of nature, with each set of silverware being mismatched, and with thrown-on rugs and nature-inspired table decor. Van Wyck stated, in regards to his choice of drink coolers, that he went searching for an ice chest in the garage but instead found an old wheelbarrow. This simple addition plays perfectly into the style of the rest of the party. The entire event is one big rustic party that is on one hand chaotic and mismatched, but on the other hand so well planned and organized. More pictures can be seen on Architectural Digest!

The Gala of a Lifetime

bronson van wyck, event planning, indoor plants

Via Van Wyck

Extravagant and gorgeous, this gala for the Whitney Museum of American Art is sure to wow anyone who attended! While the table settings are straightforward and classy, the multitude of elegant chandeliers suspended from the ceiling and the backdrop of rich and lush foliage really are the stars of the show! Van Wyck managed to turn this otherwise drab and boring room into a stunning entertainment area full of beautiful decor that a normal event planner may never think to include. More photos of this event can be seen on the Van Wyck website!

Bronson Van Wyck’s events and designs are to die for, and we hope that these great events have inspired you to host your own parties with beautiful table settings, backdrops, and decor, while always tying things together! His unique style is something to draw from, and maybe if the president cancels on him, he will host a party just for you!

Forget Sightseeing – These Hotel Rooms Will Make You Never Want to Leave

When you go on vacation, you may be looking for a hotel that gets the job done; its reasonably priced, reasonably rated, in a reasonable area. It’s just reasonable. But what if you want to stay somewhere spectacular? If you’re looking for somewhere stunning to stay, then look no further, because once you step foot in these beautiful hotels, you won’t want to leave!

Soak Up the Ocean Views in Thailand

Kata rocks, thailand, beach getaway, modern hotel design

Via Kata Rocks

Located in Phuket, Thailand, Kata Rocks is a hotel that offers “Sky Villas” rather than rooms or suites. Started by English design form Infinite Luxury, this hotel offers nothing less than that name entails. The clean and modern design elements against the straight, white angles of the walls and structure give the rooms a sense of serenity and relaxation. And of course the stunning ocean views help as well. Check out more of these amazing rooms and views on the Kata Rocks website.

Italian Suite That Takes Classical Luxury to the Next Level

gombit hotel, hotel design, classic elegance, italian hotel, travel italy

Via Gombit Hotel

How many hotel rooms can boast about featuring a staircase? The suites in the Gombit Hotel in Bergamo, Italy can! While the other rooms feature a modern but elegant design, the suites are a bit more rustic, and feel more like an apartment than a hotel room. With two separate and distinctly designed bedrooms, plus the privacy of having two floors, this is the perfect hotel space for a travelling pair of couples looking to get luxury while also experiencing the rustic nature of small Italian towns.

Rock On With the Ace Hotel in LA

ace hotel, los angeles hotel, california hotel, martin guitars

Via Mr and Mrs Smith

This hotel may not look quite as luxurious as the last two, but it is in its own way. The Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles prides itself on being musically inclined, with many rooms featuring a Revo Radio and a Martin acoustic guitar, to inspire guests to create music or just to listen to music. The rest of the design, a modern and somewhat minimalist look, gives you a room free of distractions, so you can let the creativity flow. You’ll never want to leave until you write your hit single!

Colorful Charm With Lots of Attitude

colorful interior design, miami hotel, bright design

Via Lords of South Beach

The Hotel Nash (formerly the LORDS of South Beach hotel) in Miami is bright and inviting. Its soft curves and cheery atmosphere make you feel like the space you are staying in wants you to stay around. Many hotel rooms are just too drab and boring to be worth enjoying, but this hotel’s rooms just stands out as someplace you could never leave! Just like Miami itself, the rooms of this hotel are fun and vibrant, and spending your nights here would truly make you wake up with a smile!

 Classical French Countryside Charm to Relax With

Le Moulin De L'Abbaye, french hotel, french countryside, travel france

Via Le Moulin De L’Abbaye

This quaint and charming hotel in a French village is full of classical European style that will help you relax on your getaway vacation! These rooms feature traditional design elements that are elegant but cozy. If you think the room looks relaxing, just look at the Moulin De L’Abbaye hotel’s exterior! Between the great exterior and the simple but gorgeous interior, you’ll never want to leave the village, or your room!

We know there are so many hotels around the world that just make you want to never check out! What are some of your favorite places to stay that we may have missed?

Prepare For Holiday Hosting – Tablescapes, Design Rules, and Party Hosting Tips!

It is that charming time of year again!! The dreary weather calls for some spectacular home entertaining with wonderful friends and family. Since some of our designers here at the firm are totally in love with setting tablescapes for the holiday season, we have to provide you with some of the freshest and coolest ideas to set your table like a pro! Read on as we’re going to disclose some great table display ideas, and helpful tips & tricks for hosting and entertaining like the professionals!

A Thanksgiving Table Setup That Brings Nature Indoors

simple table setting, festive tablescape, fall design, design with fruits

Via Williams Sonoma

This festive Thanksgiving table setting is simple but effective. The brown table runner and minimal tree branches really reflect the colors and general feel of fall, while the pears on each plate are also a nice touch, they add a sense of a refined rustic ambiance.

Using Color to Tie Together a Table Placement


subtle holiday decorating, how to decorate the right way for the holidays, christmas decorating tips and tricks

Via Coco Kelly

This tablescape is united by the festive color green. Although this adorable table setting isn’t your “typical” holiday-inspired green and red, the subtleties of green is creatively weaved throughout the glassware, napkins and floral arrangement! I love the little details, particularly a fan of the little wrapped packages and fun vintage Christmas ornaments because they make this tablescape stand out among the rest!

Petite And Chic Holiday Tablescapes

christmas themed tablescapes, how to cleverly decorate your table for christmas, holiday decor

Via Jana From Alabama

Pink polka dot napkins and miniature Christmas trees?! They are clearly working!! Don’t be afraid to be bold with your color choices. This is a perfect example of how you can provide your guests with a creative and fun spin on celebrating the holidays. If you’re a collector of something that you only bring out around the holidays, don’t be afraid to put it on display while your guests are being wined and dined.

How to Not Be Gaudy With Your Home Decor

the best fall tabletop decor, how to make your dining experience feel like a pro, make your dining experience magazine worthy

Via Wedding Chicks

These fantastic tablescapes have all had one thing in common: they’re not gaudy! While cartoon-like snowmen statues or Santa Claus and the reindeers may work for you, we wanted to promote a sophisticated and timeless look that is perfect for this holiday season! This is easy to do in your own home, as well. Here are a few of our quick tips on how to decorate your table, and home, for the holidays, while still remaining classy!

  1. Stick to a simple color scheme. Don’t get too complicated with your colors and a supporting color that you can sneak into the detail pieces. For example, our second photo in this blog features white and red as the main colors, but a splash of green has been added to give the table setting some more depth.
  2. Keep decorations small. In each of these photos, you may have noticed that there was no massive, overbearing  centerpiece. At most, the tables featured candles and greenery of some kind. Keeping a huge centerpiece out of the equation can make the whole table flow better, not to mention allow people sitting on either side of the arrangement to talk to each other face to face!
  3. Remember your theme. Pick a theme and stay consistent. If you want to a snowy feel to your table, stick with the color white, and any sort of imagery conjured up by snowy fields, whether this be bare plants, small animal statues, or piles of firewood. Straying away from your determined theme can cause your guests to get confused and thing that you just put something somewhere because you liked it. This problem is rampant throughout interior design, with a homeowner buying a piece because they like it, not because it fits into their space well!

 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party Like an Expert


Hosting a holiday party can be stressful, even if you’ve done it a million times and have it down to a science. We have aggregated a number of helpful hints on how to make your holiday party go off without a hitch!

  1. Relax, you’ve got this. There is a reason this one is at the top. Nothing can make a hosting experience awful for you by stressing out over every minute detail and missing out on all the fun your guests are having.
  2. Be part of the party. Whether this means cooking ahead, or just going with the flow of things, make sure you are in the party you’re throwing! Nothing is worse than a host who doesn’t mingle with their guests because they’re too busy throwing dinner together.
  3. Decorate appropriately, Depending on the holiday, you’re going to want to make sure your house is appropriately decked out to get guests in the mood! This needs to start at the entrance, when the guest first arrives, and continue everywhere that guests will go to, even the bathroom!
  4. Take simple steps to create elegance. You don’t need to go all out to make a fancy party, you can fake it til you make it! Try using real plates and silverware instead of paper plates and plasticware, make simple food but present it professionally, and use simple but elegant decorations. Creating easy but effective ambiance with mood lighting and soft music can also influence how party-goers perceive your space!

If you’re in the Portland area and you’re in need of some cool holiday decor, come into our fabulous storefront! Some of the home decor featured in these photos are in our store too. Who is ready for some holiday entertaining after reading this blog?

Spooky Yet Elegant Halloween Decorations To Treat Yourself To

It’s no secret that Halloween is Garrison’s favorite time of year. Fall can be magical itself, but Halloween is the only time of year when it is acceptable to deck out your home with jack-o-lanterns, skulls, and cobwebs! It can be hard to decorate for this holiday, however, when so many decorations that teeter on cheesy and cheap looking. Read on for some great ways to decorate for Halloween without losing the elegance of your home.

Skull Sconces to Brighten Your Dark Lair

Skull sconce, vodka bottle, DIY, reuse, halloween

Photo Via Popsugar

This classy glass skull sconce is the result of a simple DIY project using an old vodka bottle shaped like a skull. This lighting fixture is so simple and elegant that your guests may not even realize that you have a skull on your wall! It doesn’t look cheap or like it is obviously a Halloween decoration, so it is the perfect way to spice up your home this season while remaining elegant!

Old Fashioned Labels for all of Your Potions


Via Martha Stewart

These “Poison” labels for wine bottles are an easy way to spice up a dinner party. As long as no one thinks you’re serving them actual arsenic, these labels can be fun while not taking away any of the elegance from your dinner setup.

Learn an Enchantment to Give Your Pumpkins a Silver Skin

Via Celebrating Everyday Life Blog

It’s no big secret that at GHID we love orange. So, as good as this may look in your home around Halloween, we would never dream of altering the color of our pumpkins. For the rest of you, painting your pumpkins with metallic silver paint can make them blend with an already elegant design at the dinner table or fireplace mantle. They may fit in better with table decorations while still giving off the feel of autumn and Halloween.

Make Your Candles Bleed During Dinner Rituals

Via Martha Stewart

Via Martha Stewart

Sometimes the scariest part of Halloween is not what jumps out at you, it’s what you barely notice. That is exactly what is accomplished with these candles. They are simply light-colored candles with a bit of red candle melted down them, but this small detail makes them creepy while still having all the class of an off-white candlestick. Careful when serving dinner to guests, they may wonder what you’ve been up to!

Cast an Image of a Haunted House Upon Your Wall

Via Trendszine

Via Trendszine

Full-wall photographs can be a stunning addition to a home dining room. This old creepy house in the background is the perfect backdrop to set the tone for your Halloween festivities!!

Did any of these fun and unique ways to decorate for Halloween spur the creative juices in you? Tell us which idea is your favorite and why?

New Commercial Developments on the Rise in Portland

Let’s face it guys, Portland is growing with greater popularity by the minute. Whether it’s the locally crafted beer, phenomenal food scene, laid back mentality, outdoors lifestyle, or music and art scene, people are moving to Portland. With new transplants, comes the problem of not having enough housing available for everyone, so you’ll notice that Portland has new multi-family housing (also known as apartment buildings) popping up everywhere! Let’s take a look at some of the properties that are being built together.

“Abigail” Brings in Diversity

abigail apartments, pearl district, portland oregon

Via Bridge Housing

“Abigail,” an upcoming Pearl District apartment complex, boasts affordable housing, with most of its units priced at well below median family income, allowing for a mixed-income population. Developed by Bridge Housing, this complex is in a popular part of town and it is hoped that places like this will help break the stigma of the Pearl District having only upscale and expensive living spaces.

600 New Hotel Rooms for the Convention Center

hyatt regency, 600 rooms, new hotel, lloyd district

Via The Oregonian

If you live in Portland, you know that its no secret that a 600-room Hyatt Regency is coming in near the convention center in the Lloyd District. This massive building is being constructed to handle all of the convention-goers that come through Portland, but many recognize the potential for a bigger tourism market in Portland, with the ability to host NBA All-Star games and other events that would draw a significant quantity of people.

Hassalo on Eighth Brings Apartments to an Underdeveloped Area

hassalo on eighth, three buildings, lloyd district, leed certified

Via GBD Architects

The upcoming Hassalo on Eighth is slated to open in 2015, and offer three buildings with a total of 657 units. The goal of this project is to offer this part of the city, which is rich in commercial development but low in living space, with a sense of community. It is also the goal of the developers to have all three buildings be LEED Platinum certified and begin an ecologically-conscious neighborhood.

New Apartments Just Announced in Goose Hollow Neighborhood

new apartments in Portland, portland interior designers, multi-family housing projects in Portland

Proposed Goose Hollow apartment development created by Ankrom Moisan Architects

This photo was just released on October 10! In this image, you’ll get an idea of the exterior facade of the new Goose Hollow multi-family housing building located in downtown Portland. The developers, Langley Investment Properties announced that 121 units and 65 underground parking spaces, as well as commercial space will start breaking ground 2015.

The Overton Bringing A Twist to The Pearl District

seattle company, new apartments, live/work townhouses, pearl district

The Overton via Pearl Help

The proposed Pearl District apartment complex brings an interesting 45 degree angle to the street. This apartment building is a multi-use space and will also feature six live/work townhomes in addition to its 285 regular units.

There is a lot coming to Portland within the next couple years in the way of apartments and hotels! The Pearl District and the Lloyd District are the happening locations for these multi-family housing and multi-use buildings, as they are growing areas with plenty of room for development. There seems to be something for everyone coming soon, and plenty of tall buildings to make our home city shine!