Seeing Red Or Feeling Blue? Find Out How The Colors You Put In Your Home Affect Your Mood

Hi all, Alex here today talking about the affects of color on our mood, which include making us feel anxious or depressed, or increasing our blood pressure and our metabolism. Most of us wouldn’t think that a detail as simple as color could have considerable affects on our psychology and physiology, but for this reason color is a factor well worth considering when designing our homes. Having a clearer understanding how colors affect us can help us design our homes in ways that will empower us in our everyday lives.

The Best Color for Your Space

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge

While colors may affect us in various ways, depending on circumstances such as age, gender, and ethnic background, most of us tend to exhibit the same kind of reactions. Shades and tones have proven to make the greatest impact on people’s reactions overall, which means we need to make our color decorating selections with care.

Each color performs in an active, passive, or neutral function. These functions can help you determine which color might best fit in which room of your home. Here are a few examples of colors and there affects in a room:

Red Intensifies Our Existence

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge

This color enhances the energy of a room, making it a great selection for social areas of the home like a living room or dining room. Studies have also shown that red can increase blood pressure, respiration and heart rate.

Is Yellow Really Mellow?

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge

Yellow emulates the sun and inspires joyful feelings. Contrarily, too much yellow can make people feel irritable and angry. For this reason, yellow is not recommended to be used as the main color scheme of a room, but is great in smaller amounts for kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms.

We Prescribe Blue to Slow You Down

blue guest bedroom, relaxing and calming bedroom colors, using blue to enhance your mood

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge

Blue is thought of as a calming and tranquil because it slows respirations and heart rate, and also reduces blood pressure. It is usually a recommended color for bedrooms and bathrooms. If choosing a pastel blue, it is important to mix in some warmer colors for furniture so even out its icy feeling. Warmer  blues, like periwinkle, cerulean, or turquoise, promote relaxation within social spaces, like family or living rooms and bigger kitchens. But be careful with blues because dark blues can cause sadness.

Green to Revive Your Senses

Green kitchen walls, painting your home green for a better mood, green interior design

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge

Green is an acceptable color to use in any room because of its revitalizing qualities. It is thought to reduce stress and be a very tranquil color to have in the home.

Purple Creates Opulent Appearances and Relaxed Feelings

using purple to change your mood, painting your home purple, purple decorating to make your mood better

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge

Light hues of purple can create peaceful bedroom spaces, but can also be cold. Darker shades of purple are said to promote creativity and create a sense of luxury.

Orange Stimulates Enthusiasm

using orange walls for improving mood, decorating with orange, using color to increase your energy level

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge

Orange is a perfect color for a workout room because of its lively and energetic qualities. It is not recommended for living rooms or bedrooms, however.

Neutrals (Black, Grey, White, and Brown) Are Perfectly Flexible

how to make your space feel better with color, using neutral colors to enhance mood, neutral bathroom colors

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge

Neutral colors can be brought into a room to make it more tranquil or removed to give a room more energy. Black is recommended in tiny bits. Painting an entire room black is likely to create sadness, similar to using dark blue.

Now that your have a better sense of your psychology and physiology you can make a more educated decision about how you’re going to incorporate color into your home. Having this knowledge will enable you to better consider if the aesthetics of your color choices to know if they are really meeting your needs.

This blog was inspired by the thoughts of Kendra Cherry and Mihai.

For more information about how to decorate your home using color check out our other blogs on the psychology of a happier home and splashing the hottest paint colors on your walls!


Interior Designer Show Home: Final Days Of The Street Of Dreams

This year’s 2014 Street of Dreams is coming to an end quickly, but there is still time to go see the homes! Garrison Hullinger Interior Design designed two of the five show homes this year, Trillium and The American Spirit (shown in the video). These two homes are a true example of how GHID collaborates from the beginning to the end of the design process with our clients. It is clear to the Street of Dreams attendees that GHID has a special touch when it comes to making a house a home. Whether you are looking for home inspiration, you generally like seeing gorgeous homes, or you like participating in Portland events, it not too late to visit the street.

What People Are Saying In The Trillium House

entryway inspiration, ideas for exposed beams, how to create a large open floorplan

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

The exposed beams and open floorplan speak to my aesthetic tastes, but I want to share what everyone else has been saying! “I love the subway glass tile that is used as the kitchen backsplash! I’ve never thought about using a subway tile in a glass version.”

Kitchen_IMG_0037“The island!! Such a great idea to have the countertop go to the ground.” In design language, we call that a waterfall countertop. But I have to say that everyone gravitates to the island, and they just can’t wait to touch it!














“The entryway rug is so gorgeous! Where can I get it?” It is pretty special, huh? I’ll let you in on the secret…it is Flor carpet tiles! I personally helped put them together with Colin, and I have zero design capabilities, but it was easy to put together. They’re individual tiles which make it easy to replace a part of the rug versus the entire thing! “I love the exposed wooden beams!” The wooden beam runs from outside of the front door into the home and back outside. The thought behind this was to help blur the outdoor and indoor relationship.

how to use fish tanks in interior design, how to use fish tanks in your home, sophisticated ways to use fish tanks in your home

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

“FISH!!! There is a fish tank in the dining room!” The Wet Spot Tropical Fish created this custom fresh water fish tank. It’s really beautiful and easy to maintain, because The Wet Spot Tropical Fish takes care of all of the maintenance. Looking for a fish tank for your home? Look no further, because fresh water fish tanks are a lot easier on the wallet, as you are less likely to lose any fish when they’re trying to get acclimated to the salinity of water.

What People Are Saying In The Westlake House

secret door bookshelf, custom designed bookshelf, at home bar

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

When people see me push the “secret” door open, they all are so curious to see what’s inside! “Wow, this is so cool!!!” Although the room doesn’t lead to anything but additional storage, it will eventually be used as a wine storage room. There is always something so special about having a secret room or disguised door!

artistic backsplash designs, tile backsplash designs, cool wall tile designs

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

“This kitchen is to die for!!!” Daniel did a great job of designing this beautiful kitchen, which is meant for a true baker. The owner of this home loves spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking for her family. The details in this kitchen wow everyone; there is custom tile designs, appliance garage, pot filler and all-around gorgeous finishes.


large comfortable living room, at home bar, best sophisticated man caves

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

“I never want to leave.” This rec room is meant for people to spend hours at a time in. You won’t have to venture far as the rec room comes with a fully stocked kitchen, including dishwasher, wine cooler, sink and hidden wine room.

Have these fun teasers convinced you to want to see these homes in person? If they have, you have until this Sunday to attend the show! Don’t forget to use discount code DREAMS. We look forward to meeting you.

Interior Designers Tell All: Splash The Hottest Paint Colors Onto Your Walls

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Embark Magazine

A repost from Embark magazine!

It’s no secret that a coat of paint can transform your home’s interiors, but it is also one of the hardest decisions to land on because everyone dreads the thought of painting, let alone painting walls the wrong color. Since the idea of painting the walls of your home the “wrong” color is likely leaving you paralyzed from biting the bullet, Sr. Interior Designer Alison Van Delden opens up her favorite cans of paint so you feel confident in coating your walls in these colorful hues!

Roll Up Your Sleeves And Get Your Paint On

most commonly used paint colors, interior designers popular paint choices, the best paint colors to paint your bedroom

Embark Magazine – Favorite Paint Colors, photography by Blackstone Edge

Alison reveals some of her favorite paint colors to use in a home.

Classic Trim Color – Cloud Cover

Pop of Citrine – Mother Earth

Neutral With Purple Undertones – Grege Avenue

Classic Go-To Gray – Collingwood

Bathroom Paint Color – Woodlawn Blue

Too Scared To Make The Wrong Paint Selection

the best gray paint colors to use in your home, painting with undertones of purple, best dining room paint colors

Embark Magazine, photography by Blackstone Edge

Rather then saying that there is a right or wrong paint color to pick, Van Delden says that “to a certain degree, it’s impossible to mess up when it comes to painting your walls, because although painting isn’t everyone’s favorite pass time, it’s not going to burn a huge hole in your pocket if you have to redo it.” She continues on to say “the key to making your painting efforts keep you happy for a longer amount of time is by staying neutral with your paint color choices.”

Helpful Hint: There is no right or wrong paint choice. If you have a paint color that is already on your walls, repainting won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Use Paint Colors That Enhance Natural Light

street of dreams home in international magazine, best neutral paint colors,

Embark Magazine, photography by Blackstone Edge

“Imagine being able to enjoy your home and it’s décor without being distracted by a bold, slightly obnoxious hue.” Van Delden expands on, “the best paint colors to use in your home are ones that you don’t even notice.” Most of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design’s are in the Pacific Northwest region in the U.S. so having a lack of natural light is a problem that clients face. Van Delden shares a great trick to get around this issue, which is to “select paint colors that are mixed with more white or cream, and have undertones of green and or purple. Although, this seems odd, it actually helps reflect the natural light off of the walls and gives the illusion that the space is brighter.”

Helpful Hint: Select paint colors that are mixed with more white or cream, and have undertones of green and or purple… to reflect natural light off of the walls and gives the illusion that the space is brighter.



Inside Look At Oregon Interior Designers 2014 Street Of Dreams Homes

Street of Dreams is coming to an end – wow time flies! This year has truly been an absolute pleasure to be a part of, particularly because Garrison Hullinger Interior Design designed two of the five homes this year. I wonder what is in store for next year. ;) I am such a fan of the street for various reasons, but one of the leading reasons is that I get to see all of my talented coworkers come together to create two insanely beautiful houses that feel like home. With only 11 days left in the show, I’m going to reveal more of our Blackstone Edge photography and tell you about some of my favorite design features in each of the spaces.

Multi-Generational Living Makes This Home Their “Forever Home”

rustic interior design, exposed beamed living rooms, pacific northwest interiors

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

Welcome to one of the two Street of Dreams homes that we designed, this is Trillium. The beamed 18-foot vaulted ceiling runs from exterior to the covered outdoor living space, visually connecting each element. The Flor carpet tiles add texture, color and help define the entryway as it flows into the open floorplan living room, kitchen and kitchen nook.

contemporary living room, inside look at the street of dreams, high-end living room interiors

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photographed by Blackstone Edge

An open great room, breakfast nook and kitchen flow into the large formal dining room and butler pantry.

custom locally made furniture, interior design in portland homes, best interior designers on the west coast

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

kitchens that blend contemporary and traditional interiors, white kitchen cabinets, kitchen islands

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

Are you loving the fish tank? People seem to be luke warm on having a fish tank in your kitchen nook, but this design feature just goes to show that every one of our designs is truly tailored to every client.
This home boasts extensive upgrades such as Wolf and Sub-Zero kitchen appliances to be included in their gourmet kitchen, Toto kitchen and bath fixtures, stone surfaces and locally made custom cabinets.

A Home Made For At-Home Entertaining Year-Round



“It feels just like home” is the comment everyone has made upon entering this year’s Street of Dreams house, The American Spirit. With its comfortable, sophisticated, and ageless design, the home creates a sense of warmth and belonging among all who visit.

comfortable and bright great room inspiration, interior design living room ideas, best pacific coast interior designers

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge


Inspired by the Pacific Northwest coast, the home’s charm starts outdoors demonstrated in its flawless curves and edges, textural siding and stone facades. Within the home we included classic design elements such as a worn wooden ceiling detail in the entry that extends to the expansive great room.


bright kitchen inspiration, a bakers dream kitchen, inspiration for white kitchen cabinetry

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

outdoor living ideas, covered patios, how to decorate outdoor spaces in the pacific northwest

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

It is also perfect for entertaining guests because of its seamless indoor-outdoor living space, which is separated by a wall of folding glass doors.


If you’re in the Oregon/Washington area, are you convinced to go see these beautiful homes in person, before it’s too late? While you’re in the home, you can meet our staff, enter to win a shopping spree at Hullinger Home, or visit our store to purchase/order your very own home decor and furniture!

Pre-purchase your tickets here!

World Elephant Day: How To Bring Elephants Into Your Interior Design

happy elephant day, gorgeous photography of elephants

Photography by Gregory Colbert

Happy World Elephant Day! Since today is a day that is dedicated to the grey, large and docile creatures, we’re going to look at how these lovely animals can make your interior design have a calming impact. An interesting fact about these beautiful creatures that may help you see the benefit of incorporating elephants into your home or finding a new found respect for the animal is that “unlike other animals, where leadership tends to be won by the most dominant and aggressive individual, the elephants instead respected intelligence and problem solving in their leader.” Aside from me personally having an attachment to elephants, I am sure that we can celebrate these grey giants today through interiors that make a nod to them in a beautiful way.

Fact from The Telegraph

Bring Smaller Elephant Decor Into Your Home For Big Impact

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Via Rue Magazine

Although elephants are big in real life, you can scale your love for the grey creature and bring them into your home decor through smaller golden decor. A really great way of enhancing your affection for elephants is by placing them on a stack of books that are relative to where they are from!

modern black and white home decor, using a monochromatic color scheme for interior decor

Via Z Gallerie

Black and white interiors speak volumes when paired with animal artwork. As I mentioned above, I love elephants as I think they represent quiet power, which pairs perfectly with bold, modern interior design.

Abstract Watercolor Animal Art Makes A Subtle Statement

mid-century modern interiors artwork ideas, inspiration for using animal artwork in your home, elephant paintings

Limited edition Stina Persson watercolor

Not such a fan of literal artwork? Bring somewhat abstract monochromatic animal artwork into your decor. This particular painting helps this space stay inline with the mid-century modern feel of the space since it’s a little less refined than the realistic artwork above.

Love elephants? You can now buy the artwork that they create!