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I have loved working with him and always felt secure in the knowledge that he cares so deeply about the client’s happiness.  He will never compromise and has that sense of when something isn’t right or when it needs to be finely tuned. Our home is close to being fully furnished and as I walk through it I am amazed at the different statement that each space makes and yet the rooms flow beautifully. While every Garrison Hullinger room is unique they are all equally lovely.


A lot of people quail at the thought of hiring a designer but working with Garrison has saved me a fortune through designer negotiated discounts.  He also works swiftly and is incredibly fair with billing. Mistakes add up quickly, save yourself expensive errors and hire Garrison.


D Pillai


Garrison Hullinger

Principal and Owner

Garrison Hullinger is an interior designer with a passion for creating home environments that are as warm and beautiful as they are comfortable and functional. He believes in maximizing every space using colors and textures, preferring palettes inspired by the “amber waves of grain” landscapes of his Midwest childhood. Those early years of living far from traffic lights and skyscrapers also shaped his fascination with cities. These days Garrison incorporates urban textures – from masonry and stained glass to gates and grates – through fabrics, lighting, wall coverings and art.

When he founded Portland interior design firm Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, he tapped into breadth of experience, including work in retail and corporate project management at Neiman Marcus and Gap Inc., and his years as a design consultant at Williams-Sonoma Home, when he worked on all manners of projects for clients around the country. But his past as a serial home renovator really informs what happens at GHID. After renovating his own homes in five U.S. cities, Garrison earned real respect for budgets, timelines and the rewards of transforming whole spaces instead of going bit by bit. That’s why he always defers to experts, the people he’s sought out over the years for their knowledge and ability to get things done.

In every design project, Garrison works to achieve his ultimate vision by following through and personally ensures each element is executed as planned. It’s the same kind of process he uses when entertaining at home, one of his favorite ways to relax. From the second the first guest knocks to the moment the last wine glass has been put back on the shelf, Garrison maximizes time and space to create a beautiful, fresh experience.

Interior Architecture (Construction)

Collin Kayser

Associate Designer 

Collin graduated Oregon State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in interior design and a Bachelor of Science in agricultural business management. His diversified educational and workplace backgrounds have played well with the many clients and projects he has worked on over the years. The breadth of Collin’s work experience is in kitchen, bath, and whole house design. Collin has always had a passion for design and architecture. With an artistic mother, father in the building industry, and strong desire for creating, interior design wasn’t a far stretch. Collin joined the GHID team in the spring of 2013.

Daniel McCulloch

Associate Designer

Spring 2012 Daniel joined GHID. He has a degree in Housing Studies from Oregon State University, has spent time working with both residential and commercial interior design firms before transitioning to GHID. Daniel is inspired by the everyday patterns all around him, taking note of intricate lines within freshly paved concrete to the shapes of fallen branches alongside the road. More specifically, due to his extensive background within a gourmet kitchen, Daniel incorporates his innate ability to plate food in a beautiful and appetizing manner, which translates into his design work via hues, textures and patterning.

Dann Baker

Associate Designer 

Dann graduated from Marylhurst University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts through the Interior Design program. Previous work experience through another design firm included highly visible hospitality, restaurant, banking and high-end residential clients throughout the region, allowing him to develop an excellent sense of spacial concept, color, texture and scale. He had a special interest and expertise in residential and commercial lighting, which led him to a large regional lighting retailer where he successfully completed ALA Lighting Specialist Program and resulted in larger scale projects with home-building contractors throughout the Pacific Northwest. In the spring of 2013 Dann joined GHID.

Hannah Furseth

Senior Designer 

Hannah joined GHID in 2013 with a decade of experiences ranging from small scale to large scale interior design projects. Hannah is a LEED accredited designer, who is passionate about sustainability, design excellence, and lifestyle improvement through the power of design. Finding inspiration in that no two projects are alike, Hannah brings a broad range of unique and creative design solutions to each and every client. As a Pacific Northwest native, she finds beauty and inspiration in the contrast between nature and the built environment. Hannah is a graduate of Oregon State University, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design.

Amy Thornton

Associate Designer 

Amy received her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of New Mexico. Growing up in the mountains and deserts of the Southwest, she draws inspiration from the geographical and cultural influences of that region. Amy has always been interested in arts and design, and seeks to blend her interests from painting and textiles to furniture design and architecture, and applying this to distinguished and livable spaces. After receiving her Masters of Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design, Amy moved to Brooklyn, NY and worked in NYC on both commercial and high-end residential projects for close to ten years. She has recently relocated to Portland and is ready to be part of the local design community.

Interiors (Furniture Fixtures & Accessories)

Alison Van Delden

Senior Designer 

Beginning in 2011, Alison has applied her unique sense of color, texture and structure to dozens of GHID spaces. The Oregon native, who graduated with a degree in interior design from Oregon State University, loves infusing spaces with bright colors, from chartreuse to citron. She also aims for variety in textures and patterns, starting with modern wallpapers that say anything but “grandma.” Many of Alison’s projects take inspiration from the mid-century modern period, with its clean lines and solid sense of structure.


Chanel Tomko

Junior Designer

Chanel joined GHID in 2013 shortly after she graduated with a degree in Interior Design from Montana State University. She also holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology and Fine Art from the Evergreen State College. The combination of psychology and art led Chanel to pursue a career in designing interiors where she has experience working with a residential designer on the east coast along with working in design stores and showrooms. While developing her skills here at GHID, she is working on becoming NCIDQ certified and LEED accredited. Her passion lies in developing creative concepts for each unique client, with the goal of designing imaginative and functional spaces.



Support Staff

Elena Morgan

Communications & Engagement Specialist

Elena joined GHID in the beginning of 2013 and heads up our marketing and social media efforts. She brings many skills to GHID; from her background in social media innovation and driving brand awareness for creative businesses. Elena brings her vibrant personality forward in writing all the content for our blog posts. She is a graduate of University of Oregon with a degree in International Business.


Kristine Williams


Provides administrative support to the entire team, and also oversees all orders and deliveries. Her day covers a broad range of tasks and she excels at keeping the office running smoothly and efficiently. Kristine has also been instrumental in building strong relationships with our vendors and suppliers. She joined GHID in 2010, but previously served as an assistant for a Fortune 100 executive. Kristine resides in Lake Oswego with her husband and two children.


Hailey Boice

Showroom Assistant

Hailey earned her degree from Oregon State University in Interior Design. Prior to joining GHID, Hailey spent many years designing children’s rooms in a retail setting, also buying and merchandising for the store. Working with families, she gained experience in practical and beautiful design. She loves that her position with GHID combines her love of shopping, her passion for interior decor and the rewards of helping clients. Hailey will greet you warmly in our showroom and provide you with excellent customer service. She joined our team in December of 2013.