1. A Lobby Designed to be Versatile

The first impression of a hotel is the lobby. Many hotels choose to stun their guests with massive atriums and eye-catching decor. While these visual factors are great, the new necessity in hotel lobby design is for the lobby to be a multi-use space available for use at any time. To support travelers of all types, a hotel lobby should feature a combination of social and more private areas for seating and work, as well as a variety of seating options, multimedia kiosks, and stunning visuals that will make a guest want to spend time relaxing and meeting in the lobby. Waterfalls, green walls, and bars can attract guests to spend more time in the lobby than in their room!

2. Technology Integration for the Modern Traveler

Even though many guests may not spend much time in their rooms, it is important to design rooms with the modern traveler in mind. Guests want to be able to utilize technology for gathering knowledge and increasing comfort, just like at home. A television and some electrical outlets just don’t cut it anymore. Digital controls over lighting and temperature, as well as ways to charge devices and connect them quicker and easier are in high demand, and all of these features need to seamlessly integrate into the design of the room itself.

3. Use Colors and Textures More Than Patterns

When it comes to designing rooms themselves (and lobbies), it is much better now to move away from the patterns of yesterday, and focus more on textures that the guests can “feel” as well as bright pops of color that really stand out and brighten up the space. Modern hotel rooms need to be less boring and more interesting, and hotels are accomplishing this by doing away with old tired patterns and bringing in the modern trends of color and texture. This also leads to some interesting and unique designs, so guests will no longer forget what hotel they stayed at!

4. Personalized Spaces to Make an Impact

When you go to a chain hotel, every room looks the same, consistently. While some guests like this consistency, personalized or unique rooms can leave a customer with a lasting memory of their stay, and consider the hotel as more than just a utility. With modern technology, hotels can track customer preferences, allowing for some great customer service when it comes to returning to the same hotel numerous times. Other hotels even have themed guest rooms! How would you like to stay in a James Bond themed hotel room?