Contemporary Furniture That’s Comfortable…

Images from a superbowl party

Superbowl is coming up and you know what that means, parties revolving around one thing, football. And if you’re not one of the lucky 100,000 or so attending the game, that also means a lot of sitting around the television. So what makes your upcoming party more enjoyable (other than sipping on a cold one). It’s got to be a comfortable place to sit.

Now we’re coming from the mentality of the great Pacific Northwest where casual comfort is our main concern (among other things). And if you’re familiar with our well-regarded GHID look, you’ll know that our firm is drawn to contemporary pieces that don clean lines, classic shapes and frames and practical fabrics and finishes.

What is Contemporary?

Contemporary design embraces the less-is-more philosophy. With contemporary furniture, combine elements that emphasize neutral colors for main pieces combined with bold tones in accessories. Strong lines enliven minimalist and sleek designs for furniture that can be stark, yet functional.

Contemporary [current trends], even modern pieces are often pigeonholed as uncomfortable – however we’re in the business of ensuring the pieces we specify for our client’s are not only aesthetically pleasing but cozy as well.

Check out a few contemporary pieces that will not only look stellar in your home, but provide that comfort you desire during all four quarters (and beyond).

Contemporary & Comfortable Furniture

Comfortable and contemporary leather chair

Albert Armchair in Leather, Design Within Reach

Contemporary and Casual sofa

Contemporary Sofa, available through GHID

Contemporary and comfortable leather chair

500 Series Lounge Chair,

Comfortable and contemporary sofa

Daytona Sofa,

Contemporary and comfortable furniture

Contemporary Swivel Chair, available through GHID

Modern Sectional that is also comfortable

Contemporary Sectional, available through GHID

Comfortable and contemporary recliner chair

Milo Baughman Recliner


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