Zinc Countertops…

Scientific element symbol for Zinc

Garrison recently sent us designers a website showcasing zinc as a countertop material, a trend that has become more prevalent over the past few years. Used for both commercial and residential applications, zinc is a reactive material that will show patina and change with age. Often referred to as a “living” metal, this material ages to a dull pewter-like color, separating it from other similar options like stainless steel.

Due to the natural state of this material, it’s our job as the designer to educate our clients on the changes that will take place over time. Needless to say it’s not for everyone.

Zinc used on countertops

Bastille Metal Works

What is Zinc?

Zinc used on counterops

Natural element Zinc used on countertops

Zinc Countertops

What we love about incorporating zinc into spaces, especially kitchens and baths, is how natural the material is. We enjoy its dull concrete grey tones and almost iridescent sheen, as well as the natural patina created over time.

Countertops made using zinc

via Copper Works

Zinc countertops have been featured in numerous bars and seafood restaurants, and fit perfectly for residential kitchen countertops as well.

Commercial Applications for Zinc Countertops

Zinc countertops used on bar

Bastille Metal Works

Zinc countertops used for a wine tasting room

Soter Vineyard Tasting Room, Solid Form Fabrication

Residential Applications for Zinc Countertops

Countertops made of Zinc

J. Weiss Design

Kitchen Countertops made using Zinc

J. Weiss Design

Kitchen Countertops made of Zinc

Tinsley Hutson-Wiley Interior Design

Hammered Zinc Countertops used in a Kitchen

Archia Homes


What do you think of zinc as a countertop material?

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