Red and Green Interior Design and Decor Ideas…

Red and Green Scheme

This dynamic duo isn’t exactly new or fresh, but there’s something special about the pairing. There’s a certain nostalgia that is created when placing these two tones together, however more than that, there’s an obvious reason these hues were paired together in the first place.

The complimentary color tones (technically speaking, crimson and emerald) are just naturally drawn towards the other, take a look at the color wheel…

Using Red and Green Year-Round

We place complimentary colors together all the time – blue/orange, yellow/purple – so why do we steer clear from the natural draw of red/green? Take a look at a few spaces that have defied the odds (so to speak) and paired this classically Christmas duo together.

I personally love them all – what do you think?

Traditional Red & Green

Exterior Paint Colors, red and green

Tate + Burns Architects LLC

Interior Design Ideas using colors red and green


Tomato Red & Lime Green

Living room design ideas using red and green

Fougeron Architecture FAIA

Using red and green in your interior design and decor

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Coral Red and Celedon Green

Using green and red in your bathroom

Gast Architects

Red and Green Kitchen

Carlyn And Company Interiors + Design

Red and Green Pantone Colors

A grouping of the Pantone colors (as seen above).

Red and Green Patone Color Trends

Pantone’s 2013 Color of The Year

And how fitting is this? Emerald has been announced as Pantone’s 2013 Color of The Year?!

Pantone Color of the Year



Which red and green combo do you like best?

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