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Striped Walls…

Painted Stripes on a Wall in a Living Room

I love stripes. I think every room should have a little stripe in it, albeit in a pillow, decorative object or how about creating a statement by painting stripes on your walls? All are great ways to add that touch of haberdashery into your space, but today let’s focus on striping your walls with a little paint…

When Can I Paint Stripes on My Walls?

Not all spaces can handle striped walls. Smaller rooms are best suited for striped walls, either as an accent wall or all around patterning. We’re not usually big fans of accent walls here at GHID, however we do occasionally enjoy a striped accent wall as a means of creating a statement ie: behind a bed, in a kitchen nook or entry foyer area.

As a general rule of thumb, if your space is really large and you have
tall ceilings I would stray away from striping a wall, or the room in
general, to lessen the risk of your space looking like a circus tent.

10 Tips on Painting Stripes on Your Walls:

Painting stripes on your walls can be a tricky little DIY project, so you may want to look into hiring your painter to do the job for you, however if you’re looking to tackle this project on your own, here are a few tips that will help you complete the job with more accuracy and ease.

Painting Stripes on your wall

images via houzz & The DIY Network

Step 1: Choose a Stripe Design

Do you want your stripes to run vertically or horizontally? What size of stripes do you want? What colors are you thinking of using? If you’re having a hard time deciding, I would recommend visiting houzz to research a little and see what kinds of stripes/designs you’re most attracted to.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials

  • Measuring tape
  • Painter’s tape
  • Level
  • Paint

Step 3: Prep Work

Like any painting project, prepping for the job is key. Be sure to take the time to measure twice and tape once – any line that isn’t straight will be very noticeable, so take your time during this prep phase. It’ll be worth it.

First paint a base coat on the walls; for stripes that’s really important because the base coat will be one of the stripes. Use a flat paint that is exactly the same color as the stripe to be painted on. It’s also important that the base coat dry for 48 hours before you start to work on the stripes.

Step 4: Measure and Mark the Walls

After the base coat is completely dry, begin measuring and marking the walls for the stripes. Measure the wall, starting in the corner that’s least seen.

Next, divide the wall into your desired size of stripes. Larger stripes are a great way to add a big impact, whereas pinstripes are a little more subtle and subdued.

Step 5: Make a ‘Tape’ Measure

Make a “tape legend” for easy measuring. First tear off a strip of low-tack painter’s tape, 4′ to 6′ long. Stick it to the wall for easy handling and using a tape measure, mark it with dots corresponding to the width of the stripes you wish to paint. This will keep you from having to measure each stripe as you tape the wall.

Step 6: Press the Strip of Tape to the Wall

Place the end dot on the tape you’ve already applied to the wall and press the strip to the wall.

Next, use a laser level to shoot a beam onto the second dot; pull the tape loose at that point. The beam from the level will show you exactly where to place the next strip of tape. (You can rent or buy a laser level. Just set it up in the middle of the room and you can turn it so it hits every wall as you work your way around the room.)

Tip: Remember that because you will be painting only every other stripe, you’ll need to tape out the pattern so that every other stripe is outlined by the tape. Make sure to tape outside the chalk line; fresh paint will cover up the lines.

Tip: You can also make the lines with a chalk line. Use blue chalk because red or yellow is a permanent color.

Step 7: Adjust the Width

It’s unlikely that the measurements will work out perfectly. Any small differences won’t be seen, however, because you started in an obscure corner. If you want to be more exact, adjust the width of the stripes on the last wall. A 1/4″ to 1/2″ difference won’t be visible to the eye.

Step 8: Burnish the Wall

Burnish wall with burnisher (a credit card works too) to seal the tape edges so no paint seeps underneath the tape.

Step 9: Paint Over the Tape

Paint over the tape line with a semigloss paint, making sure to cover the entire area of each stripe (anything missed will show up as a contrast in sheens). One coat should be enough.

Step 10: Remove the Tape

This has to be the most rewarding part of all your meticulous planning, prepping and painting. Once you’ve painted the wall and allowed the paint to dry, remove the tape, angling away from the freshly painted area as you pull. And voila, your walls are striped!

*Tips derived from GHID, houzz and The DIY Network.

Painted Striped Walls:

Here are a few of our favorite striped walls…

Painted Stripes on a wall

Bruno de Caumont

Large stripes painted on a wall

Paula Caravelli

Painting Stripes on your walls

Sheila Bridges

How to paint stripes on your walls

Catherine Memmi’s

Painted Stripes on Walls in Entry Foyer

Kristiina Ratia’s

Painted Stripes on your walls in black and white

images via Elle Decor

Interior Design Trend, Faux Bois…

Clock designed by Chroma Lab using Faux Bois design trend

Faux Bois Pretend Clock from Chroma Lab

What is Faux Bois?

Faux Bois: (from the French for false wood) refers to the
artistic imitation of wood or wood grains in various media.


Interior Design Trend: Faux Bois:

This traditional rustic motif is suddenly hip, showing up in glamorous new guises and a range of unlikely colors…

Like I say in all our posts on trends – it’s pretty amazing how they formulate and find themselves in almost all facets of design in one way or the other. Over the past year you may have noticed that faux bois has been showing up in fashion and home stores alike. It’s a growing trend that stems from what I perceive as a growing appreciation and respect for our earth and our surrounding natural elements.

Check out a few faux bois inspired products below – don’t you just love the Lucite table?!

Interior Design Trend Faux Bois for 2012

via Elle Decor

How Faux Bois has been incorporated into the home…

So how has faux bois made it’s way into the home?

Textiles, textile, textiles. That’s how our very own Garrison Hullinger incorporated the trend into this coastal beach home interiors where he designed custom faux bois bedding in this fantastic turquoise color. How fun right?

Interior Design Trend Faux Bois bedding

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Designer Phoebe Howard opted for a beautiful faux bois wall-covering in this sophisticated rustic retreat.

Interior Design Trend Faux Bois
Phoebe Howard

Or how about this beautiful faux bois wallpaper in blue?

Interior Design Trends for 2012 including Faux Bois

Nicole Benveniste

Another great way to incorporate this trend into your interior decor is via tableware and accessories – check out Ross Sveback’s faux bois dinnerware line as seen in Tilton Fenwick’s dining space pictured below:

2012 Interior Design Trends including Faux Bois

Tilton Fenwick LLC & Ross Sveback's faux bois dinnerware line


What are you favorite Faux Bois trends from this past year?

Happy Thanksgiving…

From all of us at GHID, we want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have always loved Thanksgiving – family, food, turkey and pie – not to mention the football and naps (gotta love a good Thanksgiving nap).

But there’s also a certain aesthetic I love about Thanksgiving. The colors of Fall and Thanksgiving decor are just so beautiful. This week I began searching for a few Thanksgiving decor ideas and found myself on one of my favorite blogs, The City Sage.

Anne (the genius behind The City Sage) featured a few gorgeous holiday centerpiece ideas from the oh so talented Kelly Oshiro Design. Take a look at the how-to for this beautiful centerpiece!

Holiday Centerpiece Ideas:

DIY thanksgiving centerpiece arrangement

All you need is a large, shallow container, some floral foam, and whatever foliage you’d like to cram on in there…

Here Kelly has used persimmons complemented by blossoms in similar shades of orange, but you could just as seamlessly go for pomegranates and red flowers, tiny white pumpkins and white buds, or any other combination your turkey ‘n’ cranberry craving heart desires. For the full materials and how-to head to Kelly’s blog! (via The City Sage)


Gorgeous, right?

Thanksgiving table setting decor

Check out Kelly’s blog for more amazing floral design ideas!

Zara Home debuts their US e-commerce site

Zara Home US OnlineVia ZaraHome

Now if you haven’t already spent enough time online shopping these days, you’re e-shopping experience just got a bit more interesting. We all know and love the fabulous style Zara offers your wardrobe at affordable prices, now whats really got us excited is the Zara Home Collection now online! Debuted in early October, ZaraHome now offers exclusive access to its stylin’ home decor. From dishes to duvets, mixing it up is what they’re all about! Let’s take a look at what the new site has to offer and some of our favorite ZaraHome “looks”…..

Zara Home US OnlineVia ZaraHome

Zara Home offers the latest trends in interior decoration, with new introductions arriving online weekly keeping with the ethos of continuous renewal that is characteristic of all commercial concepts within the Inditex Group. The product range at the US online store will feature home textiles: bed, bath and table linens, in addition to select furniture, tableware, cutlery, and decorative accessories, including loungewear and gift items. A diverse and international team of designers, with a unique vision has made Zara Home the brand that transforms interiors into warm and fashionable spaces.

Zara Home US OnlineVia ZaraHome

Visitors to the site can shop the range of products in each of the four distinctive collections. Country, Ethnic, White and Contemporary define the aesthetic of the rich bedding, detailed accessories and gift items

Zara Home US OnlineVia ZaraHome

Country, inspired by nature and depicted with dark tones reminiscent of a forest, also features soothing linen and taupe tones for this season.  A layered mix of fabrics such as cashmere, leather and velvet also fills the Country collection.

 Zara Home US OnlineVia ZaraHome

Grays, lilacs and ecru with paisley and floral accents define the Ethnic collection.

Zara Home US OnlineVia ZaraHome

The White Collection, as expected, celebrates the wide range of soothing white tones and materials such as silks, cottons and linens create depth and warmth.

Zara Home US OnlineVia ZaraHome

The British influence was a significant trend this year and is presented in the Contemporary collection through the vibrant flag motifs with a pop urban and eclectic style.

Zara Home US OnlineVia ZaraHome

The children’s home selections are titled with suitably descriptive names, such as Enchanted Woods; a whimsical, happy spirit imbues this collection.

Now go get your shopping on, and have a happy & warm holiday!


Go Local at LITTLE BOXES Portland BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND Shopping Event…

Little Boxes Shopping Event in Portland Oregon on Black Friday


On Nov. 23 and 24, shop local, save money, win prizes and have fun during Little Boxes PDX…

Now I’ve never been one to turn down a good shopping trip and this year’s Black Friday “Little Boxes” event is no different. On Friday, November 23rd and Saturday, November 24th , 2012, over 140 of Portland’s independent boutiques and shops will participate in Little Boxes, a Black Friday weekend event designed to encourage shoppers to explore Portland’s many independent, one-of-kind boutiques and businesses.

Not only will you have the opportunity to scout out amazing deals from some of Portland’s hidden gems, but you’ll also have the opportunity to support local businesses and enter a raffle for a chance to win some awesome prizes (including an iPad, $600 Shopping Spree, Ruby Jewel Ice Cream party for 20, hotel stays and restaurant certificates. Shoppers receive a raffle ticket for visiting a store and more raffle tickets when they make purchases).

Black Friday Shopping in Portland Oregon at Little Boxes Event

“Portland has so many great shops scattered throughout its neighborhoods,” says Will Cervarich, co-owner of lifestyle boutique betsy & iya and co-founder of Little Boxes with his wife Betsy Cross. “This is a way for people to explore the city and what is has to offer shoppers. With the holidays coming up, Little Boxes is a great way to find interesting, meaningful gifts.”

The event is named Little Boxes to emphasize the richness and vitality of Portland’s independently owned retail shopping scene at a time of year traditionally dominated by big-box, nationwide chains.

“What I love about this event is that it not only provides a fun way to interact with other businesses, it also gives me a chance to interact with a broad range of customers,” says Heather Thomas, owner of Twill. “Portlanders are really supportive of local businesses, and this event is one way we can thank them.”

Little Boxes Portland Oregon Black Friday Shopping Event

Little Boxes Portland Oregon Black Friday Shopping Event

Participating “Little Boxes” Stores in Portland, Oregon:

Over 170 businesses will be participating in this year’s Little Boxes, including independent merchants from every neighborhood in Portland – from the Pearl District to Alberta and Sellwood. Visit for an updated list.





















  • Salty Teacup (7315 N. Alta Ave., Portland, OR 97203)
  • Crow (7425 N Leavitt Street, Portland, OR 97203)
  • Etcetera (8621 N. Lombard, Portland, OR 97203)


Planning on attending this year’s event? Did you end up scoping out the event? Let us know what you thought!