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Halloween Interior Design Special: Spooky Interiors & Frightfully fun day-of-DIYs!

Halloween Interior Design

October just zipped on by and here we are, Happy Halloween everybody! I wanted to take this time to celebrate the best parts of this spooky, sweet-filled holiday. From interior decorations & party favors to frightful furniture & pumpkin artistry, lets explore some of our favorite “Franken-finds” of this holiday!

Halloween Inspired Interiors

Its always fun to escape interiors reality and see what frightful furnishings are out there …

Halloween FurnishingsClockwise from Top Left: Human Furniture Collection by Dzmitry Samal; via // Tarantula Espresso Cup and Saucer, $42;  // Liquid Lamp, $209; // Colonial Wax Candle, $25; // Insects, $39 each;

Halloween Day DIYs

Painting Pumpkin Party – Sick of the carving mess? Try seeing the pumpkin as a blank canvas…

Halloween Decor DIYsPumpkin Painting DIYVia TrendHunter

Personalize your Candy Bucket – Reuse your paint cans for the perfect candy bucket, dress them in chalkboard paint for an easy and fun project for the kiddos!

Halloween DIYVia

Halloween Party Favors To-Dos

We all love a good party, and whats a party without a killer party favor? Check out these scary-cute Halloween themed favors…

Party Favors for HalloweenClockwise from Top Left // Mason Jar Ghost & Pumpkin // Candy Tubes // Gumball Necklace // Marshmellow Bones // Via

Hope this gives you that last dose of Halloween inspiration, have a happy and safe Halloween! Trick or Treat!


Interior Design Trend For 2012, Neon…

Design Trends for 2012 include Neon

Trends are so unbelievable fascinating. It’s incredible that a few people not only have the power to create them, but how they manifest their way into society as well.

What’s so interesting about trends is that more often than not, us creatives (architects, musicians, artists and designers alike) seem to gain inspiration from the same fad, vibing off one another in such a way as to seemingly create certain flow throughout mainstream life as a whole. And this past year has been no different.

Neon has been trending for some time now and has established itself in all facets of society – fashion, interiors, architecture, music and beauty. There’s a certain culture around this trend which evokes a particular life into our world through various means – mainly product-minded. Again, the development and re-birth of neon, like all trends, has been interesting to watch and re-discover. Check out a few ways in which neon has invaded our society in the past year.

 It’s A Neon Movement:

Trends for 2012 include Neon

The summer collections, including my favorite new Hermes colors, followed the bright theme with neon yellows, greens and electric blues becoming huge for SS12! And as we know the trends in interiors will always follow the fashion trends. I do also believe that House music has never been so popular and this helps drive that neon ‘club’ style popularity adding a modern twist to homes and the lifestyle of those who live there. It’s a neon movement! Bianca Ladow, CEO, Earlcrown.

Interior Design Trend – Neon:

Neon Trends in Fashion Design 2012

Backstage at the Jason Wu Spring 2012 collection

Trends in Design for 2012 include Neon Color Pops

Left: The Barbie Store - Shanghai, China Right: Club music in Toronto, Canada

Architectural Design Trends for 2012, Neon

Dwell 2012 Modern Home Tours

Design Trends for 2012 include Neon

Left: Versace Right: Slow Exposure Stripe Wall Textile by Paul Smith

Interior Design Trends using Neon Textiles by Scholten and Baijings

Textiles by Scholten and Baijings

For additional reading on Neon trends, check out the following links:





What are your favorite neon trends?

Pumpkin Decor Ideas for Fall…

White Pumpkins for Fall

As you may have guessed from Tuesday’s post, our love of fall decor definitely includes pumpkins! My relatively new obsession is that of the albino persuasion. White pumpkins are simply elegant. And as you’ll see in this post, work incredibly well as a blank slate for certain decor opportunities (see black and white pumpkins).

I’ve also been quite intrigued by pumpkin painting, which led me to Redefine Creativity, a blog by artist Alisa Burke. When it comes to pumpkins, her artistic flair spans various looks ranging from poised and pretty to edgy and urban. Definitely inspiring for all our fall crafts, to say the least.

So you’re looking for a little inspiration for your pumpkin party – check out these fantastic decor ideas!

Happy Thursday!

Pretty Painted Pumpkins:

Pumpkin Decor Ideas

via Alisa Burke of Redefine Creativity

Decor Ideas for Pumpkins

via Alisa Burke of Redefine Creativity

How gorgeous are these pastel beauties?!

Decor ideas for pumpkins

via Alisa Burke of Redefine Creativity

Sketchbook Pumpkins:

Ideas for Pumpkin Decor

via Alisa Burke of Redefine Creativity

I love the freehand feel of these pumpkins. The sketchier the better.

Decor Ideas for Pumpkins

via Alisa Burke of Redefine Creativity

Painted Patterned Pumpkins:

Decor ideas for pumpkins

via Alisa Burke of Redefine Creativity

Creative Pumpkin Decor Ideas:

Fall Decor Ideas using decorative pumpkins

Pumpkin decor ideas

What are your favorites?

Interior Design Tips from Jack Lenor Larsen

Interior Designer Weaving FabricVia

“Whether I’m weaving or weeding, keeping my hands busy makes my mind work better” – Jack Lenor Larsen

I recently came across a fabulous interview with the one and only Jack Lenor Larsen. This Seattle native is a very influential weaver and designer who integrates color, texture, and pattern into his fabrics in unconventional ways. His fabrics took the liking of most everyone from Frank Lloyd Wright to Ms. Marilyn Monroe. Now 85, Larsen devotes his time on his LongHouse Reserve, in East Hampton, NY, where he’s designed a Japanese inspired home and manicures a 16-acre sculpture garden for others to enjoy. His fabrics are still being produced and sold through through the British textile company, Colefax & Fowler. In this short article in Elle Decor (October 2012 issue), Larsen divulges on some interior design wisdom only life experience can explain. I’ve pulled some of my favorite “tid-bits” from the article to share with you today…

“Turn problems into solutions”

Contrasting Pillows Interior Design LarsenVia Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Larsen states it perfectly, “Turn problems into solutions.” This is a statement we live by at our firm. We all face unforeseen problems in any project, the fact is there’s no way to predict everything. A great way to envision these “problems” is to find its “solution”. In this historic home, we ran into existing built-in wall lighting that was individually controlled instead of being connected to a wall switch. Instead of tearing into the walls to run wiring, we came up with a perfect solution of using touch sensitive controls on each fixture eliminating the need for switches altogether, all you have to do is touch the metal base. This works great for fixtures that are only used on occasion, in this case it was the fireplace sconces.

“Fabric brings color and pattern into a space and helps to personalize it. It improves sound quality and gives organic texture to a room.”

Interior Designer Larsen FabricVia Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Use fabric in harmony with the space. Here this living room has a pretty neutral palette with the floors, walls, & floor-to-ceiling windows. We added bright colors and soft textures to warm up the space. The rug adds pattern and elegance while providing acoustic support with such a large open space. Mix your surfaces, harmonize your hard and soft goods.

“Color symphony”

Color-Harmony-Interior-DesignVia Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Create color symphonies of the same hue. If you have two pieces of furniture that have the same hue don’t be afraid to bring in different shades of that same color. This will create a very pleasing palette to the eye and unite the whole space together. See above how the neutral hues all work together seamlessly by introducing different shades and textures of the same color.

“If you want color contrast, do it in small quantities. Take risks, but ones that can be changed.”

Contrasting Colors in Interior DesignVia Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Larsen has a great point of view with adding bold, contrasting colors into your design scheme. Don’t be afraid to add pops of color,but do so in an impermanent way. Paint is a great way to bring in a burst of color in a bold way, yet in a few years you’ll easily be able to change up your look. See here how we melded the kitchen and dining room together with this bold color but did not wrap the color around the entire dining room space. Adding contrast in small quantities is key.

Happy Wednesday!

Interior Decor for Fall…

Decor for the Fall Season

Whether you like it not (and I’m not sure why you wouldn’t?) Fall is in full swing, so now is the time to get your home ready for the Fall holiday season.

Fall holidays and festivities are some of GHID’s favorites to decorate for. I personally love Thanksgiving and all it’s harvest swag. Garrison loves pumpkins and has particular interest in cheeky Halloween decor. He’s even take time out of his busy schedule to personally decorate our GHID offices. He means business. :)

So what are your favorite Fall decorations? Need a little jump-start this year? Check out these fun ideas to get you inspired!

Interior Designer Garrison Hullinger adds a few touches of Fall on this mantle in our Foursquare Remodel’s photoshoot, which took place during the Fall harvest months.

Fall Mantel Decor

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design


Fall Wreaths:

Wreaths for the Fall season

Front Porch Decor Ideas for the Fall:

Decor Ideas for your front porch

Fall Porch Decor

Fall Tabletop Decor Ideas:

Decor Ideas for your Tabletop

Fall Mantle Decor Ideas:

Mantle Decor Ideas for Fall