Color Trends for Fall 2012 Part I…

Fall 2012 Color Trends


Who doesn’t love trend forecasting? Especially when it comes to color…

So what colors are trending for Fall 2012? Find out in today’s post on all things color!


Fall Color Trends 2012:


Color Trend – Sagebrush:

This herb inspired hue soothes, evokes relaxation and inspires – great for quiet spaces such as a bedroom or bathroom, yet works in common areas like this hip kitchen, pictured below.

Fall color trends for Fall 2012

Stephanie Norris

Color Trend -Wasabi:

The color of the Japanese plant, Eutrema wasabi, is most often seen on a white plate ajcaent to sushi rolls – however will now show up in interiors more and more, like this painted ceiling pictured below. It’s both dominate and calm, and works incredibly well as an accent color in just about any space.

Fall Color Trends 2012

NOA Architecture Planning Interiors

Color Trend – Pistachio:

One of my absolute favorite color trends of the season is Pistachio. This cool hue, reminisent of mint, can be used in large or small doeses in just about any space – and works incredibly well as a monochromatic color palatte (with slight saturation variances). We love Pistachio!

Interior Design Color Trends Fall 2012

Margaret Donaldson Interiors

Color Trend – Angora:

How sweet is this soft peachy-pink? Not only does the name Angora evoke a sense of comfort and softness, the color provides a feeling of ease, most anyone would want to incorporate into their space. How perfect would this color be for a master suite, nursery or sunny sitting room? This may in fact, become the new color for my bathroom re-do?!

Fall 2012 Interior Design Color Trends

via houzz

Color Trend – Innocence:

If innocence was a color – this would very well be it. The lavender pastel is beautiful, sophisticated and elegant – no wonder purple was coined the color of royalty! It has Kate Middleton written all over it!

Color trends for Fall 2012

Naura Home Design

Color Trend – Chiffon:

Speaking of sophisticated, how sophisticated is this toasty tan hue? It’s warm and has just the right amount of orange in it to separate itself from a typial builders beige. It’s crisp, airy vibe attracts, and it’s subtle softness draws us in – this neutral works increidbly well as an all-over paint color in common areas, a perfect alternative to the oh-so boring browny taupes.

Color Trends for Interior Design Fall 2012

Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design

Color Trend – Rosehips:

This adorable purple-rosey mixture is so happy it almost hurts! If you’re looking to make a statment try this cool hue on a furniture piece, and while you’re at it – why not make it lacquered? Bold and brilliant I say!

Interior Design Color Trends Fall 2012

Lucy and Company

Color Trend – Zing:

Zing is right! This wacky color is perfect as a statment piece, most often found in a vintage inspired design scheme. Try it on a sofa, as pictured below, to attain that desired pop of color. You most definitely won’t be disappointed.

Fall Color Trends 2012

Charles Luck Stone Center

Color Trend – Flamingo:

We love this bubble-gum pink inspired hue, appropriately coined Flamingo! How fun is this room (pictured below)?

Interior Design Color Trends for Fall 2012

Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design

Color Trend – Ballgown:

All I can think about is Cinderella when I gaze upon this trending color – I blame it on it’s name. Ballgown is sophisticated with a touch of prep that I’m currently in love with. Why not douse yourself with a little Hamptons-inspired design and build a room around this lovely color? I’m thinking a little Ballgown, a little indigo and pistachio lovin’?! *This may or may not be the color scheme of one of our current projects…stay tuned!

Color Trends 2012

David Collins Design, Simon Watson Photography

Color Trend – Tuscany:

Tuscany is a current take on a traditional milk-chocolate brown. It’s updated, warm and inviting – everything you’d want in a color, whether it’s used as an accent or all-over application.

Interior Design Color Trends Fall 2012

Emily Payne Photography

Color Trend – Mahogany:

This beautiful hue has just the right amount of berry red and brown in it – we love it in this area rug (pictured below) and can imagine it on kitchen cabinets, trim work or inside coifered ceilings – all dramatic statements.

Fall 2012 Interior Design Color Trends

Garret Cord Werner

Color Trend – Galaxy:

Beautiful, electric blue works on walls and as accents alike. It’s invigorating, refreshing and really pulls you in. We love it on walls in areas with a lot of natural light, as the room below so perfectly displays.

Color Trends Fall 2012

EMI Interior Design

What’s your favorite color trend?

Stay tuned for Part II of Color Trends for Fall 2012!

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