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What to Expect From an Interior Designer?…

Tips for Maintaining Peak Market Value for your Home from Industry Professionals

The Ultimate Homeowner's Guide: Tips for Maintaining Peak Market Value for Your Home from Industry Professionals (Volume 2), Author: Andrew J Lail

Garrison was recently published in The Ultimate Homeowner’s Guide: Tips for Maintaining Peak Market Value for Your Home from Industry Professionals (Volume 2) where author Andrew J. Lail asked Garrison a handful of questions from the client’s perspective. One particular question Lail asked was one that we’re asked time and time again.

What Can You Expect From An Interior Designer:

How does your firm work?

In other words, how does the entire design process, from start to finish, work after hiring Garrison Hullinger Interior Design?

Today I’d like to share an excerpt from chapter 7 of The Ultimate Homeowner’s Guide with you, where Garrison outlines the design process.

Check it out!

What to expect from an interior designer

How does the entire process work, from start to finish, after hiring an Interior Designer?

After collecting information from the client, we will formulate a design plan and estimate costs. If necessary we will use computer-aided drafting (CAD) software based upon the needs of the project (e.g., custom cabinets or furniture), which provides more detail and easier corrections than sketches made by hand. Upon completing the design plan, I will present it to the client and make revisions based on the client’s input.

When the design concept is finalized, the project will be assigned to an associate designer and they will begin specifying the materials, finishes, and furnishings required, such as furniture, lighting, flooring, wall covering, accessories and artwork. The handling of your project is never out of sight of the principal designer, as I will work closely with the associate designer. You can expect to work with me the first third of the project during discovery and then periodically throughout the duration of your project.

Depending on the complexity of the project, the designer also might submit drawings for approval to the client and/or general contractor to ensure that the design meets the client’s needs and also meets building codes. If a project requires structural work, the designer works with an architect or engineer for that part of the project. Most designs also require the hiring of contractors to do technical work such as lighting, plumbing, and painting.

Finally, the designer develops a timeline for the project, coordinates contractor work schedules, and will make sure work is completed on time. The designer, together with the client, visit the site as the project progresses. The designer oversees the installation of the design elements through to the completion of the project.

Out of state site visits are determined on a project by project basis. We prefer to visit the site at least once prior to the final install and will be on site for the final furniture and accessory placement. -Garrison Hullinger

Finding Your Inner Preppy…

Ralph Lauren Preppy Men's Fashion

My travels take me many places and a favorite part of that is watching people. You know how it goes, you sit down on a bench to take in the moment, you take out your phone and text a bit then start watching the people stroll by. I love to makeup stories about where they’re going or what regiment they went through before leaving their house. A guy walks by with his chino pants rolled up slightly higher than normal to just make a statement and I wonder how many times did he put his foot up no the chair to make sure they were rolled to just the ‘right’ height. A younger couple appears to almost skip as they walk past me…is anyone really that happy? Of course they are, aren’t they?

Casual Preppy guy with rolled up pants

via Themidwestyle

And on and on my thoughts go as I watch the people walk by where I sit. After a while I start thinking about the mix of materials in clothing and how that relates to interiors. My best friend, Constance, always talks about investing in foundation pieces. She’s a fashionista; a person who has devoted her life to fashion and made a career out of it in retail. But she’s right, buy quality pieces that you will wear over and over and then add in the fun stuff. It’s the same way with interior furnishings; we want a quality-upholstered item and maybe some not so sensible pillows that can be changed out down the road.

But back to the people watching…I love the preppy movement. It’s out there if you look for it and of course it’s easier when you’re in Connecticut, Manhattan or even some parts of California. The classics work when you’re pulling off preppy, chinos, corduroy, plaids, and stripes and keep it casual. But the best part about preppy aesthetic is that you’re encouraged to throw in a touches of salmon or cranberry accents, or if you’re really going to be brash…be bold and add pink or chartreuse.

Preppy Does The Mix of Patterns and Textures:

Preppy look with layered patterns

via Ralph Lauren

And how cute is this preppy salmon/mint clad table setting?!

Achieving a preppy look when setting a table

Lindsay Coral Harper

When I think of preppy I think of J.Crew, especially their men’s store in Soho, Liquor Store. I’ve been to the store a few times in the last year and love seeing how they mix fabrics and textures. Whether it be Fall or Spring, the preppy look can be obtained. I think it’s the mix of the casual appeal with the consistent repetition of patterns and colors. Ralph Lauren does this iconic look incredibly well, and add in the fun spirit of Jonathan Adler’s new line of Lacoste fashions and I think you’re pretty much set to achieve the casual prep look seen around the globe.

 J.Crew Liquor Store:

Preppy fashions at J.Crew Liquor Store in New York City

J.Crew Liquor Store, Soho

Jonathan Adler’s Lively Take on Prep:

Jonathan Adler designs for Lacoste and Kohler

Jonathan Adler for Lacoste & Kohler


Who surprises me with preppy? Miles Redd, NYC Interior Designer. Who lives the life of a preppy? Tommy Hilfiger.

 Miles Redd Does Preppy Chic:

Interior Designer Miles Redd does preppy well

Miles Redd

 Tommy Hilfiger Lives the Preppy Life:

Mens preppy fashion designed by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Preppy Pop Up House Opening Cocktail - Milan Fashion Week Menswear S/S 2012

 Ralph Lauren Home Furnishings:

Furnishings by Ralph Lauren

via tartanscot


Sophisticated Bathroom Surfaces

via tartanscot


Home furnishings by Ralph Lauren

via tartanscot

Preppy Inspired Home Decor…

Home decor inspired by preppy Hamptons

via livelikeyou and elements of style

Home Decor inspired by preppy chic

Preppy Wallpaper by Turner Pocock

Turner Pocock Wallpaper

Preppy wallpaper from Turner Pocock

Turner Pocock Wallpaper


Preppy home decor and office supplies

via J.Crew

What are your favorite Preppy looks?

Schumacher Fabrics spotlights Studio Bon Textiles

Schumacher features Studio Bon patternsVia

We all love a good collaboration, a time to bring the best of two worlds together in harmony. In this case we’re talking textiles, specifically Schumacher fabrics, the name we know and love for stunning designs in interior & exterior fabrics and stunning wallpaper. Knowing that “innovation in design often starts in unlikely places”, Schumacher has been dedicated to searching the globe to discover original artists and highlight their work through their “Represented Collections” Series. This time, Schumacher has partnered with Studio Bon Textiles to spotlight the designs of Bonnee Sharp.

For Bonnee Sharp, pattern is a passion. She is inspired by the simple beauty of the familiar: an iron handrail, interlocking threads, a heartbeat and birds balancing in the breeze. In her fabric collection, texture and pattern are married in combinations of graphic shapes and colors printed on natural grounds, from casual cotton canvas to luxurious woven 100% linen. Bonnee’s collection, Studio Bon, are available exclusively in the Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Dania, Denver, Houston, Laguna, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Troy, and Washington DC Schumacher showrooms. –

Here at GHID we are constantly inspired by the environment around us. From the pure colors of nature to the fretwork design on an antique gate. Inspiring patterns & hues can be found all around us in our day-to-day life. The only trick is to slow down and look for it. Now lets dive into some of our favorites from this exciting new collection…

 Studio Bon is collection of hand-printed textiles including etchy florals, graphic geometrics, and delicate symmetries designed by Bonnee Sharp and represented exclusively by Schumacher. The body of patterns aim to be as perfect an accoutrement to a Robsjohn-Gibbings side chair in a New Orleans manse as to an un-mullioned steel window of a high-rise penthouse in Manhattan. Because the Studio Bon line is hand-printed, on demand, there is always room for customization. –

Schumacher patterned textiles for Studio Bon

Schumacher Studio Bon Collaboration

Studio Bon features patterns for Schumacher

Schumacher and Studio Bon Fabrics

Schumacher Bonne Sharp DesignsAll Images Via

Which one sparks the inspiration in you? Happy Wednesday!

5 Makeover Tips That Will Help Close The Sale On Your Home…

Makeover Tips to sell your home

Sometimes the market is hot and sometimes the market is just unpredictable. Here are some ideas that you can use to help secure a sale on your home. Adding appeal and distracting from the obvious is the game.

Neutralize Dated Furnishings:

No one wants to buy new furniture before moving to their new dream home so this is when you go for neutralizing those pieces. Use slipcovers to update that tired furniture. Buy a bed-in-a-bag to give that guest room a mini facelift.

Design tips to sell your house

Sandra Ericksen Design

If your lighting fixtures look like home-depot specials from 10 yrs ago you can imagine the impression this is giving to perspective buyers…change out lighting for a quick updated look. Now put in the correct bulbs so your rooms will look bright and fresh.

Replacing your homes light fixtures and bulbs

Selective Painting:

Take this opportunity to highlight an architectural element in your home, paint the fireplace wall a new fresh color that stands out from the rest of the space. If you have an eat-in kitchen area you can highlight this area with a contrasting color to the kitchen. And don’t forget the powder room.

Accent wall on fireplace wall

FORMA Design

It’s All in the Details:

If your dining room walls could use a little interest add picture molding for some interest. Paint the new molding the same color or stained as the other molding in the room. If you’ve always hated the mirror in your master bathroom now is a time to switch it out with a new mirror to give it an updated feel.

Adding picture molding to your space

Jeffers Design Group

Shine, Shine, Shine:

The day has come for you to clean out all those spots that you wouldn’t want your mother-in-law criticizing.  Make your home feel fresh and welcome by cleaning out all the closets, storage areas and yes even the laundry room. Rid those rooms of the excess and make them shine. Now that everything is sparkling clean make sure everything smells fantastic. Use some citrus smelling cleaners for your surfaces and you’ll have a fresh smell when entering your home.

Organizing your home to sell

via The Container Store

The Small Things Do Matter:

If you have never been great at keeping a houseplant alive now is the time you should give it a try. Houseplants and some fresh flowers give the appearance that you care about your home. Add a bowl of fresh seasonal fruit to your kitchen counter. I’m not a fan of creating a fake dinner party on the dining room table but why not create a spa like feel in your master bathroom that welcomes someone to experience your home the way you would want them to if they were to buy it.

Adding house plants into your home

John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

 When in Doubt, Take it Out:

*Last tip…when in doubt…take it out. Remove excess belongings from counter-tops, desktops and closet floors. This will allow someone to see your home and instead of overlooking your pile of things to address.

Organizing your home when it's on the market

Charlie Simmons - Charlie & Co. Design, Ltd.

Handmade Wallpapers by Avery Thatcher of Juju Papers…

Hand-made Wallpaper from Portland Oregon

Juju Papers


Who doesn’t love wallpaper? I think we may have blogged about it at least 1,000 times – but we can’t help it. There are just so many amazing products out on the market, and we just love specifying the product.

I traveled back to New York late last Spring for Kravet’s Blogfest, and had the opportunity to attend the International Contemporary Furniture Fair or ICFF. While checking out the booths, I suddenly found myself in front of a collection of gorgeous screen-printed wallpapers. I was intrigued by the product itself, but when I found that the company hailed from my hometown of Portland, Oregon – and where Garrison Hullinger Interior Design is based out of – I just had to learn more.

See what I saw…check out a few pictures of the Juju booth:

Juju Papers at ICFF

Juju Papers booth at ICFF 2012 (via Covered Wallpaper)

Juju Papers at the 2012 ICFF in New York

Juju Papers booth at ICFF 2012 (via Covered Wallpaper)

Juju [joo-joo]: ascribing magical powers to inanimate objects, most commonly objects in one’s home.

Juju Papers:

The Portland, Oregon-based Juju, spirited by artist Avery Thatcher, offers lighthearted graphic motifs that blend spare modern elements with vintage whimsy. Each roll is made to order, and screen printed by hand in small batches with water-based ink on thick paper. The studio offers bespoke services, and all papers may be specified in custom colors. Juju is available to consumers from its website and at select design stores, as well as through design professionals for residential and hospitality applications.

Handmade Wallpaper by Avery Thatcher of Juju Papers

Avery Thatcher, founder and creator of Juju Papers

All in the details:

Unique to Juju is the writing to be found in the selvedge of each sheet. The writing includes lines from old letters, archived emails, and punchlines from Thatcher’s past. They are personal verbal artifacts that inspired the expressions on each of the designs, and provide an element of intimacy between artist and patron as they read and discard the writing.

Juju is eco-friendly:

The papers are manufactured from responsibly sourced paper pulp using chlorine-free fiber. They are coated with natural clay to enhance wipability and durability, and are mildew-resistant.

It was great chatting with Avery at ICFF, and getting to know her products a little more. We really do wish her and her company all the best and can’t wait to use her papers in our projects!

Take a peak into Avery’s world with her very own, Agolise Collection – featuring patterns in a total of fourteen colorways:

Salad Days:

Indian Summer:

A View Of The Woods:

After Chinterwink:

Juju Press:

It’s not everyday your products are featured on national television. However, with the help and support of HGTV star Genevieve Gorder, Avery’s work has made it onto the big screen! Don’t you just love this pattern, After Chinterwink?

Handmade Wallpaper featured on HGTV

Genevieve Gorder, star of HGTV’s Ask Genevieve, posing in a room that she designed “around the wallpaper”, using Juju’s After Chinterwink in Sunset.

Luxe Magazine:

Juju Papers featured in Luxe Magazine

Juju Papers in Luxe Magazine

Avery’s Kitchen featured on Apartment Therapy:

Avery Thatcher of Juju Papers on Apartment Therapy

Avery Thatcher on Apartment Therapy

Be sure to visit the Juju site to read more about Avery’s journey and her amazing products.