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The 2012 Olympic Village Interior Decor…

Olympic games 2012The 2012 Olympics are in full swing – and if you’re anything like me, you just can’t get enough. I absolutely love the spirit of the games, the unity it creates as well as the events themselves. There’s just nothing quite like a sport to bring people together…

Olympic Games in London England

Olympic Village – London, England:

Last week the most talented athletes from around the world arrived in London, England gearing up for this year’s Olympic games. So where do these athletes stay while participating in the games?

The village is its own neighborhood and community, dotted with tree-lined streets and containing open, green spaces. The apartment units contain 16,000 beds, 64,000 sheets and 22,000 pillows, all the bedding tucked, plumped and laid to ensure that each athlete has a comfortable stay (Houzz).

Athlete apartments at the 2012 London Olympic Games

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London Olympic Facilities

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Olympic Athlete Apartments:

Olympic Interior Decor

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A peek inside the bedrooms reveal Union Jack-clad standard sized beds. Basketball players, swimmers or others taller have the option to request longer, extendable beds. The rooms also boast of blackout shades, providing optimal sleeping conditions necessary for the athletes as they mentally and physically prepare for biggest sporting moments of their lives.

Olympic facilities in London 2012

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The three Olympic-theme throw pillows on the sofa (as seen above) are among 64 products by British designer Jan Constantine celebrating the 2012 games.

Modern design ideas from the London Olympic Games

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Decor inspired by 2012 London Olympic Games

Jonathan Edwards (2000 Olympic triple-jump champion and chair of London 2012's athletes committee) took time out in one of the athletes' bedrooms at the Olympic Village

Apartments for athletes in London for Olympics

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 Olympic Recreational Facility “The Globe”:

The Globe features 10 pool tables and industrial light fixtures that create a rec center feel. The walls have an unfinished, raw appeal, peppered with graphic art portraits and vintage neon signs (Houzz).

Olympic game room decor

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Game Room Decor inspired by 2012 London Olympics
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Owning a piece — or a set — of Olympic history is within your reach when it comes to apartment furniture. Remains of the Games is already selling furnishings, fixtures and equipment to interested buyers. You can purchase what’s called the Athletes’ Bedroom 4-Piece Set (including a bed, a mattress, a night table and a nightlight) for only $150.

What do you think of the athlete apartments?

Here’s to cheering on this year’s Olympic athletes from around the world! Go USA!


Here Comes the Bride…


This time tomorrow – Miss Luchaco will be getting her hair done and pampering herself, preparing to walk down the aisle to become Mrs. Lisa Lester. We couldn’t be happier for Lisa and her main squeeze Eric.

Lisa was GHID’s first Associate Designer, and has helped make GHID what it is today. Here’s to wishing Lisa and Eric a fantastic wedding day and a beautiful life together.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to the both of you!


Wedding florals by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design


Wedding Preview:

If you know Garrison well at all, you know he likes his iced tea unsweetened, he loves himself a good taco bell run and he has a knack for all things floral. So what better way to gift our gorgeous bride Lisa, than to arrange the florals for the wedding.

Here’s a little sneak peek…

Flowers for weddings

Here’s to a wonderful weekend!

Five Design Ideas From The NoMad Hotel…

New York Hotel the NoMad Hotel

Amazingly cool hotel design can be rather dramatic for residential interiors – but often times incorporating a few snippets of hospitality or commercial design into your personal spaces are just what the design-doctor ordered.

We recently stumbled upon a stellar hotel located in the middle of Manhattan that we absolutely love! Designed by French architect and designer Jacques Garcia, the hotel is located in a revived Beaux Arts building just north of Madison Square – hence it’s name, The NoMad Hotel. Garcia did a great job creating dramatic common spaces as seen in the Parlour, Bar and Atrium areas – but what’s more impressive is the cool, casual flip he introduced into each of the rooms – providing a homey feel for all of the hotel’s guests. Let’s take a peak at Apartment Therapy’s take on how you can gleen from Garcia’s room designs for your own home.

The NoMad Hotel – Common Spaces:

New York City Hotel Design

NoMad Hotel, Parlour

Interior Design at the NoMad Hotel

The NoMad Hotel, Bar

Hotel inspired interior design ideas

The NoMad Hotel, Atrium

The NoMad Hotel – Rooms:

Ideas for gallery walls

The NoMad Hotel

Black and white interior design and decor ideas

The NoMad Hotel

Room divider in master bedroom

The NoMad Hotel

Decor ideas for the bedroom

The NoMad Hotel

Design & Decor Tips from The NoMad Hotel via Apartment Therapy:

  1. Sick of gallery walls? Try hanging your art in an even, horizontal line around the room. It looks cool and nicely shows off each piece.
  2. Take advantage of tiny spaces. In this room, the wall between the windows could have easily been overlooked. Instead, it cleverly houses a small desk that adds dimension while also being useful.
  3. Hang a neutral curtain over an awkward doorway. Paired with neutral walls, this curtain looks elegant and visually expands the space, while providing privacy.
  4. Try a bold hue on half the wall. If you want to try a bright color, but are too nervous to do an entire room, try doing an accent panel partway up the walls.
  5. Group lights together. We say it time and time again — accent lights make your home look bigger and more welcoming. Here, a sconce and a floor light are paired together in the same corner — they each serve a purpose and together they add an eclectic touch to the room (All tips via Apartment Therapy).

Serving Up Style: Designers Fighting Lupus 2012

Serving Up Style 2012 Via – GHID’s 2011 Serving Up Style Award Winning Room

Serving Up Style 2012 – Portland’s Premier Design Event

Our GHID team is gearing up for this year’s Serving Up Style Event – Designers Fighting Lupus.  We were fortunate enough to be apart of this fabulous event last year, and are more than excited to kick off this year’s event in full “Seving Up Style” fashion. Didn’t get a chance to see the past event? You’re in luck because Serving Up Style 2012 is going to be bigger and better than ever. With a total of twenty teams (compared to the twelve teams last year!!), this is bound to be a unforgettable showcase of Portland’s own interior design talent.

About Molly’s Fund

To educate the public and the medical community about lupus, to push for earlier, life-saving diagnoses for those afflicted, and to spur governments and foundations to fund research toward a cure.” – Molly’s Fund Mission

Molly’s Fund was founded by Debbie McCabe and her daughter Molly in 2005 when Molly was diagnosed with Lupus. Dedicated to spreading Lupus awareness and supporting further research for a cure, Molly’s Fund is not only building a foundation for those currently diagnosed with Lupus but also creating a platform for early detection & support. Lupus is a common disease, most often seen in young women, and more frequently women of color. To show the vast complexity and prevalence of this devastating disease lets look at the statistics- women are more likely to contract lupus than leukemia, MS, cystic fibrosis, and muscular dystrophy combined. All this being said, there is still little known about the reasons, causes and effects of Lupus, leaving those diagnosed feeling lost and uncertain about each day ahead. Molly’s Fund is devoted to reaching out and giving hope to those diagnosed and for the future research for proper treatments and cures. Interested in finding out more about lupus? Read more about Molly’s powerful story & the Molly’s Fund vision  here.

Serving Up Style 2012 Highlights

In its 4th year run, Serving Up Style is part of Portland’s Fall Home and Garden Show, held at the Expo Center, October 3-6, 2012 in a space donated by O’Loughlin Trade Shows. Not only will you be apart of Portland’s premier design event, you will also be able to tour the very informative and family-friendly Fall Home and Garden Show.

Emily Henderson joins Serving Up Style

Emily Henderson Guest Judge Serving Up StyleVia

Part of this year’s Serving Up Style judging panel is Portland’s own HGTV star Emily Henderson. Winner of HGTV’s Design Star Season 5, Emily, a Portland native, is the star of her own HGTV show “Secrets of a Stylist”. We are very proud to welcome her back to Portland and to have her be apart of such an influential local design event. partners with Serving Up Style

Molly's Fund Fighting Lupus

Another highlight new to this years event is the exciting collaboration with You’ve heard us mention it many times before and, of course, we browse any chance we get. The dynamic photo database site, filled with interactive “ideabooks” and informative articles, has become a great design tool and inspiration platform for home remodelers and designers alike. We are so excited to have them apart of Serving Up Style, and could not think of a better way to showcase this year’s People’s Choice Award than with live voting on Thank you Houzz for your support!

Serving Up Style 2011

Take a look into GHID’s 2011 dining room entry in our post Serving Up Style: The Results.  Also, check out our portfolio page for a full spread of photos of the space beautifully shot by Blackstone Edge Studios. Here’s a quick look back…

Molly's Fund Serving Up Style Designer's Fighting LupusMolly's Fund Serving Up Style Designer's Fighting LupusMolly's Fund Serving Up Style Designer's Fighting LupusGarrison Hullinger Interior Design – Photography Blackstone Edge Studios

If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about lupus, please visit There are many ways to contribute to the Molly’s Fund cause to fight Lupus including:

Many posts to follow as we are ready to kick off Serving Up Style 2012. We hope to see you all there! Happy Wednesday!

Rejuvenation Introduces Hardworking Fixtures for Hardworking Rooms…

Bathroom fixtures from Rejuvenation

Eight new lighting options and seven porcelain accessories for the kitchen and bath…

Our friends at Rejuvenation have done it yet again – introducing sophisticated, versatile and locally made fixtures that honor design of years past, yet work with many contemporary aesthetics. This time around, Rejuvenation has focused on fixtures that serve the most hardworking rooms of the house: kitchens, baths and laundry rooms. “The introduction includes two sleek mid-­century bath bar fixtures, a classic wall bracket, five porcelain light fixtures, and seven porcelain bath accessories, all handcrafted from durable materials that capture every historically accurate detail”. (Rejuvenation)

Porcelain Light Fixtures, The Five H’s:

Based on 1930s originals, the new porcelain light fixtures – the Hawkins, Hardy, Hazel, Haines, and Hannah – are made by a studio located in Portland, Oregon exclusively for Rejuvenation. Their clean lines and classic design make them a perfect fit for just about any project. We absolutely love them!

Period Light Fixtures from Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation "Hardy" Light Fixture

Bathroom and Kitchen Light Fixtures from Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation "Hardy" Light Fixture

Light Fixtures for the bathroom from Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation "Hannah" Light Fixture

Light Fixtures from Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation "Hannah" Light Fixture

Bathroom light fixtures from Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation "Hawkins" Light Fixture

Period style light fixtures from Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation "Hawkins" Light Fixture

Dunbar Bathroom Collection:

The Dunbar porcelain bath collection includes a towel bar, towel ring, hook, toilet paper holder, cup holder, soap dish, and shelf all of which were inspired by a 100-year old cup holder. The fixtures within the line boast of design elements reminiscent to pre-1920s bath hardware, which make them a perfect fit for the new porcelain lighting line, yet work with lighting from many different eras.

Dunbar Bathroom Fixtures from Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation "Dunbar" Bathroom Collection, 1. Shelf 2. Toilet Paper Holder 3. Towel Bar 4. Cup Holder 5. Towel Ring

Mid-Century Light Fixtures, Stella & Starlette:

The mid-century collection includes two new fixtures entitled the Stella and Starlette – both of which feature opal glass shades made specifically for Rejuvenation by an Indiana glass manufacturer, and perforated stainless-steel shade trims, which are produced right here in Portland, Oregon.

Bathroom light fixtures

Rejuvenation "Stella" Light Fixture

Bathroom Light Fixtures from Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation "Stella" Light Fixture

Bathroom light fixtures from Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation "Starlette" Light Fixture

We love the new introductions! What do you think of the new product?

About Rejuvenation:

Rejuvenation was founded in 1977 with a passion for period authenticity and great design. Rejuvenation’s diverse collections span the 1860s to 1970s, and include: Period Basics, Industrial, Arts & Crafts, Colonial Revival, Classical Revival, Victorian, Old World, Deco, and Mid-­‐Century Modern. Products are made to order in Portland, Oregon, and sold through the company’s catalogue, at retail stores in Portland, Seattle, and Los Angeles, and on the website