Tile Trends for Interiors: Ann Sacks visits GHID

Portland Oregon based Ann Sacks Tile

via Ann Sacks

Ann Sacks Brings New Collections and Classic Trends to the GHID Studio

Our design team was excited to see the new collections and some classic lines from Ann Sacks tile the other day. Learning more about the company, its Pacific NW ties, and its beautiful product really opened our eyes to the endless possibilities Ann Sacks delivers. From stoneware, earthenware, porcelain and glass materials, the company takes pride in searching for new products produced by small artisans around the country and the globe. This provides their consumers many different options for shapes, sizes, & colors.

It was a pleasure having our local rep and regional manager in the studio to show off a taste of what Anne Sacks has to offer. Here are a few highlights and fun facts we had the privilege to see and learn more about.

Interior Design Tile Products from Ann Sacks Tile

via Ann Sacks

The Story behind Ann Sacks

In the early 80s, Ann Sacks started her own line of tiles in a showroom located in her Portland bungalow home. With increasing popularity and demand, her tile line grew and she was able to partner with Kohler plumbing fixtures to produce a line of 100 colors to match any product or environment. The success of this program led her to open two showrooms in Vancouver and Seattle. The line continued to grow to include architectural surfaces such as natural stones to go with complementary tile colors. In the late 80s, the partnership with Kohler grew and led to Kohler’s purchase of Ann Sacks. Ann Sacks continued to grow throughout the 90s with showrooms opening up across the country, becoming the first to market metal tiles and introduced their own plumbing collection. The success continued… Their mission to introduce new and inspiring products to the category continues as showrooms across the country work as galleries for material innovations in glass and metal tiles, along with more traditional antique terra cotta and limestone. Ann Sacks opened its own manufacturing facility in the Pacific Northwest (Portland to be exact), more new showrooms open each year, and have suppliers in over 10 countries. Learn more here.

New Tile Products and Designs Made Locally

Made locally in their Portland factory, Ann Sacks introduced their Stoneware elements line. These beautiful tiles are each unique in coloring with a rich, bold field color and “toasted” edges created by their specialized firing process. The textural elements featured in many of their designs allows for a varied coloration that will compliment any aesthetic, not to mention the earthy tones make them a perfect fit in the Pacific Northwest.

Ann Sacks Tiles

via Ann Sacks

Ann Sacks Tiles

via Ann Sacks

Tiles Made for Many Applications

Nowadays, it seem the possibilities for tile application are endless. This not only means location, i.e. backsplash, shower or flooring, but also the type of tile material. An example and leading front runner is porcelain. The reason being that this product can be mimicked in all sorts of interesting ways. The latest from Ann Sacks includes a porcelain tile made to look like wood flooring, and not just any wood flooring but one that has been hand-crafted to look like a real wood plank. From rustic planks to long grain slats, their “wood” porcelain flooring is absolutely stunning in person. And since its porcelain, the product is essentially maintenance-free and and can be placed indoors and out.

Ann Sacks wood porcelain tiles

via Ann Sacks

Affordable Options Made Available

Contrary to popular belief, Ann Sacks carries quite a few products that are incredibly budget conscious.  One collection entitled “AS Basics” promotes tiles from $4 -$14 a square foot, retail. And the company has included all types of their signature materials in this line as well, including but not limited to ceramics, glass, leather, wood, concrete, porcelain & stone. This offers you “choice without compromise”, an Ann Sacks statement that we here at GHID are quite fond of.

Affordable Tile Collection from Ann Sacks Tile Portland Oregon

via Ann Sacks

We look forward to using Ann Sacks tiles and ceramics in our upcoming products and to continue watching the company as they continue to introduce beautiful product into the marketplace.


Happy Wednesday!

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