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The Best of Kips Bay Decorator Show House 2012…

The Kips Bay Show House in New YorkKips Bay Decorator Show House 2012:

As most of you know, I had the amazing privilege of attending this year’s Kravet Blogfest in New York this past week. A memorable experience all around, however, there was one event that really took the cake – and that was this year’s Kips Bay Decorator Show House.

Located on Riverside Boulevard in two adjoining duplexes on the 21st-22nd floors, this modern building boasts of fantastic views from Manhattan’s upper west-side. From the rich textures, vibrant colors, lacquered walls and fantastic furniture arrangements, this show house is not to be missed! Not only is the house brimming over with amazing decorating vignettes and ideas, it also supports a good cause! All proceeds benefiting the Boys & Girls Club of America.

The house is located at The Aldyn residences, 60 Riverside Boulevard (between 62nd & 63rd Street), and open through June 14th, 2012. Click here to purchase your tickets!

Designer Thoughts on Kips Bay 2012:

As part of Blogfest 2012, I was invited to Kips Bay for a press preview, and gosh – was it ever fabulous! What an exquisite grouping of designer aesthetics. I’d have to say, the Albert Hadley tribute room was my absolute favorite, with it’s mix of old and new with those special Albert touches all around. But it was really the overall mix of design styles and favored product that gave the two penthouses that zip and zing each show-goer is looking for. Great job to all who pulled this year’s home together! *Bunny Williams served as the Chair of this year’s Show House Committee.  Jeremiah Goodman (love his work!) was an honoree at this year’s President’s Dinner and the Gala Co-Chairmen were Jamie Drake, Victoria Hagan, Aerin Lauder and Richard Mishaan.

Williams, McCarthy and Kleinberg for Kips Bay 2012:

From the curtain hung along the room’s focal wall, to the designers use of primary reds and strong mix of old and new – I was pretty darn impressed how closely they came to an Albert Hadley original. What a great tribute to a fantastic designer, and from what I’ve heard, a great man.

Brian McCarthy, David Kleinberg and I chose to do a room together in honor of our mentor, Albert Hadley. Albert was always a stalwart proponent of the Kips Bay Show House, so we thought what better way to continue his legacy than to design a room in the manner that he would – mixing old and new furniture, tapestries and modern art. We added a few playful nods to Albert, like pops of red, his famous “Don’t Forget” pad and an all-gin bar (Bunny Williams).

Kips Bay with Williams, McCarthy and Kleinberg

Designers: Williams, McCarthy and Kleinberg, Photography: Edgar Pineda

Albert Hadley tribute room at Kips Bay 2012

Designers: Williams, McCarthy and Kleinberg, Photography: Edgar Pineda

 Alexander Doherty for Kips Bay 2012:

Kips Bay and Alexander Doherty

Designer: Alexander Doherty, Photography: Edgar Pineda

Kips Bay 2012 and Alexander Doherty

Designer: Alexander Doherty, Photography: Edgar Pineda

 Brian Del Toro for Kips Bay 2012:

Kips Bay and Brian Del Toro

Designer: Brian Del Toro, Photography: Edgar Pineda

 Bryant Keller for Kips Bay 2012:

Bryant Keller and Kips Bay 2012

Designer: Bryant Keller, Photography: Edgar Pineda

 Charlotte Moss for Kips Bay 2012:

Charlotte Moss for Kips Bay Show House 2012

Designer: Charlotte Moss, Photography: Edgar Pineda

Charlotte Moss for Kips Bay 2012

Designer: Charlotte Moss, Photography: Edgar Pineda

 David Scott for Kips Bay 2012:

David Scott for Kips Bay 2012

Designer: David Scott, Photography: Edgar Pineda

 Jamie Drake for Kips Bay 2012:

Jamie Drake for Kips Bay 2012

Designer: Jamie Drake, Photography: Edgar Pineda

Jamie Drake for Kips Bay 2012

Designer: Jamie Drake, Photography: Edgar Pineda

 Neal Beckstedt for Kips Bay 2012:

Neal Beckstedt for Kips Bay 2012

Designer: Neal Beckstedt, Photography: Edgar Pineda

 Scott Sanders for Kips Bay 2012:

Scott Sanders for Kips Bay 2012

Designer: Scott Sanders, Photography: Edgar Pineda

Thom Filicia for Kips Bay 2012:

Thom Filicia for Kips Bay 2012

Designer: Thom Filicia, Photography: Edgar Pineda

Thom Filicia for Kips Bay 2012

Designer: Thom Filicia, Photography: Edgar Pineda

 Todd Alexander Romano for Kips Bay 2012:

Todd Alexander Romano for Kips Bay 2012

Designer: Todd Alexander Romano, Photography: Edgar Pineda

 Robert Schwartz and Karen Williams for St. Charles for Kips Bay 2012:

Robert Schwartz and Karen Williams for Kips Bay 2012

Designers: Robert Schwartz and Karen Williams, Photography: Edgar Pineda

Coffinier Ku for Kips Bay 2012:

Coffinier Ku for Kips Bay 2012

Designer: Coffinier Ku, Photography: Edgar Pineda



Portland Interior Designer attends Kravet Blogfest 2012, Day Three…

Kravet Blogfest 2012

It was hard to believe it was our last day at Blogfest 2012!

Day three began with the much anticipated Kravet studio tour, providing us with a glimpse into the inner workings of the Kravet company.

Kravet fabrics

Kravet Studio Tour:

This tour provided us bloggers with the opportunity to see first hand, just how Kravet designs and manufactures their goods. One of the most memorable stops was actually the first, as a Kravet designer walked us through custom designs for big names, such as Disney.

Kravet custom fabrics

Left-Right: Kravet custom design on vinyl, Kravet custom design on fabric

Check out the Disney product on the right!

Kravet custom fabrics

Left-Right: Kravet sketches transferred onto fabric, Kravet design for Disney

Hand-printed versus Digitally-printed:

It was pretty amazing to see how similar the hand-printed fabrics were, compared to the digitally printed ones. Although there’s nothing quite like hand-made product, the digital prints were surprisingly similar and just as beautiful.

Kravet fabric

Hand-printed on the left, digitally-printed on the right

Kravet Studio Tour during Blogfest 2012

Kravet Carpets:

We were also given the opportunity to meet with the Kravet Carpet team to view new product as well as discuss the product as a whole. It’s always great for us designers to see product first hand – and you know, Kravet never disappoints!

Kravet tour during Blogfest 2012

Kravet Area Rugs

Lee Jofa Studio:

Check out the Lee Jofa inspiration boards! You may recognize similar color tones from their boards, in their newest collections, as these boards were put together a few years ago to establish their new product. I’m so fascinated by inspiration boards, and how that translates into developing new product. Makes me want to update mine!

Lee Jofa for Kravet fabrics

Lee Jofa

Kelly Wearstler for Kravet:

It was interesting to hear that Kelly’s product, the product that she launched a few years ago, was still as popular as ever. In fact, it’s actually increased in popularity over the years – which is largely due to the fact that Kelly’s in no business of following trends, but making them. Props to Kelly!

Kelly Wearstler for Kravet fabrics

Kelly Wearstler for Kravet

Kravet “Groundworks”:

The floral fabric pictured below is an exquisite example of a hand-blocked print. Amazing right? And not only that, it has approximately thirty blocks dedicated to it alone!

Kravet Groundworks fabrics hand-printed

Groundworks for Kravet, hand-printed fabrics

Brunschwig & Fils Studio:

What a fun studio with an amazing group of designers dedicated to not only preserving their brand, but continuing to develop it for today’s market.

Brunswick and Fils for Kravet

Brunswick and Fils

Thanks again to the lovely Kravet team for making our tours so enjoyable!

ABC Carpet & Home:

Next up on my list was ABC Carpet and Home! I had never been there before and was dying to go! Talk about amazing! I could’ve walked out of that store with a lot of new stuff – but alas, I contained my excitement and instead took it all in. *Stay tuned for a list of my ABC favs – I’ll do my best to narrow them down.

ABC Store

ABC Store

The Museum:

Off to the museum! What a beautiful building – and a gorgeous day! You can see the sun finally decided to peak out from behind the clouds.

Museum of the City of New York host Blogfest 2012

Benjamin Moore, Color Pulse 2013:

First up was a Benjamin Moore seminar on color trends for 2013. What an enlightening presentation, walking us through just how trends are developed and incorporated into mainstream fashions. It all seems to happen rather organically yet incredibly controlled all at the same time – and in the end, it’s us designers and consumers that help make the trend explode.

Blogfest 2012

Interiors Insider, Design Panel:

Editorial director, Michael Wollaeger of Interiors Magazine presented us bloggers with the opportunity to discuss today’s interior design market with a few of New York’s elite, including a GHID fav, Miles Redd. Was a great discussion on blogging, photographing your work and today’s design trends – with a Redd point of view (obviously loved that!).

And there goes Kravet feeding us once again – this time a bag (or two) of Boom Chicka Pop popcorn – how cute right?!

Blogfest and Miles Redd

Check it out – it’s Miles!

Miles Redd at Blogfest 2012

Interior designer Miles Redd, noted photographer Peter Aaron, and blogger and former editor Marisa Marcantonio interviewed by Michael Wollaeger

Blogfest 2012 Wrap Party:

“Now it’s time to say goodbye, to all our company…” Why do I have the sudden urge to break out into the MMC farewell diddy?!

We headed upstairs for one last party – and boy was it fun! The food was to die for and the company was fabulous!

A few of my new friends from Blogfest 2012:

Kravet Blogfest Design Bloggers

My new friends and fellow design bloggers, Kim Hendricks-Hoegger and Pamela Copeman

Kravet Blogfest design bloggers

Pamela Copeman, Brad Clifford and Nicole Copko from Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

The Kravet’s teamed up with DIFFA during our farewell bash, and put together a raffle to raise money for the non-profit. You know there’s two things I love, one of which is helping out a good cause and the other is winning.

I was eying a piece of artwork, and wouldn’t you know it, I WON!

Kravet Raffle to benefit Diffa

DIFFA Raffle during Blogfest

Check out a few more winners! How cute was Kelly Kole’s (of Kandrac & Kole Interior Design) reaction?!

DIFFA Raffle at Kravet Blogfest 2012

After Party at The New Traditionalists:

I was anticipating this party from the time I saw it on our agenda. I’ve been watching The New Traditionalists for over a year now, and was dying to see their product in real-life. *I was NOT disappointed. It was fantastic.

The party was hopping by the time we arrived, not only with Blogfest bloggers, but with other designers and industry professionals from around the New York area. Was such a fun way to wrap an amazing few days in the city for Blogfest 2012! I can’t wait until next year!

The New Traditionalists host Blogfest 2012

The New Traditionalist Party

Blogfest at The New Traditionalists

Rhinopalooza at The New Traditionalists

The New Traditionalists host Blogfest 2012

via The New Traditionalists

The New Traditionalists host Blogfest 2012

Joseph Quartarone, Amanda Swanlund, Jessie Touhey and me at The New Traditionalists party (via The New Traditionalists)

Thanks again to the wonderful Kravet family and team for making Blogfest 2012 a huge success!


Lisa Kravet, Nicole Copko and Cary Kravet



Portland Interior Designer attends Kravet Blogfest 2012, Day Two…

Kravet Blogfest 2012

Day two of Kravet Blogfest began at the beautiful Hearst Tower, the world headquarters of the Hearst Corporation, bringing together for the first time their numerous publications and communications companies under one roof, including, among others, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Good Housekeeping, Seventeen and two of our favorites, House Beautiful and Elle Decor. The building in and of itself is pretty spectacular, and just knowing that this is where so much activity takes place is quite invigorating.

The Hearst Tower in New York City

Hearst Tower: Interior of the Lobby and Exterior Facade

Even with the low-lying cloud cover, the views from the 44th floor were incredible.

View from Hearst Tower at Blogfest 2012

View from Hearst Tower

The morning began with a cozy breakfast spread, tables boasting of beautiful pink peonies and very appropriate table reads, including Elle Decor, Veranda and House Beautiful.

Hearst Tower Breakfast at Blogfest 2012

Inside the Issue with Veranda’s EIC Dara Caponigro:

As breakfast began to wind down, Veranda’s Editor-in-Chief, Dara Caponigro, was introduced to give us a look inside their May/June issue, along with two of their top designers featured in the issue, Timothy Whealon and Darryl Carter. The conversations were organic, informative and very real. I sat there and thought to myself, wow – I can totally relate! It was refreshing to hear that designers of such high caliber deal with the same issues our GHID team does. Not to mention the comedy between these three was pretty entertaining.

Veranda Magazine May/June 2012

Veranda May/June 2012 Issue

Designers attend Blogfest 2012

Left - Right: Jennifer Levene Bruno, Darryl Carter, Dara Caponigro and Timothy Whealon

House Beautiful’s Next Wave Designers:

Next up was a fantastic panel of “Next Wave” designers, Michael Herold, Jill Goldberg and Jon Call to discuss their “A-Ha” moments with House Beautiful’s Editor-in-Chief, Newell Turner. All three designers shared fantastic stories of courage, transparency and drive to follow their dreams in the arts and design. Newell Turner lead the conversation, which also included how to get your work noticed, as well as how the magazine selects projects to be published – quite insightful I must say.

Designer Panel at Hearst Tower

Left-Right, Newell Turner, Michael Herold, Jill Goldberg and Jon Call

After the panels had drawn to a close, I took a moment with fellow Portland designer Brad Clifford to snap a shot in front of the super cute backdrop Kravet designed for Blogfest. Fun right?! *Again, please disregard the hair – I fully blame it on the rain/humidity.

Portland Oregon designers attend Kravet Blogfest 2012

Fellow Portland Interior Designer Brad Clifford and I pause for a quick photo opt

Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House:

BUS TIME! That’s right, Kravet shuttled us around from place to place while we were in the big city, and boy was it nice. Oh and did I mention they provided snacks as well? They sure do know how to keep a bunch of bloggers happy!

Next up was a private reception at the Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House, hosted by Editor-in-Chief Michael Boodro.

Blogfest 2012 attends Modern Life Concept House

Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House

One of my favorite features of the home was the artwork and how it brought each room to life. I also enjoyed the colorful, Mondrian-inspired carpeting in one of the guest bedrooms. Not something our GHID team would normally specify for a project, however if there’s one thing we’ve learned from our participation in show houses, is go big or go home. It’s all about eye-catching product to capture your audience’s attention and give them something to remember you by.

Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House

Colorful, primary color inspired Guest Bedroom

Lunch and Learn at the D&D:

Back to the bus we went and headed off to the D&D for some lunch hosted by the lovely Lee Jofa showroom. Us bloggers sure know how to work up an appetite!

GHID goes to the D&D during Blogfest

Outside the D&D building, my new friend Pamela Copeman of Posh Palettes and I snap a photo

Kravet Blogfest at Lee Jofa

Blogfest Luncheon at Lee Jofa

Laughing with Alexa Hampton:

After lunch we headed upstairs to the Kravet showroom for an entertaining conversation between Traditional Home Editor-in-Chief Ann Maine and the oh so talented (and quite funny) Alexa Hampton. She had us laughing and learning while discussing her Kravet collections and what traditional means in today’s market.

Blogfest at Kravet with Alexa Hampton

Alexa Hampton entertains and inspires with Traditional Home Editor in Chief Ann Maine

Cocktails with Vicente Wolf:

That’s right, THE Vicente Wolf! Our group headed up a few more floors to spend some time mixing and mingling with Vicente, as well as admiring Baccarat‘s first ever United States showroom – still under construction as we speak. *Vicente is the creator of Baccarat’s own Latitude collection.

Blogfest welcomes Vicente Wolf at Baccarat

Vicente Wolf speaking to the Blogfest attendees

How beautiful is this chandelier?! A little fun fact, Baccarat incorporates one red crystal into each and everyone of their chandeliers. What a charming addition to each work of art!

Crystal Chandeliers from Baccarat

Crystal Chandelier at the Baccarat showroom, notice the red crystal in the image on the right.

Our visit to GE Monogram:

Time to eat…again? Yep, another catered event was on our to-do list during day two (oh the life of a designer *sigh). GE so graciously welcomed us into their showroom and spoiled us with delicious passed hors de vors by Executive Chef Tageré Southwell. Gosh, was the food good! This event provided time to walk around the showroom, ask questions and meet more of the Kravet bloggers!

Blogfest goes to GE Monogram Center

GE Monogram Party

Hard to imagine that we crammed that much into one day!

Stay tuned for Day Three!

Portland Interior Designer attends Kravet Blogfest 2012, Day One…

Kravet Blogfest 2012

When I arrived in the Big Apple last Sunday evening, it was THE most perfect weather. Sunny, a balmy 75 degrees and surprisingly not too humid.

I got in a little too late for the street fairs, so I decided to head down to the financial district to view the progress of the Freedom Tower. It’s still so incredibly sobering visiting the 9/11 site, but I’m always glad I did. I snapped a few shots, capturing the tower as well as the gorgeous sunset. I grabbed my favorite New York pizza and headed back to the hotel – had a big day ahead of me!

*In case you’re wondering which pizza place is my favorite, it’s John’s off Bleeker. I usually eat there at least twice while I’m in the city, it’s just that good!

Freedom Towers in New York City

New York City Freedome Towers

When I awoke Monday morning, I realized I had brought the rain (and boy did my hair feel the effects!) but that wasn’t going to get me down. I hit the ground running Monday morning and begin exploring the city, meeting up with a few other Blogfest gals (Amanda from Twenty One Two and Jesse from 2e Designs) prior to all the wonderful and much anticipated Kravet Blogfest festivities!

New York Dylan Hotel

25th Annual ICFF:

Prior to the official kick-off party at Kips Bay, many of us bloggers attended ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) at New York’s Javits Center. What a great experience. Let the inspiration begin!

Blogfest 2012 attends ICFF

Amanda and Jesse walking into the ICFF

A few of my favorites from the ICFF:

Designers picks at ICFF 2012

Left - Right: Inigo Elizalade Rugs, Portland Oregon Juju Papers & Richard Watson Handcrafted Furniture

And look who I bumped into…none other than THE Johnathan Adler. Heyyyyy JA!

Johnathan Adler at ICFF

Johnathan Adler Furniture and Accessories as seen at this year's ICFF

Ready for it? Yep – you figured right, time to head to the official, 2012 Blogfest kick-off party at Kips Bay! We were all so excited!

Kips Bay Decorator Show House 2012:

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design travels to Kips Bay Decorator Show House

When we arrived at the The Aldyn Residences, I was so ready to head up to those penthouse apartments! Not only to view the amazing talents showcased inside, but to take advantage of those views! I can’t imagine (or can I?!) living in such a spectacular space!

From the Albert Hadley tribute room, to Thom Filicia’s use of kelly green lacquer to Alexa Hampton’s gorgeous master suite – each and every room was dressed to the nines. Each penthouse was absolutely stunning – and to think most of these designers had less than five weeks to pull their space together?! They are all crazy talented – bravo designers!

Architectural Digest, Editor-in-Chief Margaret Russell hosted the affair and after speaking a few words, stayed to meet and greet the design bloggers. I had the amazing privilege and honor to meet Margaret, how fun right? I was really just in awe of the whole thing. Kips Bay, New York, Architectural Digest – PARTY, Margaret Russell, hand-shake, snap picture, BLUR! What an amazing memory!

Portland Interior Designer and Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest Editor-in-Chief Margaret Russell and GHID designer, Nicole Copko

The Savant Experience Center:

Next up was a trip to The Savant Experience Center, a leader in the home technology showroom experience, featuring Apple-based A/V equipment for the home and commercial spaces. I took full advantage of all the technology – most of all the theater space, sprawling out on their luxe leather reclining chair, previewing a movie trailer on their booming speakers. To say this was fantastic would be an understatement. Going to the movies? Why bother??!

Thom Filicia at Blogfest 2012

Savior Beds:

After our Savant experience (no pun intended) we took a short walk down the street to Savior Beds, a luxury bed company founded by the owners of The Savoy Hotel. I took the liberty of testing out their beds, one of which retails for $72,000 – no big deal. But don’t let that scare you, they have beds in a wide variety of prices ranges all of which are comfy as all get-out!

Blogfest at Savior Beds in NYC

What an amazing day one of Blogfest 2012! Had some amazing experiences and memories I’ll never forget!


Stay tuned for Day Two!

Top 5 Wallpapers: Printed Grasscloth

Top Printed WallpapersVia Thibaut

New Patterns for the staple Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grasscloth is one of our favorite applications of textured wallpaper. Not only does is give that added dimension to a space, but it also adds interest with color, coming in an array of shades from lavenders to peacock blues. A great trend being seen in this category now is printed grasscloth wallpaper. Whether it be an accent wall in your bedroom or an entire entryway, printed grasscloth is a great way to add texture, color, and now pattern into a space. Take a look at our top 5 patterns that are hot for printed grasscloth…

#1 – Botanical

Now its even easier to bring some nature indoors with botanical prints. This is a win-win with the natural look and texture of grasscloth printed with nature inspired motifs. We love the subtlety of this print.

Printed Grasscloth WallpaperVia Stroheim

#2 – Fretwork

This type of pattern gives a very modern twist to grasscloth. Done right with updated, fresh colors, these patterns will make your walls pop. Fun to use for an accent wall or a small space that needs a punch of interest.

Printed Grasscloth WallpaperVia Phillip Jeffries

#3 – Damask

Not your grandma’s damask print anymore! Damask prints can be used with many different styles, from traditional to modern. Using large scale  damask prints is a great way to introduce a traditional vintage pattern into a contemporary space.

Printed Grasscloth WallpaperVia Thibaut

#4 – Small Repeat

If you want to try patterned wallpaper, but don’t want quite the large impact of pattern & color, try out a pattern with a small repeat. You can find small patterns in any style we’ve covered. One of our favorites is Schumacher‘s Greek Key Sisal (below), this pattern is hand-printed which gives it tons of texture. Yum!

Printed Grasscloth WallpaperVia F. Schumacher

#5 – High Contrast

If you want to go bold, high contrast is where you should start. High contrasting colors make the pattern jump off the background grasscloth. This is a fun way to make a statement in a room.  Below, the interlocking metallic gold rings on the black grasscloth have a complementing effect. Love!

Printed Grasscloth WallpaperVia Phillip Jeffries