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Textured Walls…

When it comes to decorating or painting walls, people frequently choose a basic paint that suits the overall look and feel of the home or environment without considering all of the options available…An interesting trend that we are seeing at Material Connexion is to texturize walls with materials that have personality and can add unique flair to the setting (Home Accents Today).

…and GHID couldn’t agree more.

Textural wall-coverings come in all shapes, sizes and forms and can be used in a wide variety of applications. From ceiling tins, to ceramic relief walls to cork wallpaper, the possibilities are endless.

Take a look at a few examples below, and remember these techniques and products the next time you’re looking to change up your space!

Woven Wall-Coverings:

Textural wallcoverings using woven wallpaper

Home Accents Today, Material Connexion

Textural grassclothe wallcoverings from Phillip Jeffries

Madagascar Aftrican Raffia, Phillip Jeffries

Bedroom design ideas using textured wallpaper

Smart Interiors

Living Room design ideas using grassclothe walls

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Susan J Moss, Trans-Pacific Design

High-Relief Structured Ceramic Tiles:

Textural wallcoverings using ceramic tiles

Home Accents Today, Material Connexion

Textured walls using ceramic tile

Daniel Dubay Interior Design

Textural ceramic tiles on the wall

via houzz

Textural ceramic tile as a fireplace surround

The Sky is the Limit Design

 Hand-Made Wall-Coverings:

Textural wallcoverings using hand-made wallpaper

Home Accents Today, Material Connexion

Textural wallcovering from Phillip Jeffries

Rivets, Phillip Jeffries

Textured wallpaper in the bedroom

Adrienne Chinn Design

Dining Room design ideas using cork wallpaper

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Textural wallpaper in Red 9 Club

Vahallan Papers

 Unique Wall-Covering Materials:

Textural wallcoverings using unique materials

Home Accents Today, Material Connexion

Phillips Jeffries "Geology" wallcovering

Textured walls using wood mosaic blocks

Beckwith Interiors

Textured walls using woven wood

via houzz

Exposed salvaged wood used as a wall-covering

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design


Working with an Interior Designer: GHID Team Design Process

Portland Interior DesignerVia Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

What’s it like to work with the GHID team?

GHID gets asked all the time how we work together as a team on design projects and with our clients. Today we want to share with you how our team dynamic works and what to expect when working with this Portland design firm. First and foremost, we love our team and the unique qualities everyone brings to the table.

When first introduced to a new client, Garrison, principal designer,  is always present for the first meeting and most likely will bring an associate or junior designer along. We discuss with the client any ideas or inspiration they might have. We have found that is a great way for our clients to peruse images of any space of the home. Here they can build ideabooks and really express their wants and inspiration to us through images.

After the scope of work (project details, wants/expectations) & budget is outlined, Garrison will come up with the concept and start the collaboration with a associate or junior designer. This is where the creativity and practicality come together and the design process begins.

Portland Interior Design FirmThe team at the design studio. From Left: Lisa Luchaco (Assoc. Designer), Garrison Hullinger (Principal), Nicole Copko (Assoc. Designer), & Alison Van Delden (Jr. Designer)

During the Design Process

After the concept and initial details have been laid out, then the assoc. or jr. designer will start the sourcing and layout details, including everything from furniture and fabrics to surfaces and finishes depending on the scope of the project. Throughout the entire space planning and sourcing process, the designers are in full collaboration with Garrison to create the best possible solutions and outcomes of the project possible. While working on multiple projects at different stages all at once, Garrison is able to be involved in every step. Typically, a presentation to the client will follow and, depending on the scope of work, the project is then implemented, whether it be starting the ordering process of furniture or consulting with a general contractor.

Portland Interior DesignerSome of the design team in action at the studio. From left: Nicole Copko, Alison Van Delden, Lisa Luchaco

What happens next?

The collaboration between the design team never stops. The project is followed closely during each phase to ensure the highest quality of work. During the final stages, Garrison and the other designers will make site visits, consult with contractors if necessary, and prepare the space for its final install day, which includes all the furnishings and accessories to tie the whole room or home together. It is a team effort until the final day the last finishing touch accessory is placed into the completed space.

You can learn more about the whole team and each member involved here.

Here are some end results …

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Via Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Via Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Garrison Hullinger Interior DesignVia Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Portland Interior Design FirmVia Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Take a look at the rest of our Portfolio here.

Portland Interior Designer at The Better Living Show…

Live Better with Less Impact. The NW Natural, Blue Home…

When Garrison Hullinger was approached to be apart of this year’s NW Natural Blue Home at The Better Living Show – he jumped at the opportunity. Not only would this experience continue to mold and stretch the design team here at GHID, but allow us to build new relationships within the community as well.

The NW Natural Blue Home also provided us the opportunity to understand more clearly, learn about and even procure some amazing green and sustainable products offered in home improvement and decor; many of which are located right here in the Pacific Northwest.

What is the Blue Home?

The home, built in just three days by Portland-based contractors Progressive Builders Northwest, is a great way to see innovative green product offered for your home.

The Blue Home unlocks energy saving ideas and beautiful design concepts in every room of the house to fuel plans for your next home makeover.

Learn how you can make changes, large and small, to reduce your home’s energy use and carbon footprint, while improving the comfort, quality and livability of the space you call home.  Enjoy the aromas from the gourmet kitchen, rest on locally made furnishings in the great room, learn how to efficiently heat small spaces in the mechanical room and check out what’s in the garage…NW Natural invites you to Live Better with Less Impact.

NW Natural’s Blue Home is built in partnership with Progressive Builders Northwest, Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Fireside Distributors of Oregon and many other amazing product suppliers and service providers.

The 2012 Blue Home, IN PROGRESS:

Working with an interior designer to build a home

The beginnings of the 2012 NW Natural Gas Blue Home

Portland Interior Designer Garrison Hullinger works on the 2012 Blue Home for the Better Living Show

Garrison Hullinger and Darrell Nelson of NW Natural discuss progress of the 2012 Blue Home

Working with an interior designer to build a home

The Blue Home

Working with an interior designer to build a home

Garrison Hullinger & Jim Feild of Progressive Builders Northwest discuss lighting

Building a home with an interior designer

Fireplace wall: Before

Working with an interior designer to build a home

Garrison Hullinger & Associate Nicole Copko discuss plans during the build

Paint ideas for your home

Associate Nicole Copko & her father, painter Glen Copko pose for a quick picture

Using orange paint in your home

YOLO Colorhouse, Clay 2

Using green paint in your home

YOLO Colorhouse, Thrive 3

Flooring ideas for your home

Here Linda Florio of Progressive Builders Northwest discusses the flooring progress with John from Interstate Flooring

Flooring ideas for your utility room

Marmoleum Click courtesty of Interstate Flooring

Custom Cabinetry for your kitchen

Scott from Cabinets Unlimited reviews plans prior to installing the cabinetry

Design Ideas for you Kitchen

The Kitchen, in progress

Design Ideas for your kitchen using butcher block

Butcher Block Island courtesy of Sean Kelly Woodworker

Painting your flooring

Justin Warren of Five Star Faux Finishes prepping the floor by taping the custom designed template

Custom paint design for your hardwood floors

Left: Justin continues to tape and prep for paint. Right: After

Left: In order for the paint to dry, Justin built a tent around the custom design, and filtered heat inside. Right: A temporary fencing around the drying floor paint

Tile design ideas for your bathroom

Lee Grundmeyer & team of J&L Flooring tile the shower stall

TV behind a mirror

Prepping the vanity for the TV built-in behind a mirror, courtesy of DT Glass

Portland Oregon retail provider Rejuvenation

A SPECIAL THANKS TO Amy Hekker of Rejuvenation for providing the lighting, hardware, furnshing and accessories for the 2012 Blue Home!

NW Natural Blue Home


NW Natural Blue Home

Garrison Hullinger & Nicole Copko discuss details about the home with the NW Natural team

NW Natural Blue Home

The Blue Home

2012 NW Natural Blue Home, AFTER:


A special thank you to all who donated amazing product for this event, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Aunka Gallery showcases artists from the Portland Area in this year's NW Natural Blue Home

THANK YOU to our wonderful artists, Jeni Lee, Lawrence Morrell & Dorothy Goode for lending us your gorgeous works for the event!

For more information on products used within the 2012 Blue Home, visit the Better Living Show website.

Sustainable Furnishings and Decor by Pacific Northwest Company, Vinoture…

Vinoture™, creates furniture and home accessories from reclaimed French oak wine barrels from wineries of the Walla Walla Valley. Their products are sustainable, built with green practices and distinctly unique.

When Garrison Hullinger first met Ian Crawford and began to understand his story, he knew Ian’s product was something special. Not only is the product beautiful and rich in character, but it’s produced of sustainable goods from right here in the Pacific Northwest.


Prior to Vintoure, Montana native Ian Crawford was a wedding and event planner who found himself with a large supply of wine barrels after an event. He was drawn to their shape and form, and inspired to up-cycle and create furniture from them. So came his vision for Vinoture.

Crawford, a self-taught craftsman, has an extreme passion for his art, an impeccable work ethic as well as a deep sense of design which has allowed him to grow the company steadily over the past five years. Recognizing the importance of sustainability, Ian has decided to showcase his product at this weekend’s Better Living Show, the Northwest’s largest sustainable lifestyle show.

 “Our products always seem to be well received in Portland,” said Ian Crawford, owner of Vinoture. “The aesthetics combined with the sustainability factor and locally sourced materials seems to resonate with the Portland market and we always look forward to coming here.”

Sustainable Furniture Products from the Pacific Northwest

Vinoture founder, Ian Crawford

Vinoture will be showcasing its signature pieces, including Eiffel Tower bistro tables, stools, chairs, coat racks, metal garden orbs, and sconces crafted from reclaimed French oak wine barrels from Northwest wineries. Each piece is unique and tells a bit of history with its connection to a local Northwest winery and vintage as well as distinctive patina developed from the wine aging process.


Sustainable Furniture from the Pacific Northwest

Eco-Friendly furniture constructed of up-cylced wine barrels

Living Room ideas using sustainable furnishings

Furnishings produced of sustainable materials

Vinoture: Custom Bar or Cashwrap

Furniture produced of sustainable materials

Interior Home Furnishings produced of sustainable materials

Vinoture: Charleton Barstool

Interior Home Furnishings produced of sustainable materials

Vinoture: Mini Barstool

Interior Home Furnishings produced of sustainable materials

Vinoture: Coat Rack

Interior Home Furnishings produced of sustainable materials

Vinoture: Fini Sconce

Interior Home Furnishings produced of sustainable materials
Vinoture: Fini Sconce

To learn more about Ian and his story, check out this short video!

We hope to see you at this weekend’s Better Living Show! Be sure to tour the NW Natural Blue Home as well as visit the Vinoture booth!


Sustainable Tips: Rejuvenation Event with Garrison Hullinger on Low-Impact, High-Quality Living

Rejuvenation presents Garrison HullingerCome see Garrison, as he speaks about low-impact, high quality living and how to translate it into your home.  THURSDAY, APRIL 5, 6PM – 9PM @ Rejuvenation on Grand Ave.

Don’t miss this chance to visit Rejuvenation and get sustainable living tips straight from Garrison.  He will share ideas from ways he has incorporated green design in his projects and also simple steps to take to add functionality and practicality to your home while using locally sourced, sustainable materials.

Garrison will also get a chance to discuss the rooms he designed for this years NW Natural Blue Home at Portland’s Better Living Show, showing this weekend March 23-25. The 1,100-square-feet home demonstrates low-impact, high-quality living at its best, and includes lighting and hardware from Rejuvenation.

GHID sends a big THANK YOU to Rejuvenation for hosting such a exciting, informative event. Their local presence and strive for quality with sustainable products, from locally made lighting to salvage materials, are making a big impact on this community and beyond. Be sure to check out for more info on this and future events.

Rejuvenation Event Sustainable TipsVia


1100 S.E. Grand Avenue
Drinks and light refreshments  will be served.

RSVP here and receive a coupon for 20% off one item at Rejuvenation… Free event AND a coupon, what more could you ask for?

Spread the word and bring your friends, we look forward to seeing you there!