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Luxurious Living Room…

Elle Decor – Monique Lhuillier


  1. Extremely comfortable, elegant, or enjoyable, esp. in a way that involves great expense: “the bedrooms have luxurious marble bathrooms”.
  2. Giving self-indulgent or sensuous pleasure: “a luxurious wallow in a scented bath”.

I’m so very excited to share one of our recent design presentations with you. Not only did we put together one of my favorite fabric compilations possibly ever, but we were also able to pull inspiration from THE one and only Monique Lhuillier.

As always, I began my research by browsing the internet (and yes, I did start with our fav Elle Decor) – and happened upon Monique’s home. It was perfect to pull ideas from for our client in that her home evokes the ultimate GHID mix of the classic, casual and contemporary twist necessary for this Living Room assignment (*pinch me now).

Inspiration Images:

Elle Decor – Monique Lhuillier

Elle Decor – Monique Lhuillier

LR: Before

The space was overrun by the family’s piano that hasn’t been in use for some time (anybody looking to purchase a pristine, pre-owned piano?). So the family has decided to remove the piano from the room in order to make space for additional seating.

As you can see, the wall color is gorgeous – so no need to change the paint color.

We’ve suggested that the client keep the chest (see below) but faux finish it in a silver-leafed luster-stone type finish. *Pics to come!


LR Style Sheet: Clean, classic and sophisticated with a bit of a modern edge…mission accomplished.

For the Living Room fabrics, we wanted to bring in some color tones from the adjacent Dining Room window treatments – so we opted for lavenders, muted golds and touches of pink to go along with our signature neutrals.We opted for a Robert Allen woven on our sofa, from one of our favorite fabric books (possibly EVER), Twig – and created added interest and dimension via the pillows in various textures, prints and colors.

Manuel Canovas: Beauregard, Fuchsia Rose

…okay, I’m drooling…

Our “spread” of gorgeous textiles for the sofa…

For the chairs, we chose neutrals in soft greys and taupes with rosy-undertones (tried, tested and true GHID staples).

Lounger 1:

Lounger 2:

I for one, canNOT wait to see this vision come to life.

Here’s to a blessed Wednesday!

Serving Up Style via Elle Decor…

As much as I WISH Elle would’ve featured Portland’s own Serving Up Style in their mag – this was not so…

However, they (Elle) did recently publish a little article entitled “Serving Up Style” which obviously captured my attention.

Often times table tops get overlooked in the process of designing a space (yes, I am a person who enjoys setting my table – especially when it comes to special occasions! – sometimes I even set it just to look at all my linens and fun table top accessories, designer-much?!). So, being the uber-creative/oh so practical individual that I am, I decided to dig a little deeper into Elle’s featured table top ideas.

Here are a few ideas that’ll hopefully spark your own creative juices:

Coupe china collection, $15 each, 212-755-9079;

What a cool idea! MYdrap Tear-Off Linens, $25 to $42 for rolls of 12;

Napkins per roll: 50, price per roll: $25.00,

They even come in cute prints!

Creative Cutlery

Never worry about your utensils falling off your plate again…

1. Handwoven Dotten Cotton Towel, inkandpeat, 2. Table Mats – Cassette Tape,, 3. Frame Placemats, 4. Medina Table Runner,

A few fun table top ideas…happy thursday!

Portland Monthly hosts Garrison Hullinger @ Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams of Portland, Oregon…

Design peers, GHID clients, friends, family and a host of design students filled the Mitchell Gold showroom last Wednesday evening as Garrison Hullinger spoke on design dilemmas, upcoming design trends and our signature GHID look. We were so pleased by the turnout and feedback we received during the event and hope to have the opportunity to join forces with these two well-known Portland companies again very soon…

A special thanks to our gracious host Ryan Rottum and his amazing team at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and all the support we’ve received from Portland Monthly!

Stay tuned for a sneak peak into Garrison presentation – pics included!

Above: Garrison Hullinger speaks at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams of Portland, Oregon

Oh, and did we mention all three of us designers wore matching scarves to the event (sorry – we didn’t get a picture!)…yep, you know Garrison goes all out for events. See what we selected below…

We may have gotten distracted on the way to the Macy’s accessory department…oh heyyy JB!

Hope to see you at a speaking engagement soon!

Interior Design Inspiration Binder October 2011…

Contemporary Causal, Manhattan Chic and a London flat…I could go on and on describing our inspirations for our most recent Connecticut project…

When Garrison first introduced the project to me, he had proposed this interesting idea of mixing a contemporary London flat look with a Ralph Lauren feel and an east-coast meets west-coast vibe – a mix of varied aesthetics of which I was happy to work with.

So I began brainstorming past and present designs that incorporated all three looks as well as future trends GHID saw on the horizon…

Here are a few sneak peaks I’ve added to our inspiration binder…

East-coast Decadence meets Contemporary Casual:

European Couture meets American Rancher…

London Loft meets Menswear Chic:

Potential Pops of Color:


Go Green with New Windows…

We’ve had several requests as of late from various writers, companies and a few design peers to guest post on our blog – I’ve decided to finally relinquish a little control and feature a few - designer is often synonymous with control freak…who’s with me?!

Today we’d like to introduce Scott of Window World Portland, a window replacement company based in Portland, OR that has stores nationwide and is an authority in Window Replacement across the United States. One topic that we are particularly drawn to is energy savings – we discuss this with our clients often as we help design for them lined or inter-lined window treatments. Going further, we also educated ourselves on how to incorporate green products into our sourcing and procurement processes – this includes windows.

One of the biggest concerns that people have today is the idea of going green, or rather, the idea of trying to make less on an impact on our planet while saving money all at the same time.

There are many things one can do in order to live a more green and eco friendly lifestyle, from reusing plastic bags from your grocery store, to turning off the water when you brush your teeth, using your bike instead of your car, and even installing things in your home that save energy.

One of the less thought about, though critical components to a more green lifestyle is windows and window replacement in your home. While there are many options available to you in order to help make your home more green, from light bulbs and toilets to solar panels and irrigation systems, installing new energy efficient windows can yield great benefits for not only the environment, but also for your electric bill.

The beauty of installing low energy windows is that they are a very cost effective way to make your house more eco friendly, as replacement windows for your home can start as low as 189$. These windows will also pay for themselves in no time as the 48% reduction in solar heat will help to cut AC costs in the summer, and seal in your furnace heat in the winter.

It’s important that we all do our part to help save the environment, so why not start by replacing the windows in your home with new energy efficient windows? Your planet and your wallet will thank you.

Thanks again to Scott of Window World Portland!