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GHID Partners with Molly’s Fund for Serving Up Style {Part 2}…

When GHID found out the details about the 12’ x 16 space allowed for the dining room the first thing that popped into our heads was scale and functionality in a small room. When beginning the designs of the space, we recognized the small scale of the room and how that relates to today’s home. One of the biggest design challenges for clients is space planning in a small room. We wanted to address this space planning issue with thinking beyond just the dining room and into what a client’s needs would be in their entire small living space. With this idea in mind GHID hit the drawing boards and came up with the concept of a “convertible dining settee” (as you can tell the title has not yet been confirmed). Garrison designed a custom settee that can be converted into a headboard & storage bench. To bring our plans to life we recruited the one and only Trio Furniture. From our simple sketches and rendering of the custom settee, Trio Furniture was able to create a masterpiece that is currently being displayed in GHID’s Serving Up Style dining room @ the Portland Fall Home & Garden Show.

Here are some preliminary inspirations for the custom piece:

Continuing on the design process journey, we also wanted a space that related to everyone’s home. We wanted to create a space that would inspire  people with ideas to bring back home. We accomplished this by using a design with simple floors, windows, and trims. By keeping this neutral palette with clean lines, we are able to show how much the right pieces and materials can really glam up a space. Our theme for our statement pieces in the room was gilded. GHID has worked with Five Star Faux for all our refinishing needs from furniture to fireplaces. They can work miracles on just about anything we give them. This time it was a vintage dresser to use for a buffet and a custom metal table pedestal base created by Gearhart Ironwerks. We love the idea of incorporating mixed metals into a space, so we had the pieces finished in different tones of metallics from tarnished silver to brassy gold. The final pieces are stunning and compliment each other very well.

Take a look at the before shots … after shots still to come or you can also check them out at the show :)

Going along the same lines of using a neutral palette that relates to everyone, we also wanted to give the dining room an updated feel. We introduced many fresh pops of color into the room through gorgeous fabrics, donated by Clarke & Clarke Fabrics, and accessories. We chose a palette of mauves, plums, and taupes for the furniture, and added accents of teal & gray on the table top. These colors combined with the mixed metals gives the dining room a very luxe feel, but still holds a very casual, cozy atmosphere.

That’s all for now folks, this series is definitely not done yet. Remember the Portland Fall Home and Garden Show starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday evening. GHID is volunteering at our room throughout the entire show, please come stop by Serving Up Style and see everyone’s hard work! See you there!

GHID Partners with Molly’s Fund for Serving Up Style {Part 1}…

If you haven’t already heard of Serving Up Style, this two part series will introduce you and get you up to date on this amazing event for such an important cause.

Serving Up Style is an annual event held by Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus, spreading Lupus awareness and supporting its research for a cure. This is the 3rd year the event has been held at the Portland Fall Home & Garden Show, and this year is looking to be the biggest yet.

GHID was approached by Debbie McCabe, the founder of Serving Up Style and Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus, to be apart of the 2011 Serving Up Style – Designers Fighting Lupus event and it was an immediate yes. This year’s event includes 12 design teams with one challenge – design a dining room – simple as that, or so we thought. With an unlimited amount of possibilities designers are able to create a space that reaches out from the ordinary and goes beyond expectations. From glamorous and glitzy to colorful and charming. Long story short, not only was this for a powerful cause, but the pictures of past participants’ spaces made it hard for us resist from joining the fun! Here are some of our favorites from last year …

Modurne – Judge’s Choice Award 2010

Art Institute of Portland – Table Top Award 2010

Maison & Cielo Home – Creativity Award 2010

Nicole Helene Interior Design – People’s Choice Award 2010

And so the journey begins for GHID… We were able to get a core group of partnering vendors to sign on to our space almost immediately. One of the most beautiful outcomes GHID was able to see from this event is the amount of partnership and teamwork that was involved through the entire process.  We are excited to see the end result of such hard work and collaboration. I will get a little more in depth in the design process and all the contributors and products tomorrow with the plan reveal.

Here are “before” pics of the work in progress during our set build out @ the Expo Center for Thursday’s kickoff:

Lion’s Pride Sustainable Moving & Storage have been lending a BIG hand of support the entire way, here they are in full force making sure everything arrives in perfect condition.

Now this is teamwork, nothing like having wood flooring, wallpaper, and trimwork done all at the same time. Thanks Team!

The show starts this Thursday, September 29th and runs until Sunday October 2nd. Its definitely not too late to get tickets to the Fall Home and Garden Show @ the Expo Center. Come see get inspired! All proceeds from Serving Up Style benefit the lupus awareness and service initiatives of Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus. We hope to see all our GHID supporters out if full force to see the results of what working for a great cause can accomplish. Come get inspired!


Here’s a little teaser for our space and theme featured in the Oregonian this month… stay tuned for our plan reveal … and much more pictures!

DECOdence – Gilded. Sophisticated. Decadent.

By integrating curvilinear lines, mixed metals and luxe lighting, the space echoes the alluring art deco movement yet exudes a casual, sophisticated lifestyle.


GHID Interior Design Boards for Portland’s Waterfront Pearl…

GHID was approached a few months back to design and build several design boards for one of Portland’s premiere condo communities, the Waterfront Pearl – an opportunity we took advantage of.

Situated in the northwest corner of the city, the Waterfront Pearl offers stellar views of the Willamette River, city bridges and Portland’s industrial east-side communities. Working with great bones and great views is a wonderful way to start any design project – and this space was no different.

Like any design project we began by visiting the unit to assess the space and potential design dilemmas…

Entry into the unit:

Looking into the main living area:

Living area:

Looking into the office (sliding doors) and main living area:

Looking into the kitchen & main living area:

Notes from our visit – the design ‘dilemmas’:

1. The space was narrow with little to no natural light, specifically in the middle portion of the space – we need to brainstorm lighting solutions.

2. We need to segment the space into two very distinct areas – dining and living – without making it feel cramped or crowded

3. We need to take advantage of every ounce of the space – innovative design solutions.

4. Each board should represent a distinct design style – traditional, contemporary and modern.

As we began space planning, we placed the dining area closest to the kitchen being that this set-up was the most functional. We opted for a round dining table in both the traditional and contemporary designs, and a square table in the modern (extending to a rectangle for entertaining). We grounded this area with a large area rug and placed a chandelier centered on the table below.

Segmenting long narrow spaces can seem daunting at times, however it’s as simple as placing a portable piece of furniture in-between each space – ie a bookshelf or dual-sided banquette as seen our modern design.

We added ambient lighting throughout the space as well as add’l fixtures to illuminate the room. We kept the window treatments as simple as possible, hanging right-justified fabric panels to allow as much light into the space as possible.

We stayed true to our GHID look designing around a soft neutral color palette – adding pops of color here and there through textiles, artwork and accessories – in order to help accentuate the homes natural surroundings and existing fixtures and surfaces. A gorgeous look for a high-rise condo…

Traditional Layout:

Contemporary Layout:

Modern Layout:


Missoni-Inspired Interior Design…

Don’t know about you – but when I heard Missoni was coming out with a Missoni for Target line my heart skipped a beat, maybe even two!

Owning a Missoni scarf has been on my “someday” list for years – maybe it’ll finally come true now, thanks to Target…

There are a few reasons why the Missoni design house stands out in my mind – for one, founders Ottavio (“Tai”) and Rosita Missoni know how to design pattern. Their classic chevron prints in vibrant colors and textured fabrics make for gorgeous statement pieces – in both fashion and interiors alike.

How cute are they?!

Secondly, they have a keen knack for mixing and matching various patterns that otherwise might be considered a design faux-paux. On some occasions a plaid, stripe AND chevron work in one ensemble and interior space. It’s all about the mix – and Missoni has the eye for it.

Last but not least, the prints are fun, energetic and sophisticated – a pairing that isn’t always easy to achieve.

Here are a few of my Missoni for Target favs:

Missoni for Target® Fluid Knit Romper – Brown/Multicolor, Women’s MISSONI for Target® Suede Pumps – Black, Missoni for Target® V-Neck Knit Cardigan – Multicolor Zigzag Print, Missoni for Target® Drawstring Knit Pants – Blue Herald, Women’s MISSONI for Target® Zig Zag Rain Boots – Multicolor, Women’s MISSONI for Target® Suede Pumps – Black, Missoni for Target® Women’s Marled Infinity Scarf – Brown, Missoni Travel Tote – Black and White Pattern

Missoni-Inspired interior design:

The VA Museum, House Beautiful Ocotber 2011: “English designer Stuart Haygarth created this extraordinary installation, Framed, on a marble staircase inside London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Using pieces from framer John Jones, he designed a Missoni-style flame stitch pattern to “accessorate” a staircase. I wonder how it would look in my house!”

Missoni Home

Patchwork chair at Moschino in Milan, House Beautiful, October 2011

“Missoni’s newest luxury hotel is located in Kuwait City and is part of Symphony Centre, a premier luxury shopping destination. Rosita Missoni, the company’s creative director, and Graven Images, a Glasgow-based interior designer, are responsible for the hotel’s look”. InteriorZine

Top Five Tips for Accessorizing a Bookshelf…

I’ve written about it before – but feel that it’s time for a refresher…

Accessorizing a bookshelf can seem daunting, overwhelming (to say the least) and a bit, dare I say it, annoying at times. However, this does NOT need to be the case! Bookshelves are a great way to display items you’ve collected throughout the years, heirlooms and portraits of your friends and family. When you think of it this way, it seems to lift the weight of this task right off your shoulders – and instead of looking at it like as a task, you start to view it as an opportunity to showcase meaningful items for both you and your family.

Here are five additional tips for accessorizing your bookshelf:

1. Define your style. Once you’ve narrowed down the look that you’re going for, you’ll have a better idea of items to pull from in your own home – and what items you feel you’ll need to purchase. I’m with designer Amitha Verma, I just love the look of shelves packed with books – “even with books of different sizes stacked clumsily on top of each other, the overall look is charming and cozy rather than chaotic” (Verma). However, if you’re after something a little more stylish and contemporary, select accessories and “filler” items that fit within your personal aesthetic (along with a few books) – gather them so they end up in the same room so you can see all of them together before you begin placing them on the shelves. This will give you an idea of how the accessories will look in the shelves and if the pieces provide the look you were going for.

Amitha Verma Designs

2. Select a color pallet. As you gather your accessories with your look in mind, make sure you are aware of the color scheme going on in your space. Color pops are great in bookshelves and help unify the overall color pallet in the space. Not only that, but are you shelves stained in a darker finish? If so, select accessories in lighter tones, and place books with the pages turned out to lighten it up.


Elle Decor

3. Start with the big stuff first. Place the larger accessories in the bookshelf first, staggering them on each of the shelves – for example, one on the top right, one on the middle left and one on the bottom middle. These larger items are the building blocks when accessorizing your shelving – allowing you to fill in where need be. *Remember, balance and scale.

Elle Decor

4. Fill it in. Once you’ve placed the larger items in the shelves, incorporate a few filler items such as greenery, frames and smaller accessory items (such as a porcelain sphere).

5. Edit, edit, edit! Too much stuff on your bookshelf will ultimately take away from the beauty of each individual piece. Make sure each shelf feels collected, incorporates interesting textures, and various heights and scales.

Steven Gambrel’s design in House Beautiful, August 2009

GHID recently (last week)  accessorized one of our clients bookshelves – here are a few before & after images (bear with us, our iphone photography skills aren’t quiet as good as Elle Decor’s famed photographers)…



We’re in the process of sourcing some greenery for the bookshelves which will provide a soft richness within the space.