GHID is Sophisticated, Casual, Contemporary Part II…

When we first walked into our clients Florida great room, our first thought was how we were going to maximize seating for our clients and their guests. As you can tell from the floor plan above, the space really only allows for seating on the left-facing side of the room, and those walls are lined with floor-ceiling windows.

We immediately began discussing the possibility of a custom sectional that would follow the unique lines within the room. As our conversation continued our excitement about the possibilities of this piece grew, and in a short amount of time we found that our sketches proved more than adequate for the space.

After concept planning and laying out our ideas into our floor plan, we presented our ideas to the clients – they loved the concept and were so excited about this ‘statement’ piece – so much so that it solidified our desire to build the room around the sectional.

We researched a few looks, and found two that we wanted to marry together, along with a few custom GHID touches…

Our clients were drawn to the GHID look, hence the classic frames and clean architectural details of our inspiration pieces.

After our clients approved the look and concept of the sectional, we scaled the sectional down to fit perfectly in the space. We’ll begin by doing a few sketches – and a meeting with our furniture makers, Trio Furniture.

It’s great working alongside various professionals such as Trio as they help to appropriately engineer the piece and provide a second opinion when it comes to specific measurements, cushioning as well as fabric selection.

We wanted the sectional propped up on stainless steel legs, four legs for each segment of the sectional.

In order for our clients to visualize the sectional concept and overall look, we had one of our associate designers, Alison Van Delden, draw up a quick rendering of the piece.

Our clients loved the idea of this over-sized sectional piece, being that it’s a statement and will provide ample seating in the room.

Once again we designed the space around this piece – below you’ll see our style sheet we sent to our client – a style sheet is our opportunity as designers to showcase the pieces we’ve sourced in one location in order for them to get a feel for our overall design scheme and visions.

And once again our final rendering of the space…

We’re in the process of having this custom piece built – and will be making our way over to Trio’s studio on a few occasions to test the sit and overall feel of this piece – a definite plus when sourcing a custom piece locally.

Pictures of the process to come!

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