GHID is Sophisticated, Casual, Contemporary Part I…

When we first met with our Florida clients we curiously asked them how they ran across our design firm, being that Portland-based GHID is nearly 3,000 miles away from their place of residence. One of our clients took the initiative, spoke up, and in three words we had our answer – sophisticated, casual, contemporary.

Sophisticated: GHID uses a mix of luxurious fabrics such as mohair and organic linens, classic patterns and daring stripes to give a space a timeless aesthetic as if it’s been lived in, yet feels very much put together and well designed.

Casual: We enjoy designing spaces that can be lived in – a room that looks stuffy and untouchable isn’t welcoming, we do our best to make sure every space in the home is both beautiful and comfortable as well as family and pet friendly.

Contemporary: We love the look of clean lines and classic frames.

It was in their simple response that Garrison and I began to fully grasp the incredible impact the GHID look has on our potential clients (and repeat clientele alike). We always knew that Garrison’s visions and design insight fell into a category all its own, but it wasn’t until this conversation that our thoughts and assumptions behind our “look” were solidified.

The GHID signature “look” is something our team discusses often…we think about it as we source fabrics, furniture and frames – fixtures, hardware and all that goes into new construction and remodels. It’s on the forefront of our minds as we attend design lectures, various product seminars and rep meetings. And now more than ever before, we are incredibly aware that when people hire us, they are doing so because of two things: our look and our team. It’s our job then to design for them a space that reflects our look combined with their unique statements and personal touches in order to transform their space into something that is as warm and beautiful as it is comfortable and functional.

This week we’d like to take the opportunity to discuss our Florida project a little more with you. Today we’ve featured a few renderings of the space as we’ve envisioned it, and plan on discussing various products, color inspiration, texture, layout, as well as a spectacular custom GHID furniture piece in the days to come.

We’re in the final stages of the sourcing process and plan on traveling back to Florida for install come mid-end of September. Both the clients and our GHID team are excited to see how this amazing home design comes together.

Here are a few sneak peaks of the house…stay tuned!!

Florida – Living Room

Florida – Dining Room

Florida – Master Bedroom

One thought on “GHID is Sophisticated, Casual, Contemporary Part I…

  1. Donna Pizzi

    So happy to see you blogging about GHID’s projects in the making. The drawings are, indeed, intriguing. Looking forward to your install! We particularly enjoy hearing what drew a client from 3,000 miles away to the GHID signature style. Great to be appreciated from afar, but even greater to bring it up close and very personal. Congrats!


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