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Isay Weinfeld & The Square Nine Hotel…

Designed by Brazilian Architect Isay Weinfeld, the Square Nine Hotel is a contemporary construction integrating both modern and historical elements, as seen in many of its surrounding buildings. Located in the heart of Belgrade’s historical center, the boutique-inspired hotel is walking distance to shopping, restaurants and Kalemegdam [an ancient Roman fortress turned park in a centrally urbanized part of town].

What I appreciate most about this present-day structure is the respect it has for the history and existing old world architecture running throughout the city – and this wasn’t by accident…

“The concept of the hotel was born from the owner’s desire be part of Belgrade’s renovation impressing a luxurious, but more familiar character to the city, where in the last two decades only big hotels from international chains, not committed to the city’s identity came to sight”. -Isay Weinfeld

The hotel boasts of modern amenities and interior furnishings with a traditional twist – much like our very own Ace Hotel.


Lusterstone & Five Star Faux Finishes…

For this particular project, we were asked to create a room with sophistication, a touch of whimsy and lots of glam. And glam according to GHID was translated – lusterstone.

Lusterstone is a decorative architectural trowel-on coating, which produces beautiful natural reflective stone patterns. The product and process can be used to produce a wide variety of dull or high sheen dimensional finishes, or stunning combinations of highs and lows.

The end result was stunning, and we have Jennifer and Justin of Five Star Faux Finishes to thank.

Five Star Faux Finishing, based out of Gresham, Oregon has been in the painting business for over twenty years, specializing in decorative faux work since 2000. We wouldn’t trust anyone else to do a faux finish for us – lusterstone being our go-to faux – is one of their specialties.

GHID loved the look of lusterstone so much, that we’ve incorporated the various colored lusterstone finishes into a few of our other projects…as well as a silver-leafed bathroom wall. All of which were crafted by Five Star.


Garrison Hullinger Interior Design: Lusterstone, Five Star.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design: Silver Leafing, Five Star.

Projects by Five Star Faux Finishes:

Box ceiling, one color wash: Five Star Faux Finishes.

Lusterstone reptile finish: Five Star Faux Finishes.

Venetian fireplace: Five Star Faux Finishes.

Old Hollywood Inspired Interior Decor…

How does Old Hollywood glitz and glam inspire contemporary design and decor?

Answer: In just about every way possible.

First we must define what Old Hollywood really is – technically, this term refers to the American Film Industry ranging from the 1910s to the 1960s – however, I use the term loosely, relating it to all that is vintage and retro…(and yes Mom, I consider the 70s decently retro).

There were so many fabulous looks and styles born out of this time period – how could they not inspire contemporary design? Art and design are cyclical right? And because there were so many fads and design crazes throughout this time I’m confident we can all relate to at least one.

With celebs and high profile figures such as Brigitte Bardot, John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra infiltrating pop culture via television, motion pictures and radio – their style and design manner were bound to inspire entirely new fashion trends, or awaken design fads of years past.

All this to say – there are several styles that seem to speak to GHID more than others…Enjoy!

Oh to experience Old Hollywood…

Eclectic glam, a touch of wimsey & slightly sexy…

1. Hollywood Regency Table Lamp, 1st Dibs 2. Rustic Nightstand, 1st Dibs 3. Starburst Mirror 4. Flokati Area Rug, Williams Sonoma 5. Throw Pillow, Zara Home 6. Antique Chandelier 7. Gilt metal and wrought iron day bed by Ferrabini, Italy, circa 1950s, Merrill Antiques

Ruggedly handsome, tailored and undoubtedly assured…

1. Chandelier, 1st Dibs, 2. Eames Chair & Ottoman 3. Mid-Century Sofa, Hive 4. Wood Cocktail Table, The Phillips Collection 5. Bedside Gun Table, Philippe Starck

Sleek and sophisticated, period.

1. Orchid 2. Cocktail Table, Pearson 3. Hounds-tooth Pillow, 4. Persian Area Rug, Tufenkian 5. English Rolled Arm Sofa, Pearson, 6. Table Lamp, Currey & Company

Little did I know Mrs. Anne Sage of The City Sage would be inspired by similar retro and Old Hollywood style including both Jackie & Marilyn in her latest blog entry…allow me to share a few of her concept boards…

THE Jackie O…

Miss Marilyn…