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Room Of The Day {Post-Modern Tree House}…

You know when you find the perfect jean – and once you slip those puppies on you realize you wouldn’t change a thing about them? The color – awesome. The texture – super soft and comfy. And the fit (the most important aspect) – is juuust right…

…Well that’s how I feel about a home I recently ran across in Rue mags May/June 2011 issue – check it out! (Oh and btw – I know the jean/house analogy may have been a bad one, slightly un-relateable in a way, but I’m not going to edit it out…It just made too much sense to me at the time, which was approx five seconds ago)…

And so I digress…

But of course Rue (one of my fav design sources) features one of the most stellar post-modern houses I’ve ever seen! Seriously, I wouldn’t change a thing about the architecture or the interiors…it’s amazing in every way.

A Home That Is Both Sensual & Functional…

The house, belonging to, and designed by fashion designer Corinne Grassini, is a mix of her rustic upbringing and post-modern/vintage aesthetics. Corinne, being a girl after my own heart, has filled the home with furniture and accessories from friends, flea markets and thrift shops (nice work Corinne). And that acquired look is exactly what I’m drawn to most.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of the home as much as I did.

*Be sure to check out Corinne’s line, Society for Rational Dress.


Aaron Leitz Architectural Photography…

So often we forget about the designer, better yet artist, behind the lens as we identify beauty in and around well-designed spaces…today I’d like to share a few snapshots from local photographer, Aaron Leitz.

This Seattle-based photographer, specializing in architectural and interior photography, has shot for well known designer Kendall Wilkinson, fashion house – Burberry, well-renowned design publication – Lux Interiors and the one and only Starbucks Coffee Company. Not only is his work stellar – but the thought behind each photo speaks volumes about Aaron’s artistic and creative process’.

“I love the pursuit of that perfect composition that captures an interior as it was meant to be felt. I love the focused, methodical nature of setting up a shot. I love chasing the sunlight as it moves through a structure. I love architectural photography”. -Aaron Leitz

I love that quote, you really get a sense that Aaron understands, and is in sync with the designer’s vision.

Here are a few examples of his photography – gorgeous.


Check out Aaron’s Blog!

Lovely Laundry Rooms…

Don’t love doing the laundry? – try freshening up your room with a little GHID

Okay, I’ll stop sounding like a used car commercial now, or better yet, an infomercial for a new line of laundry detergent…

But on a more serious note (because design is pretty serious business and all) – how many of you dread doing the laundry? (*HAND RAISED). And yes, the chore may be a little dreary, even daunting at times…but let’s look at a few ways to make this task become a little more pleasant.

A few small changes can make a world of difference to just about any space – and like other tinier rooms in your home (ie the powder bath, closet and laundry room) you have the opportunity to treat that space a little differently than the rest of your home – a touch more special if you will.

And these small additions and/or updates don’t have to be over the top or full-on remodels – sometimes a splash of color in the form of paint or wallpaper is all you’ll need – other times is de-cluttering and organizing a bit or placing a few pieces of your favorite artwork on the walls. All in all, it’s just making this space a place where you’ll actually enjoy throwing clothes in a big bin that magically washes AND drys your garments (now if only if those two machines were an all in one…but I’m sure someones invented those already).

Here are a few of my favs…

How adorable is the vintage floral curtain under the sink? I’m thinking orange could be fun…

try a modern floral print by Kravet: Poppyfield.12; Citysquare-12; 30981-1624; 30764-12; 30758-16; 30765-6 (disc).

Love wallpaper in general – but I love it even more in smaller spaces like the laundry room…

Organization can make all the difference in the world – especially when paired with a set of turquoise washers and dryers – so fun!

Inspired yet?

(Images courtesy of Elle Decor, Apartment Therapy and Coco & Kelly)

Area Rugs On Carpet {My Love/Hate Relationship With}…

In an ideal world – I’d transform just about every space using rustic barn-wood flooring (well, that or terra-cotta brick tiles)…There’s something incredibly charming, special and even a smidgen sweet about those large au natural wooden planks. Yadayadayada – I could go on, but in the interest of your attention span, I’ll voluntarily digress…

With that being said – not every space calls for hardwoods, and more importantly, sometimes it’s simply out of the budget.

So how do you work area rugs into your decor when you have wall to wall carpeting already in place?

First of all I must say, it’s just not my favorite look – area carpets on carpeting that is – but like most design concepts, this is simply a matter of opinion – (from time to time, even us at GHID tend to reach different conclusions about this design concept).

So like most designers on a mission to solve a design dilemma, I began scanning a few of my favorite design sources to see how I might be able to confidently incorporate area rugs on carpet pre-existing carpeting. And I must say, I’ve actually had bit of a change of heart – there are a few exceptions to my “no carpet on carpet” rule…below you’ll find a few spaces where I believe carpet on carpet works, along with a short explanation as to why and when I think it works.


Jonathan Staub and Marion Philpotts-Miller, Philpotts Interiors, San Francsco, 643 Seventh St., San Francisco & 40 South School Street No 200, Honolulu, HI 96813

In Staub and Philpotts-Miller’s guest bedroom, designed for the San Francisco Decorator’s Showhouse – they used an organic animal print rug to accent the wall to wall carpeting, constructed of sisal.

The textures compliment each other nicely – where the sisal reads and feels more as a solid, much like a hardwood – the animal print works to add a softer feel and sense of fluidity to soften the look of the sisal.

This room, designed by Todd Alexander Romano and recently showcased in Lonny mag, features an area rug on carpeting that to my eye, works in a similar way the room featured above does – just flip-flopped. The soft plush wall to wall is now complimented by an area rug in a densely woven pile.

It really comes down to mixing the right textures together – soft, plush carpeting paired with organic, natural elements like a jute or sisal is different enough to be placed together, and will add enough dimension to your flooring where the two carpets compliement each other rather than distract and take away from the overall look of the space.

Simply put, pick which material works best for your wall to wall – and do the opposite for your area rug.

Rubie Green {We Heart It}…

I’m from Oregon…more specifically Portland, so I guess it’s only natural that like most Portlanders, I too value the art of well-crafted, eco-friendly products…

“Take a minute, relax and recall the perfect summer day. A lemonade in one hand, a classic novel in the other, and against the garage a vintage bicycle from an earlier morning ride”. -Rubie Green

*Speaking of vintage bikes – here’s a pic of new ride…makes me happy!

I’m pleased to introduce Rubie Green, my newest au natural obsession…not only are the products friendly to our environment and incredibly practical, but ohhh so cute as well!

In short, the company was created by eco-inspired designer Michelle Adams who, after college landed her dream job working for domino magazine. Michelle spent several years with the company traveling around the globe in search of the newest and best in eco-friendly interior decor. “While working on the magazine’s inaugural “green issue,” she realized no one was making eco-friendly textiles in classic prints and saw an opportunity to combine her two passions: design and sustainability. So, in 2007 she left the magazine to start Rubie Green”.

*Michelle is also one of the co-founders of Lonny Magazine.

Here are a few of my Rubie favs…

The Ellie Bag – Pink

Rubie Square Pillow Cover – Snake

Delavan Strip



East Village – Pink, Raspberry