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Bridges – {Pantone Webinar, Trends Summer 2012}…

This past week I had the opportunity to attend Pantone’s Summer 2012 color and trend webinar…First of all, can I say that this was right up my alley?

I frantically took notes while the speaker presented the slide show hoping to shed some light on future projects and to inform our loyal readers of what’s to come…

Summer 2012 brings a sense of sophisticated edge to the design industry – textiles, color and material selection all play a vital role in the palette…but since we are talking about a Pantone seminar, I feel it’s only appropriate to discuss color.

From vibrant turquoises and blazing fuchsias – to muted pinks and corals reminiscent of desert clays – to soft slightly off-browns and matte blacks – the palette really does have something for everyone…although, bright colors seem to be the reigning champion of Summer 2012.

Take a look…& Happy Tuesday!

Kane Carpets {Run In The Park}…

Just the other day Garrison and I had the opportunity to meet up with one of our fabulous clients (hello Mrs. Shirley) to consult on material and finish selection for a project her and her family are working on…first stop, Contract Furnishings Mart.

The ever helpful Will McHarness was awaiting our visit, as he offered to set aside some time to answer any questions we might have along the way (we find Will’s product knowledge and efficiencies incredibly beneficial as we work through our client meetings).

With our client’s vision in mind, we discussed overall aesthetics, cabinetry, floor tile, back splashes, hardwoods, windows, moldings, doors….right down to the carpeting (GHID can help nail down a lot in a two hour block of time).

As we paroused through the various carpeting selections, Garrison and I noticed a few new styles and collections we hadn’t seen before – needless to say, we became enamored by quite a few (what do you expect? we’re designers…) – however, one particular carpeting stood out above the rest, enough so that we wanted to share…

This broadloom and runner collection (can also be cut and bound into area rugs), entitled “Run In The Park” is produced by Kane Carpets – a leading carpeting manufacturer founded in back in 1947. What we find so fantastic about this particular product is the texture.

The carpet, constructed in a traditional wilton weave (which the pile threads run continuously into the carpet and are raised above the surface of the integral backing by means of wires or hooks), has been sculpted to create added depth, dimension and texture – not to mention additional drama by design.

The texture makes the piece come to life – however it’s the colorways that make the carpeting so striking. We applaud Kane’s usage of color, choosing to construct the carpeting in a vibrant purple-y magenta and bright fuchsia (hello 80s flashback). We hope you enjoy this product as much as we do – we only hope pictures will do the product justice!


New Products From West Week 2011 {Holly Hunt}…

We’ve been on a Holly Hunt roll the past few weeks…What more can I say, her work speaks to us…

I recently set aside some time to read up on Holly, and stumbled upon an article in Elle Decor dedicated to Miss Hunt herself. I always enjoy reading up on people with the same interests and passions as me, and Holly was no different.

I was intrigued by many of Holly’s responses and design philosophies – however a few stood out more than others…

One: We’re definitely staying modern—that momentum is only becoming stronger. With the world being so chaotic, people want a serene space in which to feel safe and cozy. We’re going to see more straight lines and less multicolor.

Two: The best decisions are always made at the last minute. Just know when the last minute is.

Three: The days of making trendy stuff are over. We lost our way a little bit in the past five years or so—design got so much buzz. Now people are distinguishing between real quality and perceived value.

All to say, GHID loves Holly’s work…and her introductions at this year’s West Week have continued to inspire us…

Let’s begin by introducing West Week: “The Pacific Design Center hosts West Week, an internationally-recognized design trade event that welcomes thousands of design professionals each spring. The event includes top industry keynote speakers, showroom programs, book signings, exhibitions, product launches and the 14th annual ‘Stars of Design’ ceremony. Experts discuss and present such items as trends graphic & interior design, urban landscape, photography, contemporary art and architecture. Highlights of the event include programs hosted by Architectural Record, Elle Décor, House & Garden, and Metropolitan Home”.

Here are a few of our favorites from Holly’s West Week 2011…






Things Organized Neatly…

Okay, okay…organization may not be my strong suit, thanks for pointing this out Mr. Garrison…Just to give you a quick background on the topic: I was in denial for quite some time about my organizational abilities, however through a little counseling courtesy of GHID (*ahem – via the man himself), I’ve recently come to accept my lack of inherent organizational habits (because let’s be real, it’s not something that comes all that natural to me) – and in a way, it’s been quite refreshing to come to terms with this little factoid about yours truly, with the exception of the almost daily frantic search for my keys – alas, I digress…

All to say that I may not be the most organized person in the world (let alone here at Garrison Hullinger), I do however always appreciate the feeling of being organized and more specifically, how things look when they are organized…

So to those of you who’ve become my loyal blog followers (first of all – thank you!) – you must know by now that I’m a decently skilled blog surfer – and tend to feature and favor a few blogs more than others (hello coco+kelly, the city sage, and {this is glamorous})…but since we’re on the topic of organization, I wanted to share another favorite blog of mine – relevant to our organization topic – I find it to be incredibly intriguing, visually stimulating and, well for me – slightly inspiring…

A few snippets from Things Organized Neatly


Obsessed yet?

Campy Turned Classy: Accessorizing Your Vacation Home…

This past weekend, my counterpart (Miss Lisa Luchaco) and I had the brutal task (*sarcasm) of spending a few days at one of our clients vacation homes in Central Oregon to – get this – shop and accessorize their space…

Brutal – I think not.

Getting away for the weekend is never a bad idea, so why not spend a little time doing what we do best whilst vacationing? (for those of you with homes anywhere outside Oregon, heck, anywhere without rain – I’m available most weekends until June).

As Lisa and I were discussing our plan of attack the night prior to our big shopping extravaganza – we discussed what colors would work best, textures we’d like to incorporate, the client’s overall design tastes and aesthetics, and design theme/scheme.

Vacation homes often have an overarching theme running throughout – via accessories, surfaces, linens so on and so forth. My first reaction to themed homes (or rooms for that matter) is to be careful. Too much of a good thing can translate as kitchy very quickly, and we don’t want that.

Here are a few tips when accessorizing your vacation home (or themed room):

1. Take note of your personal design style, and make sure to incorporate it into your themed space.

2. Scatter themed accessories throughout the room, intermixing accessories you’d incorporate in your primary residence: a little goes a long way.

3. Respond to the home’s setting: it’s only natural to want to use accessories/materials that speak to the homes location (i.e. ocean – shells, lake – fish, mountains – trees…moderation is key).

4. Avoid over-accessorizing: since this is your second home, the less hassle the better

5. Think practically: what materials/accessorizes will work with the weather/climate of your vacation home.

Here are a few inspiration images – vacation homes we think are appropriately themed/accessorized — not to mention gorgeous.


Slightly obsessed with designer Sig Bergamin’s Brazilian getaway, courtesy of Elle Decor.

A sea-inspired Nantucket home brims with classic charm, From Decorating with Style Magazine

Left: A traditional take on a more typical mountain retreat – Architect Kirk Michels and interior designers Philip Hooper and Sally Metcalfe designed the space around the massive fireplace, which not so coincidently was constructed, of local river rock. Right: A significant contrast to the Montana abode, this Millbrook, New York home incorporates a 1950s chaise longue from Amy Perlin Antiques and an armchair made of artificial moose antlers – both bring rustic style to this living room corner.

Left: “This white-on-white master bedroom in a Montana ranch house brings its mountain surroundings indoors with a four-poster custom-made bed from birch trees and a floor lamp made of elk antlers”. Elle Decor. Right: This Sawtooth Mountain home features a spectacular outdoor space illuminated by a driftwood chandelier from Mecox Gardens, a table with a wood trestle base by Custom Furniture & Cabinets and rattan chairs covered in Holly Hunt fabrics.