We’re Wild about Chevron…

The pattern that is…

And it’s everywhere these days. Hardwoods, carpets, textiles, linens and accessories have all been designed with the chevron in mind. Yes, I just rhymed, how divine.

Okay, I’m done.

GHID loves that the size and intensity of the chevron pattern can change the whole look and feel of a space. When the pattern is scaled down, a little wider and in primarily softer/ muted colors it can be utilized in a more monochromatic space. However, when the pattern is dominate, large in shape and bright in color it can act as the focal point creating an abundance of drama (See Benjamin Moore wall below).

GHID uses chevron textiles all the time – mostly tone on tone – however, we truly enjoy over the top chevron designs as well. We’re big on mostly neutral spaces with bright pops of color – and the chevron motif is the perfect patterning.

Buckley Chevron #5 V vase, $84; jillrosenwald.etsy.com

Left: Hansel by Basel tote Right: Anna Beck Gold Chevron Cuff

Left – Right: Division Rectangle Chevron Earrings by Jess LC, Balenciaga Handbag, Jessica Alba in Chevron dress, Chevron scarf by Epice.

Left: Lonny magazine April/May Right: Paint the top of your desk in a zizag, complete instructions on the Sunset magazine

Left: Benjamin Moore Right: Sabbe’s DIY walls

We love these walls! See how dramatic the overall color palatte and intensity of the motif can change the entire look of the space.

Thibaut Herringbone Weave

Chevron area rugs

Chevron flooring: The motif on the floors add a beautiful rich texture to the space, something GHID loves.

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