Trina Turk 2011 for Schumacher…

It was Groundhog Day yesterday (am I the only one who missed the memo?) and from what I hear Spring is near! And thank goodness for that…

Speaking of Spring, “Palm Springs Eternal” was the theme for Trina Turk‘s latest 2011 Spring fashion show. The presentation was not only beautiful, but theatrical as well, featuring five different stages where Trina introduced her latest collection via models in various staged locations such as the “pool deck” and “refreshment bar”. Bright colors and crazy geometrics, cool fabrics and a wide variety of silhouettes offered something for everyone, including neutral/linen/classic -loving GHID!

GHID designers are definitely diggin’ Trina’s 60s vibe and light summery feel, which many have compared to a 2011/LA version of Miami Vice. The great thing about her Schumacher textile line is that you can add a few of her fabrics in small doses, ie pillows, throws or mobile furniture, and create a bold statement perfect for seasonal decor. A few statement pieces can go a long way…

Here are a few of Trina’s textiles we love, bright sulfur yellow being one of our favorites…

From Left to Right: 1. Zig Zag Weave, Black Sea 2. Beauty Bark Print, Sulfur 3. Carmel Coastline, Sulfur 4. Tangier Frame Print, Driftwood

Palm Springs Eternal

Trina Turk’s Palm Springs pillow store, designed by Art Office Architecture

Trina Turk, Spring 2011

Left to Right: 1. 2011 Trina Turk Advertisment 2. Trina Turk table linens 3. Trina Turk Los Angeles storefront

Trina Turk, Peacock Print Pillows

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