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The Color Green, Interior Design 2011…

Often referred to as ‘nature’s favorite color’ – green is the color of the hour here at GHID

…And it doesn’t look like we’re the only ones who feel this way. Let’s take a look at a few prominent figures who are also drawn to this color trend.

Designers such as Kelly Wearstler, Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier and Marc Jacobs have spurred the green trend in 2011. How beautiful were those emerald dresses at the Golden Globes?

The green fashions of 2011 have been absolutely stunning, popping up everywhere from gorgeous formal attire (as seen above) to accents in nail polish and jewelry. What’s great about this color is that it’s warm and inviting, not only in fashion, but interiors as well. Not to mention it’s everywhere here in the Northwest – so why not take advantage of our beautiful backdrop and bring the outdoors in?

Use potted plants (both natural and faux), throws, accents and pillows all in various shades of green as a fun pop of color. Or paint your wall one of the colors listed below. All of which are beautiful hues of green, and change in color depending on light and surroundings.

My new obsession, which I soon hope to apply in my cozy abode…

1. Green Velvet Curtains, Ikea 2. Farrow & Ball, Stone White 11 3. Leafy Green Accessories 4. Topiary & Mint Container

5. White/Laquer Accents 5. Chevron Print Area Rug, West Elm 6. Manor Crewel – Seaglass, Lee Jofa

More Green…

Kelly Wearstler

1. Gaelle le Boulicaut

2. Hidden in France

1. Metropolitan Home 2. Domino Magazine

1. Pantone Young Wheat 12-0521 2. Marth Stewart Colors; Spiny Sea Urchin MS245 3. Donald Kaufman DKC-23 4. Benjamin Moore; Creekside Green 2141-40

1. Kelly Green Mid-Century Stool 2. Green Glass Vase

Fabrics For A Family…

Garrison and team frequently work with young families, designing their spaces around their bustling lifestyle and their little ones. We love the families we work with, and very much enjoy getting to know each member of the family unit. Every family is unique in their own way, however they all seem to request something similar – that being durable and easy to clean fabrics for their family.

More often than not, we’re faced with the challenge of creating luxurious living spaces for our clients, children, pets, parties, entertaining and so on. This used to pose more of a problem as quality family friendly fabrics seemed scarce.

Many times our clients think they’re limited to outdoor fabrics or micro-suede in order to prolong the life of their design plan, and this is most certainly not so. There are so many new and wonderful products out there that cater specifically to both durability and clean-ability, not to mention aesthetic quality. No longer are we pigeon-holed, forced to choose from a smaller selection of fabrics – for there are now hundreds, if not thousands of fabrics for the family these days.

Here are a few fabrics and types of products we utilize when working with our families…

1. Cotton-Poly Blend/Wovens: Zigzag chenille in Persimmon; acrylic, polyester, cotton – Schumacher.

2. Mohair: RALPH LAUREN HOME: 888-475-7674. Nigel in Harvest; mohair.

3. Pre-Treated/Teflon Coated: There are a few fabric manufactures that pre-treat their fabrics prior to shipping, some include Kravet & Place Textiles. However, we also utilize Cathy from Fiber Seal to treat fabrics prior to upholstery as well as product already installed.

4. Valtekz Vinyls:

Valtekz Composite Fabrics, featured the February issue of Elle Decor

5. Viscose: FLAMINIA [in Azure] is a workhorse fabric. It’s linen, viscose, and polyester. The viscose makes it crisp, which is so ideal for tight upholstery.” MARVIC THROUGH JERRY PAIR: 800-909-7247. - House Beautiful, Katie Ridder

Get The Look…

I was recently paroosing through one of my all-time favorite blogs (thank you Miss Anne Sage of The City Sage) and became quite intrigued by one of her February posts entitled “Get the Look…”.

As a precursor, I must first start off by saying that I adore Anne’s style, enthusiastic and spirited take on all things design, as well as how down to earth she seems to be, *see picture below and note the blonde with the bangs.

It’s important for us designers to research what inspires us throughout our workday in order for us to stay in tune with our creative side, hence the blogging. We work better this way, trust me. It’s an artsy thing…

…So, as I began reading through Anne’s post, I was soon delighted to find that it featured the Gramercy Park Hotel, a beautiful boutique establishment located in one my favorite cities, ever -New York. For those of you still getting to know me, you must understand my utter fascination and love for the island of Manhattan – Gramercy being one of my favorite parts of the city due to it’s sense of quiet Victorian poise, European splendor as well as it’s tranquility. So you can imagine the enjoyment I received from this article, inspired once again by the city that never sleeps.

Anne Sage:

Above: Anne Sage of Rue, Photographed by Trent Bailey

Above: Gramercy Park Hotel

Above: Anne Sage’s take on the hotel…

My Inspiration:

Above: Designed by Hillary Thomas

1. Stone Animal Figurine  2. Charleston Swirl Mahogany Chest, David Francis 3. Hand-Tufted Velvet Ottoman, Pearson Furniture 4. Garden Chair, Wisteria 5. Ginger Jar, Williams Sonoma Home 6. Table Lamp, Currey & Company 7. Topiary Sphere 8. Coffee Table Books

Inspired by Fashion…

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait for HGTV‘s newest prime-time series, “Secrets From a Stylist“. The show’s concept fills a much needed gap in the Home and Garden programming, targeting the Domino/Lonny/Dwell and Anthropologie audience. Props to Mrs. Emily Henderson, Portland native and latest Design Star winner, for helping make this long awaited concept become a reality.

Emily Henderson is quirky, eclectic, awesomely creative and resourceful – (Emily, I aspire to be more like you. Oh and you too Mr. Garrison Hullinger).

The premise of the show is creating a room inspired by your personal wardrobe and tastes. Emily takes her clients through a question and answer segment, steadily narrowing down their personal style translating it into a room that is entirely you.

This show is incredibly unique, accurately depicting style and how it relates to interior spaces. Today let’s join in Emily’s fun and look at how fashion influences home design and decor.

…And remember to tune in February 26th at 9pm E/P for the newest episode of “Secrets From a Stylist”, and see how designers are inspired by fashion.

Left: Emily Henderson, Diagnose My Style Right: Etsy

Left: Emily Henderson, Diagnose My Style Right: J.Crew 2011 Spring Lookbook

Left: Emily Henderson Right: J.Crew 2011 Spring Lookbook

Left: Lonny Magazine, Right: Fashion Designer, Alana Hale 2011

Left: Elle Decor, 2011 Right: Karl Lagerfeld 2011

Left: House Beautiful, Right: Tory Burch, All-American Style

Engineered Hardwoods…

When we begin a design project here at GHID, we find it incredibly beneficial and important to start off by discussing the ways in which a room/space will be used. Much of this happens prior to conception in order to better direct us as we source appropriate product and material for that specific job and space. Surfaces, fixtures, colors and materials are all important conversation topics, and flooring is no exception – in fact, it’s a rather important element.

GHID loves the look and feel of wood flooring – and we utilize both solid and engineered product. There’s not a huge difference in cost, so often our clients want to know the benefits and potential downfalls of both.

Solid hardwoods are beautiful and we love using them in our projects, however we do recommend engineered flooring in our region for a few reasons:

Green: With the growth in popularity of what has been categorized as ‘green’ product, engineered flooring has become fairly popular over the years. Companies such as Terra Legno produce up to “three times more product” by utilizing a process that has allowed for the use of much younger and smaller trees.

Construction: Another reason that engineered flooring has become ever so popular is due to it’s construction. Most engineered planks are constructed of three – nine layers of wood that stack on a 90 degree angle, one on top of the other – which stops the wood from expanding. This is great for humid climates, as well as damp regions (i.e. the Pacific Northwest) as hardwoods both bend, shift and swell when sudden temperature occurs.

Durability and sustainability are fantastic benefits of engineered flooring as the product holds up to spills and high traffic areas fantastically. Another reason the product is widely used in commercial and hospitality design such as the Ames Hotel (as seen below).

Engineered v.s. Solid:

Premier Performance Hardwood Flooring, Armstrong. Elle Decor

Terra Legno, a LEED certified flooring company, utilizes a process “that allows for the use of much younger and smaller trees, Terra Legno produces up to three times more square feet of flooring per tree harvested”. Terra Legno, Green

Ames Hotel, engineered Teak Patina designed by the Rockwell Group.



Anderson is a family-run company that has been providing quality hardwood flooring to American homeowners since 1946. Anderson’s engineered floors are produced with five layers of real hardwood plies fused together, which means even the most exotic hardwoods are available for your bathroom design.

Armstrong is a leading world manufacturer of both commercial and residential flooring and they offer a variety of floating engineered wood flooring under the brands Bruce, Anderson and Robbins. (The engineered wood floors are considered “floating” because they’re not permanently affixed to the subfloor, so they can be removed and replaced easily—a key feature in a high traffic room like your bathrooms.
Mirage Engineered wood flooring offers a variety of solid hardwood veneer finishes for the perfect look for your bathroom.

Mercier is a Canadian company that produces engineered wood flooring in wood species as diverse as cherry, hickory, walnut, oak, birch and mahogany.

Shaw Flooring
From traditional to exotic wood veneer, Shaw offers first class engineered wood flooring for your bathroom.

Vanier Engineered Hardwood
Vanier has a full like of engineered hardwood flooring in an array of stunning wood species.