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Small Statements {Part Three}…

In our third and final installment of “Small Statements”, we MUST include a big thank you for all of you who have supported us in one way or the other this past year. Our growth and expansion couldn’t have been done without your encouragement, loyalty and overall trust in our work and vision.

Speaking of vision, we’d like to share a few more GHID signatures from 2010.

It’s almost 2011…crazy.

Happy New Year!

Antiques & Found Objects…

This past year, GHID had the opportunity to work on a historical home right here in Portland Oregon. It was incredibly important to both GHID, as well as the homeowners, to reflect the time period of the home, as well as compliment the home’s architectural details and integrity, throughout the remodel.

With that being said, along with the hard surfaces and construction elements, we wanted to source a few furniture pieces from that time period as well. As you can see below, we sourced a quaint little bistro table for our kitchen nook area from a local antique store called Seek the Unique. They source for Mcmenamins and other antique gurus all over the Pacific Northwest, which now includes GHID. The bistro table was in great condition, however we wanted to personalize it for our clients. After we sourced the table, we had the top sanded and stained, as well as the iron base painted and antiqued to go with our color theme and decor. Needless to say, we were quite happy with our find as well as the end result.

Along with sourcing antiques, we also enjoyed searching for found objects to use in our projects – as seen below in the custom fireplace screen constructed by talented John Emmerling of Gearhart Ironwerks out of Gearhart, Oregon.

It all started with a trip to Rejuvenation to source a few antique iron pieces. After we found a collection of beautiful iron grates, vents and remnants we wanted to use, we had a meeting with John to discuss the logistics of the screens as well as our vision. The end results were incredible, and most definitely works of art.


GHID loves their orchids, it’s a perfect finishing touch to practically any space.

Where we worked in 2010…

Oregon: Portland-Metropolitan area, Salem, Eugene

Washington: Camas, Vancouver, Olympia, Tacoma

Virginia, Washington D.C. & Texas

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and blessed 2011!

Small Statements {Part Two}…

Yesterday we began our series entitled “Small Statements”, which include various reflections on the past year here at GHID.

Today, in our second installment, we’ll focus on a few more of our favorite Garrison Hullinger Interior Design trademarks from 2010.

We hope you enjoy, and Happy Wednesday!


GHID enjoys mixing and matching anything from fixture finishes to stones and tiles. We enjoy the look of a well acquired and harmonious space, which many times lends itself to incorporating various materials within one room – as seen in much of GHID’s design work, a few examples pictured both above and below.

We also try and source remnants for projects which provides us the opportunity to stretch our clients budget and incorporate a material they may have otherwise opted out of. It’s always fun searching for that perfect piece, and many times we end up with an incredibly unique material that adds a tremendous amount of aesthetic appeal to the space as well as added value.


We love cognac, and in the pacific northwest this color works incredibly well – adding both warmth and depth to a space. It’s a great neutral and works with just about any palatte.


Small Statments {Part One}…

As GHID wraps up 2010, we’ve begun to look back on our personal trends and design trademarks incorporated into our completed projects over this past year. From window treatments and paint color, to textiles, manufacturers and inspirations, Garrison Hullinger and associates have continued to generate a soothing style that embodies all that is serene.

Garrison Hullinger and I recently sat down to chat about where we’ve been, what we’re known for, and where we’re headed in 2011. During that time we complied a list of signature statements GHID has used in 2010, and intend on using or reinventing in the year to come. This week our posts are dedicated to GHID’s 2010 design work and trends…Enjoy.

Custom Window Treatments:

GHID Design Trends:

Custom Window Treatments


1. Fabric: Neutral linen

2. Trouser Break

3. Cartridge pleat

4. Double rods for panels & sheers

*Round/ball finials painted to match custom rod finish

5. Bronze finish on custom hardware

Paint Colors:

GHID Design Trends:

Paint Colors

{Benjamin Moore}

We love Hazelwood and paints that embody a hint of rose, we’re loyal to Navajo White, and enjoy cool, crisp and serene colors such as Cool Mint and Iced Green.


GHID Design Trends:





*Muted Colors

Written by GHID Associate Interior Designer: Nicole Copko

A Few of Our Favorite Things…

In honor of the holidays, and because we love breaking out into song every once in a while here at GHID, we’ve decided to share a few of our favorite things with you this Christmas season…

Garrison Hullinger: Principal and President of GHID

Art Deco Architecture.Barneys Co-Op.Greyhounds.Sepia Photography.Shagreen.Bird of Paradise.Metallics.Swirl Frozen Yogurt.

Lisa Luchaco: GHID Associate Interior Designer…


Horses.“Christmas Vacation”.Neutrals.Plaids.Malbec Wine.Reading.Coffee Table Books.Starbucks Grande Vanilla Americanos.“Lovely” by Sarah Jessica Parker.Baking.

Nicole Copko: GHID Associate Interior Designer…

White Brick.“The Holiday”.Set Design by Nancy Meyers.Burberry Scarf.Portland, Oregon.“Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.Pearls.University of Oregon.Oregon Ducks.Raybans.Cable Knit Cardigans & Sweaters.J.Crew.Cozy.Essie “Jazz” Nailpolish.Manhattan, NY.

Wishing you all a very Merry Holiday, and a Blessed 2011!

Written by GHID Associate Interior Designer: Nicole Copko

I’m Dreaming…

…of a white Christmas.

Okay, you caught me…yes, I’ve watched “White Christmas” about three or four times already this holiday season, and have every intention of doing so yet again this coming Saturday. I just can’t get enough Bing in my life.

Every Christmas Eve I hope the snow will start falling (yes, maybe so I can break out into “snow…SNow…SNOW” – in all the right harmonies I might add)…so much so that we’re trapped in our little house Christmas day, sipping on wassel, munching on noshes and enjoying a day of naps and doing nothing. However, because I do live in Portland Oregon, my dreams of snow usually turn into a more realistic rainfall – which I’ve come to accept. One day I’ll make it to a snowy climate and wake up to the bright white.

Speaking of white – what about decorating in all white, for the everyday as well as for the holidays? It can be dangerous, but so incredibly beautiful it may be worth the extra care.

Courtesy of Country Living

Courtesy of Rue Magazine

Slightly obsessed…

Made It Girl

Made It Girl

Made It Girl

Courtesy of Ann Sage

Courtesy of South Philly Renovation

Loving the lace…

Courtesy of Inspiring Designs

Written by GHID Associate Interior Designer, Nicole Copko