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Rediscover the Beauty of the Neutral…

In the past ten years or so, neutral walls have gone from chic to the furthest thing from unique; nobody wants their house painted in a “builder beige”, or worse yet, stark white. However, allow me to explain, and better yet help you rediscover the beauty of the ‘neutral’.

I agree, the concept of builder beige has been done – but what is builder beige? And why is it so wrong? This seemingly hypothetical color is an overdone, dry and bland tonality that really is only wrong when it’s surrounded by other elements of the same, exact color (i.e. beige walls and an oversized beige sectional, beige pillows, beige lighting so on and so forth), and depending on your climate and the natural light in your geographic region, it can read as lifeless and flat. It’s important to choose color, especially neutrals, based around your climate. All to say that it’s really about choosing the right neutral for your space, as well as working with your surroundings and other elements in your home. Neutrals aren’t just wrong, it’s the way their incorporated into your space that can make them work or not.

The pacific northwest has many a gray days (in case you didn’t notice), so our perfect neutrals have a little rose in them. One of our favorites here at Garrison Hullinger Interior Design is Hazelwood by Benjamin Moore. We also use Devine Color, a specialized brand of paint made specifically with the pacific northwest in mind, not to mention they’re located right here in Portland Oregon. GHID’s designers are drawn to the warm greys, rosy stones as well as rich browns and sandalwood tones.

There are so many gorgeous neutrals to choose from when designing your home, for the paint, furniture and accessories alike. We here at GHID adore a classic neutral palette – and when done right – it can read as fresh, vibrant, soothing and beautiful all at the same time…

Courtesy of Rue Magazine

Courtesy of Rue Magazine

Courtesy of Design Sponge

Designed by Manny Rodriguez

Designed by Manny Rodriguez

Courtesy of Martha Stewart

When done right, certain colors can often times read as a neutral as well…

See how neutral palettes are built in fashion as well: Polyvore

Written by GHID Associate Interior Designer: Nicole Copko

Good work…

As many of our fans and followers know, Garrison Hullinger, principal of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, has recently had the opportunity to travel back east to begin work on a few new projects.  First stop Virginia, “The Mother State”…a few days and short train ride later, Garrison had made it to Philadelphia. In the midst of his busy schedule filled with meetings, sourcing, design appointments and presentations, he managed to make time to gain some design perspective and inspiration and explore the new Urban Outfitters, Free People and Anthropologie facilities…

Located outside Philly’s city center, it was Urban Outfitters that first decided to make the move. Previously located in downtown’s Rittenhouse Square they decided to relocate to the city’s seemingly dilapidated navy yard. How you ask? Where I would respond, MS&R Architects’ and the incredibly talented Urban Outfitters and Co. team. Architect Jeffrey Scherer, founder of MS&R, working alongside Urban Outfitters, managed to transform this 132 year-old decommission ship yard into an idyllic industrial corporate space, perfect for not only Urban, but come to find out, Free People and Anthropologie alike. Nothing says industrial more than an old shipyard…

The ship yard essence and history still lingers, from the rustic wood plank flooring below to the old metal beams above – however, this three-in-one company has made quite a mark on this space – transforming it into one of the more beautifully, creative and well designed office spaces we’ve ever seen. Good work.

The Free People offices are just as gorgeous, textural and unique as their products:

Light fixtures can become accessory pieces when done right – these fixtures remind us of the delicate lace work Free People has become known for.

Rustic floors are rich with texture as well as history, they’re charming and eco-friendly.

Beautiful texture and color brought to you by spools of wool thread located in the design department.

We love that the designers at Free People have chosed to upholster their stainless office chairs in various prints and patterns, utlizing their own fabrics.

If you’re going to use a mouse, why not paint it gold?

Written by GHID Associate Interior Design: Nicole Copko

Industrial Chic…

“Mismatched chairs, exposed brick walls, rough wooden shelving, sepia-toned images and GUBI and MOOOI lighting manage to give the mismatched spaces a cozy sense of an impromptu meeting place where moms could meet for lunch and moguls could convene for an important deal”. - Bill Tikos

And now, without further adieu, I’m pleased to introduce to you; Mazzo. Whereas most foodies would drool over the gourmet cuisine inside the walls of Amsterdam’s newest up and coming eatery (and from what I’ve read, rightfully so), it’s us designers that are drawn to this uniquely situated, hip meeting place due to the urban and industrial layout and design. As Mr. Tikos stated above, the mismatched spaces and pieces strewn throughout the restaurant create a casual feel that draws both social gatherings and business meetings alike.

Garrison Hullinger is proud to call Portland Oregon home; and us Portlanders love meeting in our urban bistros, coffee houses and boutiques. The Pacific Northwest oozes industrial style and design, which may be the reason I’m so infatuated with what Concrete Architectural Associates has done with Mazzo. I’d say a good handful of contemporary dining establishments, whether it be a cafe’, diner, or upscale bistro are often designed with more of an urban flare. Where as we may have once designed spaces in order to hide electronics, appliances, beams, piping and machinery, we’re now designing around them.

We began to see this in contract-business developments and spaces, however it soon become a trend in residential housing. Today we’d like to share how you can incorporate industrial elements into your own home – as well as share a few fascinating urban designs (notice many of them are located in Portland!)

Concrete Architectural Associates recently completes the interior of the Mazzo Restaurant in Amsterdam. Photos by Ewout Huibers

Photos by Ewout Huibers

If you have an exposed brick wall in your home, first of all I’m jealous of you, but most importantly…let it be. The brick adds texture, color (which acts as somewhat of a neutral) and depth to your space. It’s charming, elegant, and can provide a sense of the contemporary to a seemingly traditional space.

Photos by Ewout Huibers

Another way to streamline you space, more specifically your kitchen or bath, is to take the doors off your cupboards. Maybe you only do this with a few cabinets? Or all of them…the look screams urban design.

You may already have stainless steel appliances, and if that’s the case, then you’re off to a great start. However you can also add stainless steel to your space in the way of the furniture and accessories which can also create more of an industrial look to your space. The designers of Mazzo have incoporated various styles of chairs, all in an industrial metal finish, an ecclectic take on industrial-inspired design.

Red Smith Dining Chair, Anthropologie

Photos by Ewout Huibers

The chalkboard idea is practical, clever and an easy way to make any space feel a little more industrial. If you have a wall you don’t know what to do with, try painting it with a chalkboard paint like the one seen below:

Some of our Portland favs:

Urban Farmer, located in Portland Oregon, designed by David Ashen

Urban Farmer

Clyde Common inside the Ace Hotel, Portland Oregon

Clyde Common

Breken Kitchen, located in Portland's Pearl District


There are so many bonus’ when designing industrial…more to come!

Written by GHID Associate Designer, Nicole Copko

Ahhh Anthro…

For those of you unfamiliar with the fashion term Anthro, see definition below:



1. full of glamour; charmingly or fascinatingly attractive, esp. in a mysterious or magical way

2. full of curiosity, creativity and the cause of great wonder

3. having an air of allure, romance and excitement

Okay, okay – you caught me. This definition is not endorsed by Anthropologie, nor is it the actual definition of the word “anthro“; but rather my very own merry mix of definitions ranging from glamorous, chic, amazing, spectacular, originality, wonderment, so on and so forth – to try to describe the fashions brought to us by THE Anthropologie.

All to say that GHID designers adore Anthro. The eclectic, urban, sophisticated mix screams vintage chic, and you have to know us Portlanders fall for this look every time. We enjoy their clothes, visual displays and all things interior – we’ve even incorporated the anthro look into our recent design work, inspired by their keen eye for feminine detail (See image below).

But ever wonder how the Anthro executives live? Here is a sneak peek into Keith Johnson, buyer-at-large for Anthropologie, and Glen Senk’s, CEO of Urban Outfitters delightfully fashionable home featured in Elle Decor:


In the living room of the Manhattan apartment of Keith Johnson, buyer-at-large for Anthropologie, and Glen Senk, CEO of Urban Outfitters, a Lucian Freud etching is displayed amid a cocktail table from Antony Todd Home, an arc lamp found in Paris, and two antique English armchairs; the vintage kilim is from Double Knot. -Courtesy of Elle Decor

In the kitchen, cookware hangs from an antique butcher’s rack installed above a Wolf range; the light fixture is a vintage factory piece. - Courtesy of Elle Decor

The dining room features an English table and billiard bench, woven-leather Arts and Crafts chairs, an antique French lantern, and Cole & Son wallpaper from Lee Jofa; Chinese building blocks are displayed on a Gothic cabinet, and an Irish terra-cotta dog finial stands guard in the corner. - Courtesy of Elle Decor

Keith Johnson and Glen Senk's Living Room, filled with an ecclectic blend of antiques and contemporary prints that reads both vintage and up to date.


Notice the feminie details on the shower curtain, coined the "school girl skirt", the delightful ruffles add to the softness of this powder room: custom designed by Garrison Hullinger of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Anthropologie "Flamenco" Shower Curtain

Find it here: “Flamenco”

-Nicole Copko, GHID Associate Interior Designer

The Comeback…

Teal & Purple were my favorite colors when I was a little girl…my first bike was purple, and I’m almost sure I had a pair of hot pink and teal LA Gears.  Like most things in life, these two colors are coming full circle, and are en vogue once again. How? Why? When? Well, let me take this opportunity to explain…

Recently one of the designers here at GHID had the opportunity to visit Denmark. She came back rejuvenated, refreshed and incredibly design inspired. There’s something special about Europe; the culture, the food, architecture, and oh my, the fashion. Can you tell I’m longing for a visit of my own? The Danish people have a way with the arts, design and fashion in particular – among the many details our Associate noticed were the bright colors scattered throughout textiles and the fashions. Today, I’d love to share a few images of what’s to come. America, get ready for teal and purple – the ultimate 80s comeback.

Aubergine (Purple) and Teal Bedroom Wallpaper

Brazil Elle

Model Jessica Stams violet living room

Purple & Teal sheer silk chiffon print

Marie Claire

Elizabeth Bauer's Gramercy apartment in Teal, Lavender & touches of Pink.

Neutral colours of Linen, Sand and Bark given extra personality from the subtle turquoise accents

Designed by Sarah Richardson

-Nicole Copko, GHID Associate Interior Designer