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Organizing your wall art…

If you’re anything like me – you have too many favorite pieces of art that you’re just dying to display.  But how do you organize these often random groupings?

It’s important that you have one unifying factor in your gallery or wall collage. Whether it’s a similar frame (i.e.. black or wood tones), a collection or theme of originals, photos or prints (i.e.. antique maps), similar colors in the majority of the collection, balancing the scale and weight of the frames in the group – or my personal fav, an eclectic mix of frames, prints, photos and objects placed on the wall in an effortless looking (yet extremely calculated) manner…All of these examples however, should be placed on the wall in an organized fashion – measuring the spacing around each frame is pertinent to making the wall look cohesive and purposed…

The following images are examples of well designed gallery walls:

Portland-based artist Trish Grantham

This particular grouping is both thematic and balanced in scale – You can do this by placing the objects intermittently in and around the frames, in an ‘every-other’ manner.  This helps give the collection more depth and interest.

Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

The blues in this collection help pull the overall look together.  The sporadic grouping is incredibly organic, without diminishing it’s structure and order.  When you’re placing artwork/objects on your walls, think odd numbers.  It tends to be more aesthetically pleasing to see groupings of threes and fives, rather than fours or eights – especially when going for a more eclectic look.  You can see they’ve done that here – placing a cluster of items within the grouping as a whole.

I love how the various frames are hung in a structured and geometric manner.  The frames at the top are hung at the same height, and work their way down – spaced so that each piece can be admired on it’s own. The eye is naturally drawn to symmetry – and although this grouping is not symmetrical, the eye can tell when things are evenly spaced, I appreciate the spacing between the frames in this collage. It’s sophisticated and elegant.

Designed by Matthew Bird

Courtesy of House to Home

A unique way to showcase postcards or small pieces of art – I thoroughly enjoy the look of this collection.

Designed by Rion Nakaya

Viceroy Hotel

The Viceroy is doing something right – They’ve come up with a great way to utilize an entire wall (a large one at that).  I love that they’ve created this giant art piece using plates – and the way in which they chose the placement of each plate – incredibly symmetrical and balanced.

Designed by Suzanne Kasler

Designed by Suzanne Kasler

-Nicole Copko, GHID Associate Interior Designer

Think Pink…

I can’t believe October is almost over.  Hasn’t the weather been amazing? For all of us native Oregonians, I know I speak for all of us when I say the sun was an added blessing this month. Crisp, cold, and sunny days are the best. These days fend off the soaking rain which means crispy leaves. And who doesn’t love to intentionally step on a few crunchy leaves now and then? While October is amazing, this month has come to mean more to most of us than just a change in season. It’s a time to reflect upon something that has affected many of our lives, including my very own.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we’d like to commemorate those affected by the disease by sharing a few of our favorite rooms appropriately decked in pink

Designed by Shelia Bridges



Thanks to Connie Braemer via House & Home

Vintage Pink


Pink Craft Room

Beautiful Outdoor Space

Designed by Sarah Richardson

Park Hyatt Hotel Suite, Designed by Sarah Richardson

Park Hyatt Hotel, Designed by Sarah Richardson


Kush Rugs…

Speaking of area rugs (since I wrote about a few suzanis in yesterday’s post)…

Whenever possible, Garrison Hullinger Interior Design loves to source area rugs from Kush Hand-Knotted Carpets and Rugs here in Portland, Oregon.  Not only do we appreciate the quality of the product and amazing service we are shown (thanks Rebecca and Brian!) but we see the value in purchasing local and supporting our community.  Here are a few of our favorites from their New Shipment.

Classic Suzani

Black Suzani (

Oushak (

Antique Tulu (

Dawa Sage (


For the past few years Suzani prints and textiles have been all the rage, inspiring both fashion and interior designers alike.  Traditionally this stylized needlework has been found primarily on rugs and tapestries, both large and small.  However, this patterning has found a place in contemporary fashion and interior textiles – used on bedding, furniture, window treatments, wallpapers as well as various accessories and accents.

For those unfamiliar with the term Suzani: this is an antique and decorative tribal textile made in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asia countries.  The design and artistry in producing these beautiful rugs, tapestries and patterns have been around for a very long time. Even still, the look – regardless of the style’s typical bright colors – seems timeless.  Which could be the reason we’ve seen this design style inspire so many of the 20th and 21st century design trends…

Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate Suzani style into a space:


Shakrishabz Suzani circa 1850 from Tony Kitz 

Uzbek suzani

Suzani area rug,

Tozai Suzani Boxes

This bedroom, from Domino Magazine, features the suzani used as a coverlet

Photo via Rooms We Love on Flickr

Jayson Home & Garden bergere chair

Sofa upholstered with mismatched suzanis, via Anne Sage


You thought it was out, but wait…it’s back and better than ever! Like most design trends, this fad is making quite the comeback – and not just on walls. From shimmer to matte, bold and bright to au’ la natural, this trend is sure to add a new layer of texture, pop of color and, or design element to your space. Want to wallpaper yet?…Call in the paper hangers!

Want to give new life to an old dresser?  Wallpaper it…  Does your powder room bore you? Take a risk and go for a wallpaper with a design, pattern or color you wouldn’t normally choose… Wallpaper your ceiling, frame segments of it creating artwork for your walls, customize it – the possibilities are virtually endless.

Here are a few of our favorites from Fall 2010:

Designer: Cynthia Rowley with the help of Josh Minnie of Flavor Paper

Graham & Brown, Chrysanthemum - Gold

Granite Paper from Yangki Wallcoverings

Mi Casa Collection Bark Wallcovering from Mi Casa

Rosewood from Graham & Brown

Artisanal by Donghia

Wallpaper on ceiling via Apartment Therapy

Framed vintage wallpapers via Apartment Therapy

Designed by Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan, Wallpaper: Chippendale, an iconic wallpaper by Bob Collins & Sons

Designer: Byonie Porter, Wallpaper: Osborne & Little

Bird and Poppy from J.R. Burrows & Co.


-Nicole Copko, GHID Associate Interior Designer