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Can-do Closet Decor…

Who says you shouldn’t decorate your closet?…

Call us crazy, but we here at Garrison Hullinger take every opportunity we possibly can to design and create beautiful spaces (yes, even smallest of closets)…You’d think we were designers or something?

You open your closet at least twice a day – what do you see? – builder beige walls and dim lighting?  Clothes scattered and hanging every which way.  A chaotic mess of hangers that don’t match? (ughhh) Why not have fun with your closet? Paint the walls pink like my mom just did – hang wallpaper – incorporate a chandelier or fun light fixture – replace the doors with beautiful drapery fabric – purchase upholstered storage boxes – splurge on some matching wooden hangers – *yes you heard me - matching hangers.

Decorate your closet like no other room in your house – take chances with this space.  Just because it’s small doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the decor.  A few can-do applications will make that much needed statement, and hopefully make you smile…

*All images are inspirational – thank you to all the wonderful designers for sharing!

Snap. Crackle. POP!

No we’re not talking about Rice Krispies today (although, now that I think of it a bowl sounds awfully delicious right about now)…but rather how you can add a pop of color to your space.

If you’re anything like us – you enjoy a neutrally based design palette, with just enough color to make a statement. Here are a few examples we really love…


Sweet Dreams…

I can’t help but to sing a little “Sweet Dreams are made of this…” when writing this entry…but that’s neither here nor there…just consider me singing and swaying away while writing about how to design the ultimate master suite! (Who knew the Eurythmics would be so inspirational?)

You’ve heard it many times before – your bedroom should be your sanctuary.  But how do you go about designing this sanctuary?  Here at Garrison Hullinger Interior Design we feel that color, furniture placement and a simple, sophisticated elegance all play an equally vital role to attain this relaxing feel.

Here are a few tips we would recommend when beginning your remodel:

-Choose relaxing colors (neutrals, blues, browns and greens) – However, don’t be afraid to incorporate a pop of color.

-Create a flowing floor plan, and if necessary weed out furniture pieces you don’t need.  Simplify your space.

-If applicable place your bed in a position where you wake up looking outdoors (or better yet the sunrise).

-Use luxurious fabrics, especially on your bed.  The right set of sheets make all the difference! (Try French Quarter linens – They’ve become a staple here at Garrison Hullinger.

-Rid yourself of excess clutter – this way your space can be easily cleaned, and more likely to remain tidy – even during your busy weeks.

*Here are a few of our favorite master suites – where we think we would have Sweet Dreams

"Breille" ensemble courtesy of French Quarter:

Designed by Kelly Wearstler

Linen doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not…

We here at Garrison Hullinger Interior Design LOVE LINEN.  We don’t know if it’s because we live in the pacific northwest and have that infamous natural appreciation for all things rustic? Or is it the sense of coziness you get walking into a linen clad room?  Maybe it’s a mix of both?  (Did we mention that it comes in pretty much in any color imaginable!)  Primarily we love linen because it is what it is.  It’s supremely organic and comes in a wide variety of prints (although, pinstripes might be our favorite). It is soft, textural, and works with any look, whether contemporary or traditional. It doesn’t stand out too much but can also make a big impact.  It falls and wrinkles when it pleases, and can be layered and placed all throughout your space without feeling overwhelming.  It’s casual yet sophisticated (without feeling stuffy) and can produce a sense of calm in any room.  In the end linen doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not, and we like that.

-Nicole Copko, GHID Associate Interior Designer Continue reading