Monthly Archives: March 2010

The Launch of

My new website has finally launched. I am so very pleased to have worked for so many wonderful clients the past few years and so many of them have let me photograph the completed projects.

First off Cyndi & Michael @ Gravitate Design Studio did a fabulous job with my website. They built it from scratch and made it look beautiful…who knew I’d be so particular about the color brown for the background?? I hope I wasn’t a client who couldn’t let go of the details, was I?

And what would a new campaign be without new branding? Hether Dunn, creative director @ Hether Dunn Designs really pushed me to embrace a bolder splash of color in my ‘mark’. Hether I am so pleased with all the collateral that you have come up with for my business…bravo.

Most of the photos were of the results of the fine work by Blackstone Edge Studios. Donna Pizzi and Philip Clayton-Thompson have become friends over the years and their eye for detail is what makes the difference in fine photography. They have a wonderful team in their studio that seem to make all the flaws just disappear and yet bring out the color so that it tells the story of the client’s home.

I again, feel so very blessed to be surrounded by such talented and giving people. To think I would be working with such world-class studios in such a short period is something that still stops me in my tracks. I hope you’ll take the time to go thru my website and to view my portfolio. There are even a few photos of my home in the portfolio, I had to be convinced that this was a good business practice…a dear friend of mine who is a well-respected award-winning interior designer gave me the most wonderful compliment “if a designer can show their own home in their portfolio you know they’re more skilled than most of their peers”. I don’t know if that is so, but gosh that sure was a wonderful ego booster…and I must say we really do enjoy living and entertaining friends and family in our home.

Check out the new site and leave a comment on what you think of it.