Monthly Archives: February 2010

A New Year a New Beginning

With the New Year brings so much opportunity. That opportunity can only happen with my hard work and effort.

As I rebuild my website I’m thinking of different ideas to introduce clients, vendors and others to my new site. Here is a ‘sneak peek’ thru one of my favorite architectural elements. The element is from a parking structure in South Beach Miami, FL. I am a huge admirer of the deco architecture and the simplicity that is created with this style.

The room beyond this architectural element is a Family Room that breathes warmth and comfort. The room is smothered in a cool cream paint from baseboards to walls and across the ceiling. The first large piece of upholstered furniture you see in the room is a wonderfully comfortable rail arm sofa. The sofa is covered in a rich and elegant caramel mohair. I refer to mohair as a life-time fabric, it’s one that can take the antics of children and napping dogs. Mohair is sheared angora goat hair. If you’re looking for a resilient and durable fabric for a classic styled piece of furniture this might be your direction. You could compare mohair to a soft and subtle velvet that your great aunt may have had in her sitting room.

The client had the exaggerated square Ralph Lauren cocktail table and from that piece we created the room. In keeping the room with a casual but warm room I brought in two walnut colored glove-leather chairs. Again, keeping the arms simple and clean lined with rail arms and adding a panache of style with a black/white faux zebra pillow.

The windows are dressed in a beautiful thick belgian linen that are dyed a warm caramel to contrast with the thick nap of the Moroccan diamond patterned rug on the floor.

I hope this will tempt your taste and appetite for more of my new website and portfolio.